dragster 4 link setup
Would you care to elaborate on what the article states. This regularly resulted in the slicks wadding up at the launch. If you begin with a four-link, Bickel notes that it is entirely possible to create both pickup point extremes (short and high versus long and low). Learn how your comment data is processed. I have … * Weight Box Mounts Clamps * Streamline A-Arm Front End The purpose of a traction device is to turn that wrap-up into forward motion. *Parachute Mounts * Engine Restraint Kit Installed As you brake, the forces are reversed. * 245” Wheelbase * Saddle Type Front Motor Mounts - Includes Aircraft Type * Battery Ground Tab

To complicate things, there has been quite a bit penned over the years regarding suspension setup–some right and some wrong (some very seriously wrong). This combination seems to help overcome the impact from the high rpm launch and the engine usually doesn’t have enough power to shake the tires.”. If the pickup point is located about this line, the body will separate upon acceleration. As a result, the forward attachment point is called the pickup point.

Doesn’t the antisquat or neutral line go from rear tire contact patch to the center of gravity point? * Battery Mounting Plate & Hold Down (Dual Battery Mount Where they intersect is called the instant center (see Illustration 4 below). This setup will ultimately work well and prove very stable. The instant center length can actually affect the overall (race car + driver) reaction time. Dragster | Jr. Dragster | Altered | Cars 4 Sale | Home. When a drag car launches, the rear-end wraps up. It’s very important to keep notes of the changes too. This effectively “plants” the tires, which in turn, makes the car hook (or at least, that’s the hope!). *Master Cylinder Mount Would you like to link to my Radio Control Drag car site? * Tie Rods with Rod Ends Like any other part of the race car, Bickel recommends you follow the above methodology and that you make only one change at a time. If you look closely at Bickels’s illustration (below), it’s easy to see there are many possible IC locations in a four-link. The choices made here will determine the length and height of the instant center. Fully Fixtured, Heli-Arc Welded 4130 Chrome Moly Chassis Tires It definitely looks wild, but it also can result is horrendous driveshaft alignment–the results of which can prove disastrous. * Parachute Mount/Anchor/Release Handle Bickel tells us that if you drive the tire down too hard by way of the IC location, it tends to fold up the sidewalls, which in turn makes for poor surface contact.

While my design is built to withstand intense race conditions, it is impossible to control the quality of installation or the varying conditions in which they are used. Optional) * Front Spindles with Arms So far so good, but Bickel points out that there are several difficulties with this method. * Master Cylinder with Mount & Linkage Consider what happens when the ladder bars push up on the chassis at the pickup point. That all makes sense, but over time racers quickly discovered that changes in that pickup point location can have a considerable influence upon the behavior of the chassis. Your email address will not be published. Car Price $14,795 USD. * Double Adjustable Coilover Rear Shocks With Springs Bickel notes that this is generally an acceptable situation, but if you go too far, the chassis may squat excessively or worse, rattle the tires. * Machined Aluminum Front & Rear Motor Plates - .250 6061-T6

* Rack & Pinion Steering Box Oh? There is no comparison to any other 4-Link software available! * Lightweight Body Tabs & Fasteners *Arm Assembly

* Carbon Fiber Removable Gauge Cover *All Steering Linkage, etc. If you examine Jerry Bickel’s drawing, you can see that the four-link has an instant center that acts as a pickup point, even though the actual point is invisible.

Big power stick shift cars typically need to stay 3-7 inches above the racing surface. *Steering Wheel * Entry/Exit Handles On Roll Cage There’s absolutely no voodoo or black magic involved. What you’ll see below is Bickel’s personal take on ladder bars and four-link setups. *Fabricated 4130 4- Link Housing

* Ride Height Adjusters They work best when you limit the rear movement to as little as possible with an IC point on or near the neutral line of the car. * Seat Belt Mounts


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