dragon blood cichlid aggression

Fish like the Flowerhorn, jaguar cichlid, dovii, etc. A young male non-gold (grey) Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlid hybrid. Some cichlids have been known to kill every single fish in the tank to protect their young (although that is rare). Maximum Size : 15cm / 6 inches.

I’ve had some aggression lately in my Cichlid tank and am trying to figure out why. Tank Size: amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; There will always be an “alpha” or boss fish in the tank, and if there’s only one other cichlid with them, aggression will all be centered on that fish (unless they’re a pair). With cichlids from South America, larger tetras (that can’t fit in the cichlid’s mouth) can coexist.

The gold male has an interesting orange/sky-blue checkered pattern. What kind of decorations do you have in the tank? Tank Size : 60 Litres + PH : 7.5 – 8.5 There is no scientific name for Dragon Bloods, they are a man made fish, of multiple species. Giant danios and hatchet fish have been known to reduce cichlid aggression as well, or at least “distract” cichlids from being aggressive. I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the beautiful pictures. There will always be an “alpha” or boss fish in the tank, and if there’s only one other cichlid with them, aggression will all be centered on that fish (unless they’re a pair). JavaScript is disabled. The average size of a male peacock cichlid is roughly 6 … amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";

But otherwise they get along in the community tank pretty well. Not a good situation. Had unreal color and attitude. Size, shape and colour most often are reasons. Came from the winning fish at a aca convention in Cleveland. Cichlids can be extremely predatory; any fish that are not cichlids or fish that can fit in their mouths are often viewed as prey. Even angelfish can become very nippy as adults. Bullies that are unnaturally vicious should be removed or kept alone. That seems to calm them down when they are being aggressive with Whitey. Although many get along with each other and do better in schools than alone, a big portion of cichlids have problems with their own kind. He has really grown but she’s not growing as quickly and is only about 2/3 his size.

Unfortunately, 90% of the species has the potential to be aggressive. mixed with commercially prepared cichlid pellets I just removed one of my angels, Cher, from her usual tank because she was picking on Sonny, the other angel. I’d ask for advice from one of our many knowledgeable members asap.

Concerned about scientific names, diet, aggression, water chemistry, and any additional information. I'd leave the OB out for a while and see if everything remains calm.

I’ve only seen a few ripped fins here and there, but none of my fish really get hurt by them.

Options. I put him in my 500 and he turned Into a worthless fish. African Central and South American Cichlids. Species : Aulonocara baenschi.

I’m having a slight aggression problem right now in one tank — I’m going to try lowering the temp some to see if it helps. Im upgrading all my tanks and moving some of the smaller ones to the bedrooms to make room for another larger new tank in the livingroom.Then the angels will have there own tanks in case any more pair up.I dont have any fin nippers, no other agressive fish and no snack size tetras in any of my tanks with the angels. If the Sulfur Head Peacock is starting most of the aggression try moving it to another and see what happens. You are using an out of date browser. After a few months in his own 5-gal tank, he became less stressed and turned orange again.

Diet would be good pellets or flakes.

This will help divide any male aggression between the females.All Aulonocara species will hybridize. In some cases though, this doesn’t work and fish can become very stressed. @Larryswn I love earth eaters! Peacock cichlid inhabit the sandy areas of Lake Malawi, therefore they are not demanding many special needs within an aquarium. To submit your vote please sign in or sign up, it is free and takes a few seconds. This can cause stress though, so it should only be done occasionally. Thanks for the good advice.

Firefish, or Dragon Blood Peacock cichlid is not native to the African rift lakes, but is a hybrid fish, like the OB Peacock cichlid.

Many cichlid species out there don’t get along with their own species. But it seems to me that the dominant male peacock is taking interest in her The dominant male is a sulfurhead and its really doing the … Also overstocking can help with aggression but seeing how you only have a 40 gallon aquarium you're pretty limited on how many fish you can have in it. Post here if you are unsure of their origin or if you have questions about mixing. The aggression is pretty light so its kinda fun to watch. Great article! I found this information very helpful for me and my problem with my angel fish. Just having a big enough space for cichlids will reduce aggression. A short video of a good looking male Aulonocara Firefish/Dragon Blood Peacock cichlid. amzn_assoc_title = ""; For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This is the most important way of taking care of the violence problem in your aquarium. You should ask this as a question. If you want to avoid hybridization, it is best to either, only keep males, or only keep one species of Aulonocara.

This is also the biggest tank I’ve ever had any angel in, and they have plenty of space. All orders shipped Red Peacock – Aulonocara stuartgranti “Chipoka”, Eureka Red Peacock – Aulonocara jacobfreibergi, Copyright © 2020 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Clown Loaches, Featherfin Catfish, Cuckoo Catfish, Bristlenose Catfish, Plecos, Ghost Knives.

3. @Angellady wow that’s really great! Lost his color and ran with the females. You must log in or register to reply here. so we are switching to a larger tank and adding a large pleco I have to bring home for the summer from my classroom. A rock, a piece of driftwood, a plant, or even an entire half of the tank can become a single cichlid’s territory.

The… SICK FISH HELP! The pleco never touches her, just scares her off. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Nobody really knows where this fish was originally bred but because it is a hybrid, they can be found in various shades of orange, pink and red. Bacteria? Although not native to the hard alkaline waters of Lake Malawi, Dragon Blood Peacocks are like other peacock cichlids and prefer very hard water.

He must be the weakest fish in the heirarchy. Obviously you have lots of experience with cichlids and appreciate their behaviors, or is that antics. I might try a few dither fish — so far that hasn’t worked out but maybe I need a different kind.

African cichlid continue to bully them while also killing my picasimus total of 4 actually he is now being a removed. I wouldn't say they're frowned upon, they're an attractive man-made fish, like discus, koi, or whatever else. you read and agreed to the. Has anyone ever cross bred a convict cichlid with a african jewel cichlid?

amzn_assoc_asins = "B0055KZ83O,B0032GEFG4,B000YADYXG,B000255MZG". Thanks for the much needed information. Carnivore Min. Lifespan : 10-12 years. Be sure to do lots of research on all of your fish before you buy. Cichlids are extremely territorial and will claim whatever they can in a tank. Males feature a “pointed” and slightly longer dorsal fin and anal fin. Different species have different requirements and temperaments, and it’s important to know their needs.

Is there males and females in the tank? Before we get into it though, you must know the 3 major reasons why a cichlid is aggressive; territory, mating and food. Size. The betta does not go on that side of the tank when their mating.

amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Males are typically more colourful while females are drab in colour (silver and brown). Just a really quick question because I'm curious. Sexing Dragon Blood Peacock Cichlids. Lots of room to swim is good for cichlids and doesn’t stress them out. Compared to Metriaclima lombardoi (kenyi) they would be less aggressive.

The Aulonocara sp. Fortunately, there are several easy solutions to reduce and maybe even eliminate cichlid aggression. What kind of cichlids are in your 30G tank? @debcc thank you!

Aggression can be mixed given the hybrid origins, and is always a compared to what deal. Return to General African Cichlid Discussion, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 3 guests. Fungus?

My mating pair of angelfish are probably the king and queen of my cichlid tank(even though they’re not exactly the toughest). Know how big your cichlid will get and what tank size it needs. Thanks for those observations and suggestions. I have one mating pair in a 30 gallen tank with a school of cory cats and 1 betta.


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