dragon's dogma best armor

0% 118 310 Stagger 258

Caged Fury 100% 278 624(664) 554 It is also a part of the DLC Pack A Coiffure You Can’t Refuse where you can find it in Arisen’s inventory.


Solar Providence 1.32 Location: You can find it in Dark Arisen once you’ve reached Gran Soren. 100%

290 Frozen Tomorrow

116 40


Magick 1.54 Longbows 1.41

24 1.51


Values in parentheses are for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. For a Mystic knight the "best" armor and clothing magnify magick and str attacks. 1.22 You can buy it from Alon once the Ancient Quarry is cleared out by the Arisen. 110 Location: In Dark Arise, you can purchase it form The Black Cat in Gran Soren. Bane Archistaff Often the various pieces are prefixed with the same name, making their combinations obvious. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. 26 Weapons in Dragon's Dogma are limited by your Vocation.

Worn By: Fighters, Warriors and Mystic Knights. 0% 0% 100% Going back to the original Dragon's Dogma. 100%

251 253 290 738


141 0% 100% 330 0%

0% Dragon’s Dogma, like many other RPGs, offer players the freedom to go for various armor types, which can also be upgraded over the course of time.

278 This armor matches the look of the one worn by Gran Soren soldiers.

1.64 Size Matters More Than You'd ThinkDuring your first few minutes in Dragon's Dogma, you'll be … 116 1.43.

The good thing is that as you proceed further in the game, you can upgrade your armor … 274 95 237 If you have any information regarding the armor sets in Dragon’s Dogma, share with us in comments! Golden Meniscus 84 You can also find all the set pieces in different parts of The Everfall. 211

Talarian White I use the following on mine: GT: Dragonkin777,Shevaan-Sorcerer 200-- GT: baseballkidd99,Ragnarr-Ranger 200. This is the outfit worn by Duke Edmun Dragonsbane. For Dragon's Dogma on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best magic archer armor".

Eclipsed Providence The set is sold by Renald in the Greatwall Encampment and also at the Caxton’s Armory.


Favored Branches You should be mindful of the available options before selecting. It is obtained by killing the online Ur-Dragon, Abyssinal Bracers Stats (Enhancement Level 4), Abyssinal Outfit Stats (Enhancement Level 0). 266

46 258 330 46

Evil Eyesight


47 Location: This is part of the Demon’s Protection DLC armor pack.

Location: Unlocked by completing the game in Hard Mode. Location: Given to you as a disguise from Mirabelle at the beginning of Duchess In Distress so that you can walk through the front door of the Blighted Manse. Location: All pieces can be found in The Everfall.


Values in parentheses are for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. 1.34 You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

35 105 100% Be sure to turn on Hard Mode from the start of the main quest in Cassardis. 23 Keen Dragon's Wit 1.38 0% 0% Plucked Heart 183 See also Outfits, ... Dragon's Dogma Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

119 1.36

100% 278

Location: You can purchase all pieces Post-game from Caxton and Alon, as well as from Barroch in Bitterblack Isle. 100% 1.27 0% 230 I use the following on mine: Dragonsroar -head-everfall marshall bracers-torso-the Black Cat Lions belt-torso-Caxton with max affinity Assasult boots-legs-BBi level 2 armor Sovereigns mantle-cape-BBi level 2 armor Sinners Gauntlets-hands-(with magick shield booster)BBi level 3 armor. 43 Dark Arisen 2.55 Shortbows

Bludgeon % 100% Magick Archer to Mystic Knight Good Idea? 112 204 1.49 100% 0%


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