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Later, Meredith’s opinion of Alex changed for the better when he offered to listen to her problems with her mother, Ellis. When Richard found out that she switched the packets so Adele would receive the active ingredient, he decided to take the fall for her and Meredith was able to keep her job and she eventually forgave Alex. Then, she returned and attempted to get back together with Alex, but he refused because of the fact that she had left him, and they ultimately got divorced. The Hairy Bikers join Alex Jones and Rylan Clark-Neal to talk about veggie winter feasts. When they were finally saved by Meredith and Andrew, they returned to the wedding site to find their wedding planner having a serious allergic reaction. Alex called her husband, who told him that he left Ava and went with the child. He was also married to Jo Karev before learning about Eli and Alexis. Not long after, she shows up at his doorstep and he begins to argue with her for being unavoidable. This was seen when he got jealous of her going on a date with an OB/GYN resident, Jason Myers. It becomes clear that Mark is a poor teacher, only delegating menial tasks to Alex. While still planning to go to Johns Hopkins Hospital, Alex was known as a "player" amongst the new interns and also as the attending who sleeps around with all of the interns because he didn't plan to stay at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. An in-depth behind the scenes look at the animals of the Bronx Zoo.

George contracted syphilis from Alex through Olivia. Alex and Morgan got close, but Arizona scared Alex off of Morgan by telling Alex that Morgan was into him. He explained that it felt like him and Izzie were "frozen in time" which caused him to want to stay with her. Alex then reached out to Link to find out if he knew anything, but Link didn't even know she had looked up her birth mother. You're not good enough for anyone.". James abused Alex, his mother, and his siblings when they were young. Alex reminded him of the hospital's terrible rankings and the need to turn the place around. He hated that a mere visit could be a sign of a split from reality. Alex is the only one of the 5 original interns and remaining residents of his class to have gone into private practice, albeit briefly, after their training was complete. It was during Alex's third year of residency that he heavily considered pediatric surgery as a specialty. She eventually told Alex that she didn't want the ring yet, but she also didn't want it gone and that he should keep in in the drawer. [34], Jo was assigned to monitor Gus while Alex and Meredith took on the case of Gabriella Rivera, a kid with an obstruction that required surgery. He was at first assigned to a different resident, named Jeremy, than the other four. Dr. Oakley is the only vet in her area of the Yukon. GA:My ShotLeave a Light On (voice) A while later, James came back to the hospital after quitting the drugs cold turkey. Alex then had Bailey cover him. When a patient showed up that reminded Alex of Izzie, Jo told him to call Izzie to find out how she was doing. After the surgery, he found out that Jo and Bailey had gone against his orders and were performing a transplant with the revived liver. Like I said… I'm not big into change. Bailey paged him to ask about the compliance reports due tomorrow, but he had no idea what she was talking about. Over time, he started dating other girls and his love for Izzie faded. Your future is staring you in the face and you're not sure you like what you see. Jo had been treating Natasha Deon all day and thanked Alex for being alive and having married her. April had registered for them so they ended up with a bunch of stuff they didn't need. At first, Alex declined to help him. She just wasn't ready to talk yet. Alex feared that Bailey only picked him because he would never live up to her, so that she would be welcomed back with open arms after her sabbatical, but she told him that she did trust him to do the job. Izzie took a particular liking to him and was first to notice the other, nicer side of him. However, an idea was planted into his head when he joined Robbins in looking at scans of a patient in need of surgery. Alex paused her and started to look for the ring.

Izzie pressured Alex to get her admitted to the psych ward. Alex then proceeded to stalk his father at bars where he was performing. Following the shooting, Lexie had a mental breakdown in front of Alex. Like Alex had hoped, the patient was happy to have his bleb removed and wouldn't report it. She agreed and Alex walked away victorious. Alex avoided her and Tommy for weeks. [26], While Meredith was breaking her longest surgery record, Alex had to navigate a flood of overdose patients.


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