doterra founder drowned baby

It’s not something I have done very much of, because the fuel to get an impressive fireball will give you cancer, but if you get a high proof alcohol very warm so that it’s already giving off vapor, you can blow a pretty blue flame, or at least hold fire on your tongue – both fun party tricks to teach people while they are still sober. Contact me or te Goddard’s or anyone else you know that uses dōTERRA essential oils, and. As Executive Founder overseeing the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, he guides the mission of empowering people and communities worldwide to make positive and sustainable change and become self-reliant. You don’t allow them to cut off their own skin with scissors and take your time about getting them there. Notice I said reputable so no bs from Wikipedia. It’s in the BIBLE.

[32] In 2016, the foundation partnered with the non-profit organization Choice Humanitarian to send staff and distributors to Nepal and Guatemala to install vented brick stoves for families. I don’t know anything about third degree burns, other than they must really hurt. That includes lavender oil.

They delayed care, and have administered their own brand of treatment in the hospital without medical consent, in a burn unit where they know things need to stay as sterile as possible. I am a nursing student and had been it the field for the last fifteen years.. I mean even if you were in shock right after it happened, okay. D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living delivered his own baby in a whirlpool tub and left the baby submerged underwater for almost an hour, allegedly. Everything I have found about using essential oils in hospitals is that they are using them in ERs as aromatherapy….not slathering them on people with 3rd degree burns. j/k. But there are other things like the mom said on the 6th maybe he was called to this mission to help others 2 days ago which would not match up to the accident date either.
If the story is fabricated in order to sell the oils (and at this point, I believe that at least part of it is fabrication), people need to know that, so they don’t put their own children at risk.

This is my uncle doing what he loves I thought he was pretty awesome when i was 4 years old. It wasn’t that he was the Son of God, he just had therapeutic strength ™ essential oils that let him cure blindness and raise the dead. If you don’t believe me tHan try them yor self. To compensate, the company offered 24-months of credit monitoring through AllClear, a credit monitoring company.

I was trying not to throw up when I read that.

If a doctor is good enough for Jesus, I figure I’m set. They are giving such dangerous info. You took at least one basic chemistry class at some point. they were doing the best they could at the time. The doTerra Healing Hands Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established by doTerra in 2012.
No, I don’t bow down to them, or worship them. Jesus.

Have you considered that this belief may be incorrect and that the doctor, who is a doctor after all, may have more factual reason to put confidence in the treatment than you do? None of that proves the hospital is allowing them to pour oil all over this kid’s burns or pump it into his skin. situation? I can understand applying them to healed skin maybe but not open skin.

if the goddard’s are founders, then they have educated a lot of people and they know what they are doing. I’m really concerned that you are a health professional who thinks a plant is miraculous – it’s not, it’s science. From the studies that I have read, results are mixed, and it is dangerous to assume that they are cure-alls, especially in life-or-death situations. If it can’t be liberally rubbed down with disinfectant, it’s not permitted.

And what doctor wouldn’t agree to it? [4] Its name is inspired by the Latin phrase for "gift of the Earth."

They were extremely skeptical about doTERRA when first introduced. We’re burning up the lines to get our awesome oils and overpriced garbage in your hands today, America! Oils aren’t a panacea, and they don’t cure cancer and other nonsense, but they do help support the body and it’s symptoms. And at the same time, endanger other children who might be in similar situations, as people have already started saying “now I know what to do!”.

I would have smothered the flames, called an ambulence, protected the kid against shock and then let the burn unit take over, but I’ve been trained. Fire leads to water, I can see that. By the way, I’m the one who called CPS, unless more than one person did. Sorry, the Bible isn’t a medical textbook. It’s scary tbh, and it freaked me the fuck out and I wanted nothing to do with a company that believed that they had to create such mass hysteria around their company in order for me to want to sell their products….

At a later date Gary Young attempted to deliver another of his children underwater, however, his wife at the time would not allow it. So you pour completely non-sterile oil (and it has to go through a process to become medical grade, which I’m guessing doTerra’s hasn’t) over third degree burns and open wounds…. Not oils, not scissors so they can cut their skin off, not baths, EXPERT MEDICAL HEALTH.

Is he really even in the hospital? The posting has since been edited to read: “He took his clothes off in the kitchen and we put him in our bathtub under cold water. So this website just happened to be created the day before the accident? They’ve created systems and material to help others succeed on doTERRA, and made almost all of it available for FREE. Delaying care to douse a kid in oil, then putting oil on him in the burn unit without getting permission, is dangerous. Donald Gary Young (July 11, 1949 – May 12, 2018) was an American businessman specializing in essential oils and alternative medicine.He was the

Or how about just looking in the bible and remembering the oils of Frankincense and Myrrh being brought to the Christ Child? Which is why, presumably after realizing that people know that their story about what the burn unit is allowing is hard to believe, Andy Goddard’s newest post talks about the following miracles, and leaves out any mention of oil irrigation: “Trained doctors, nurses, technicians, & surgeons You’re right, his willingness or unwillingness to publish the doctor’s name has the magical effect of re-writing history.

[30][31] The Federal Trade Commission warned the company it must stop making such unfounded health claims. I was speaking to abuse in a specific case, but thanks for your help. First study on using EOs for burns had this conclusion: Do Not Sell My Personal Information. who says the oils weren’t sterile?? Even in medical settings. I care more about a child with third degree burns who parents neglected to get him immediate treatment than his neglectful parents. are they annoying. Why are you so determined to criticize and judge the Goddard family?

Essential oils have chemical constituents known to be beneficial. I’m very curious about how this all will turn out. I know physical therapists, dentists, and an OBGYN (is that the correct acronym) who use essential oils.

But this is after burn cream/gel has been used and the burnt bit has been run under cold water for 10 mins or so.

Seriously, why would you want to make their life harder by sending in CPS when they are in their worst nightmare right now?

Can Trump run again in 2024 if he loses the 2020 presidential election? The coroner determined …

But the Bible isn’t a medical textbook, and most medicine is still derived from plants. Unless you know the Goddards personally you can have no concept of their faith and what they have been through. Also, the Ebers papyrus recommends putting cow shit on burns, so maybe the Goddards should have tried that too, since the Egyptians were using it and we’re appealing to ancient authority and all.

Lavendar is cytotoxic, i sincerely doubt you’re putting it on burn patients, you fucking numpty.


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