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Antifa, the main perpetrator, is left-wing — its political allegiance is unambiguous.

Wisconsin's Governor Evers has, The sleight of tongue follows a simple but broken syllogism.

The media polling after the DNC Convention that was never released over the weekend.Yes, folks, it exists.

The Republican National Convention still has two days to go.

The logical trace breaks from the fact that it isn't Republicans setting Quiznos franchises aflame. "Joe Biden has got to address [the riots]," Lemon urged. Biden, holding the thyrsus of social justice high, leading his legions of mesmerized devotees like Bacchus, marched heedlessly into the, Now Team Biden is hopping back after its leap of misplaced faith. Putting the riots on Trump is akin to blaming the March for Life for the this country's unconscionable near-million abortions a year.

", There was no explicit mention of riots, the conscious conflagration swallowing small businesses on urban high streets.

Voters can forgive youthful excess for one night. Market data provided by Factset.

CNN also saw over 100 employees accept a voluntary buyout option, losing bureau chiefs and award winners in the process while the network moved into elaborate new New York City digs. "What polling? Trump has been making the case that he has done more for African American voters, by way of prison reform and previously low black unemployment, than Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, both of whom have been accused by the president for increasing incarceration among African Americans for generations on nonviolent drug charges,” said Zogby. Another current CNN employee told Fox News that there is widespread concern about the network’s ratings problem, but high-profile hosts such as Anderson Cooper remain unfazed. Maybe even a worked up crowd letting off steam for a few days.

More women were elected to Congress on Election Day than in any previous year in the history of the United States.

Chris Cuomo was rewarded for lowest morning ratings with a prime time spot – which is failing badly and not helping the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon! President Trump's defense secretary has reportedly prepared a resignation letter.

All rights reserved. Follow him on Twitter at @briansflood. « China has politicized science. President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden fought to a draw in the battle for Catholic voters, a key constituency that in recent elections has sided with the winner of the race for the White House. Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward said her state was "trending in the direction of" President Trump. Georgians had a unique task in Tuesday’s election: Theirs was the only state in the country voting to fill two U.S. Senate seats. Trump's closing the gap, no doubt in part thanks to riot exhaustion. He either didn't get or is thoroughly ignoring the New York Times memo about property destruction not equating to violence. “The people that are concerned – it’s certainly not the anchors who have lucrative contracts – it’s the people among the lower levels, such as producers and show bookers,” the employee said. The Trump campaign said corruption is entrenched in states where votes are being counted, accusing "clubhouse governors" of trying to determine the presidential election results. “Another factor continuing to help the president’s high approval rating is a rise in crime in our nation’s biggest cities. “People get tired of it. Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News. Nor were the threats defined. CNN has continued to label Lemon an “anchor” despite him spouting anti-Trump opinions on a regular basis. Footage of Blake's scuff with law enforcement showed him not only, Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, said the poet.

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or redistributed. After giving rioters their head, and then trying to re-establish their authority, the next step for liberal proconsuls is to point the finger at the current Oval Office occupant.

Zogby said 36% of blacks approve of the president, as do 37% of Hispanics and 35% of Asians. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Even when he, "The rioting has to stop ... it's showing up in the polling, it's showing up in focus groups," he, "Joe Biden has got to address [the riots]," Lemon urged.

If spectators look closely, they can see Democratic campaign coaches on the sidelines calling the next audible. DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall recently told Fox News that Lemon is no longer a news anchor in the traditional sense because of his partisan rhetoric. “The president has recorded his best job approval rating on record,” said pollster Jonathan Zogby. Don Lemon broadcasted the new play: "What's happening now is happening under Donald Trump's watch.". Q2 was a particularly news-rich quarter highlighted by the release of the Mueller report and all the aftermath and controversy following it, plus the launch of several high-profile Democratic candidacies including Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg to propel 2020 coverage into high gear,” Concha said.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten,

Legal Statement. Therefore, Trump is to blame. We know that excessive force is in the eyes of the beholder and the inevitable camera lens that captures these ructions.

Lemon was conversing with fellow host and quarantine scofflaw Chris Cuomo, but he was speaking directly to his target audience: Democrats, elected or otherwise.

Before its June release, one current CNN employee told Fox News that  Acosta might not be the right person to cover Trump’s White House these days. The sleight of tongue follows a simple but broken syllogism. And “intriguingly,” said Zogby, 23% of Democrats approve of Trump. CNN’s most popular show, "Cuomo Prime Time," averaged only 910,000 viewers. Therefore, Trump is to blame. MSNBC’s recent Democratic presidential primary debate attracted a large audience, and CNN is set to host its own version later this month.

The network lost 18 percent of its audience compared to the second quarter of last year. With the Republicans defending those two seats and 21 other seats nationally, the GOP had a lot on the line going into Election Day. In a brief follow-up video, candidate Joe decried the mayhem, exhorting rioters to trade their billy clubs for olive branches: "burning down communities is not protest.". In a shock from past election years, Joe Biden got no convention poll bounce, according to a newly released Reuters/Ipsos poll. A CNN spokesperson told Fox News on May 7 that reports of looming layoffs were a “crazy rumor,” but staffers were shocked when members of the network’s Atlanta-based staff who covered health care were shown the door only two weeks later. Don Lemon's timbre has never quivered so much. The brand-new, state-of-the-art headquarters is part of a luxurious complex that also features condominiums that start at $4.3 million, high-end restaurants and stores such as Cartier, Rolex, Louis Vuitton and Neiman Marcus. Sagging ratings weren’t the only negative headlines generated by CNN during the second quarter, as the network reduced its headcount days after publically declaring there wouldn’t be mass layoffs. CNN is suffering a credibility crisis as viewership for the once-proud network continues to collapse with no apparent plan in place to fix things anytime soon, … RATINGS-CHALLENGED CNN SHEDS STAFF AS NETWORK MOVES INTO LAVISH NEW DIGS, “My guess is that senior management is more concerned about the launch of HBO Max than CNN, at least for the moment.".

But look what it took to move Biden to the idea that used car dealerships aren't secret centcoms of white supremacy.

“Losing nearly 40 percent of an already-third place audience must be a primary topic in internal meetings, with immediate remedies not readily apparent.". If Trump wants a Nixon-like blowout on law-and-order messaging, he should emphasize over and over again that it's not his people turning cities into scenes out of The Warrior.

President Trump SURGES to his BEST APPROVAL EVER all as CNN’s Don Lemon FEARS that Riots have definitely begun HURTING the Democrats! “The people that are concerned – it’s certainly not the anchors who have lucrative contracts – it’s the people among the lower levels, such as producers and show bookers.".

It was the latest to show that Trump’s approval went up during the Democratic National Convention.

Urban unrest is occurring during the Trump presidency. He suggested that the battle is for the “10%-20%” who haven’t made their minds up on whom to vote for and who likely won’t make up their minds until Election Day, just like in 2016. But the network has extended various contributors through the election, indicating that its apparent anti-Trump programming strategy will remain in place for at least the duration of the president’s first term. Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper are part of CNN’s struggling primetime lineup that lost 38% of its audience in the key demo during the second quarter of 2019. Instead of opting for the usual liberal vernacular of "shadowy" or "fascistic" dangers to democracy, Biden quoted, likely by mistake, French free-market economist Frédéric Bastiat, calling the threats ". “You know the answer,” a longtime CNN employee said when asked if staffers are panicked about the ratings decay before declining further comment. “Losing nearly 40 percent of an already third-place audience must be a primary topic in internal meetings, with immediate remedies not readily apparent,” Concha said.

CNN did not immediately respond when asked for comment.

News network CNN is planning to reduce its headcount, leaving many staffers worried for their jobs.

Lemon’s “CNN Tonight” finished the second quarter of 2019 as the 35th most-watched show on cable news.


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