do cottonwood borers fly
Proper Way To Prune The female adult beetle digs burrows at the base of the host tree.

October 2019

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Larvae are legless, cylindrical (oval in cross section), creamy-white bodies and brown to black headed, growing to 1 ½ inch long. Photo by C. Allen. The honeydew that drops from these insects can spot the windows and finish of cars parked under infested trees. 'Joe' Pase III, Texas A&M Forest Service, The adult cottonwood borer (Plectrodera scalator) is a distinct beetle with a large black-and-ivory body and antennae of equal measure, which are often referred to as horns.

They yield shade, beautiful foliage and, in June, a kind of warm, fluffy "snow." Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 9:36 AM Hello again! She then deposits eggs in bark. An Equal Opportunity University | Fort Worth Young Trees, Need cottonwood borer treatment for your trees call us today 817-502-9402. 04/17/2020, Milan Zubrik, Forest Research Institute - Slovakia,, Lacy L. Hyche, Auburn University,, Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,, John A. Weidhass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,, James Solomon, USDA Forest Service,, Jim Baker, North Carolina State University, (adult). April 2019 Tree Service Fort Worth Saturating the the soil at the tree’s base with insecticide is also recommended to kill the grubs still burrowing there. Watering Trees The cottonwood borer (Plectrodera scalator) is a species of longhorn beetle found in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains that feeds on cottonwood trees. Galleries, at and below the soil line, vary in length and form tunnels up to 8-inches long to 2- to 3-inch diameter oval areas, depending on tree size and infestation site. Contracting our tree arborist company will bring you the best solutions for identifying and treatment options for Cottonwood borer beetles. Larval tunnels can be as long as 8 inches or as wide as 3-inch diameter oval areas. The cottonwood borer larvae have no legs, they are creamy white, and oval shaped. For more information, see Entfact 103. website content by L. Townsend and J. Larson  website design by P. Dillon   copyright © 2017 - The Cottonwood borer is a large (nearly 2 inches long) black and white longhorn beetle.

The body is beautifully marked with a bold pattern of black rectangular areas on a creamy white to yellow background.


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