disrespecting elders essay

I have encountered a number of secretaries or persons in authority who would converse with me on formal matters and would speak to and address me as if I was just their high school friend, their little sister, and the worst of all, was one of their maids. Elders too should change their way of thinking and respect their juniors or anyone for that matter, but with some elders its tough to reason or tough to change their ways because they have become used to a certain way of living and thinking.

. We do need to change ourselves and start respecting the elderly if we aren’t doing that already, and as you mentioned – be a little more conscious and less busy can help, provided we are willing to take that step. Flannery o’Connor's Expression Of Modern Society Flannery O’Connor’s Expression of Modern Society Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964) was an American writer who wrote a number of short stories along with a few novels. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views, and yes, you know I cannot do without quotes . She told me doesn’t matter if they are 1 yr older than you to respect them. Respecting The Elders (Essay Sample) September 15, 2017 by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Sunday, September 1, 2019. It IS their blessings, words of wisdom, and so many years of experience that helps us in more ways than one. I’ve heard and seen a lot of people mistreat or call their elders name too, and yes, whenever possible, we all need to step forward and play our part in making the generation nowadays realize their mistake. Yes, if such a person is a child abuser or wife beater, he is far from being respected, though such people also mellow down and change once they age, and if they do, we can respect them for that. More over, you never lose anything by doing so, instead, only seek their love and blessings – isn’t it?

I know many of you do, but I’d like you to create awareness for those who don’t.

As persons in authority who are engaged to talking to people every day, they should be mindful enough of how they would treat their clients. But when they grow up, they understand that if the parent was seemingly rude at the particular time or incident in the past, there was a reason for it, and it was for his or her own good. I think there is a difference between being respecting our elders and being elderly..we should respect everyone, regardless of their age and the wisdom age brings should be honored and respected. Free essay sample on the given topic "Sweet Memories Of My Childhood".

It’s interesting timing that I came across this post. That’s the most saddening part. It’s the least I can do. I also disrespect people who are in position but clearly have no idea of what their job is about and what they should be doing. But how much of what we teach our kids stays with them also depends on how receptive they are to understand what we are trying to tell them – isn’t it? In fact I always thought I would go into that career but it seems marketing has got a hold of me.

Well, begin by just respecting the elderly for starters! Absolutely! Glad you liked the post, and I do hope people read and realize the importance of respecting the elderly through it too . Like in some cultures the young ones let the elders have food before them, stand up when any elder comes in the room, and don’t refer to them directly by their name. People said he existed, but Jem and [Scout] had never seen him.

I agree with you there. Copyright © 2010-2020 Aha!NOW.

I just hope and pray more people would realize this fact. In their presence speak clearly and louder if that will make them understand you better.

Visit the elders in your family if they are living far, or spend time with them if they are nearby. They worked hard to make a living and gave the best years of their lives to raise their children, by caring, protecting, and nurturing them. Yes indeed, respect seems to have lost it’s meaning today, which is what’s rather saddening. We tend to honor and respect those who have achieved great things in life.

Speaking of myself, I would simply drop all that I am doing and take care or nurse my elders myself when the need arises, instead of sending them to such a place.

After all respect cannot be demanded, it can only be commanded. Back here in Nigeria, the basic training we get from our parent is respect your elders. It’s just a way of honoring them for being elder. As they age, elderly people tend to repeat things. He is a man of great character and is fortunate to be surrounded by so many who love and respect him. At the end we realize that it’s all about us – not matter how people or things are, what matters is what we make of ourselves.

Respect involves being aware of the impact we have on others and the world around us. Absolutely! Not only children, even the teenagers and young adults too sometimes behave this way. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post Harleena.

But keep all those thoughts aside, especially when they grow old and dependent on you. Yes, some people have such thoughts and they might be having their reasons for feeling the way they do. They have played their part in society and its now turn to relax.

Table of Contents Meaning of Respecting the ElderlyHow is the State of Elders in Today’s WorldWhy Respecting the…. Do you feel the elders in your society are really respected and treated the way they should be?

I know, that some elders might be annoying and not the way we like them to be. Here are some practical and wise tips on how to handle aggressive kids in a positive way so all are happy.

Not only that you have to respect each other too.

I think I agree with your friend. He holds so much value. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I think we should treat people of any age with the respect that’s due to them and shouldn’t discriminate on the basis of age. , Thanks for stopping by and adding so much more to the post. Needless to say, I’m really believe in it It may be how I grew up, but I believe not only elders but everyone need to be respected. Respecting the elderly is our ethical duty. That’s because in this phase of their life when they have retired or left their jobs, and aren’t living with their families, it helps them feel valued and appreciated.

We tend to forget that or elders were the ones who raised us too, and we too are going to be in that place one day. it is a problem in society today. Children mostly follows what their elders do rather than what they ask them to do, no? Just wish people would realize it all. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.


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