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Ian takes Lip outside and tells him that it does not matter to him who his biological father is—his real family is his siblings. She agrees to sign the check on the condition that he give up their youngest child Liam so that she and her new girlfriend can raise him. Enfin, Sean, inquiet pour Fiona, finit par en venir aux mains avec Frank... Pendant le mariage de Fiona, Debbie se présente à l'église avec Franny et Frank arrive sans y être invité et révèle que Sean est encore un junkie. Debbie se tourne vers Frank, en quête de soutien. He later steals food from Kash's store; Linda gives Ian a handgun to scare him away. Kelly Keefe appears in season 9 and is Sergeant Major Keefe's daughter. Ingrid talks to Frank's family and everyone tells her that he will not help her in the care of her children.

Carl agrees, and the two use fake IDs to get married. He begrudgingly comes to terms with his son's sexuality. Peggy convinces Sheila to euthanize her.

Because of this, his son Liam is expelled from private school and forced to attend public school.

Clayton reappears in season 2 when Frank and Monica visit him to get the money that Peggy sent him and the other brothers before her death.

She still decides to keep the baby. I'm not saying he had to move in with her but he ghosted her and his own baby. She begins to be more independent while still assisting her family.

She is the rebellious adopted daughter of Jason and Sheryl, an affluent Caucasian couple. He is later accepted by the gang for his loyalty. Towards the end of season 3, Fiona gets a better job with a cup manufacturing company, although Jimmy leaves. Lucas Morton (Cooper J. Friedman) is Sierra's son. He throws his gun away and punches an officer instead, landing him in juvenile hall again.

Ian, trying to work his way back into Trevor's good graces, spends much of his time and money at the LGBTQ+ center.

Initially, Ethel struggles to adjust to her new home but soon warms up to Kevin, Veronica, and the Gallaghers. Cependant, la relation intime qu'il a nouée avec son enseignante pourrait lui apporter quelques contrariétés. Fiona starts an affair with Robbie while dating Mike.

She is one of Fiona's co-workers at Pasty's Pies. When it does not work Veronica suggests that Kevin and Carol actually have sex, something they do not find enjoyable.

Nevertheless, Frank is supplied with a healthy liver when his condition deteriorates and pushes him to the top of the donor list. Son autorité semble incontestable. Tony Markovich (Tyler Jacob Moore) is a police officer and the Gallaghers' neighbor who lives with his overbearing mother. She eventually sells the laundromat to Margo and buys an apartment building. At first he proposes to Frank that they help each other, but when Frank refuses, he plays dirty. When Ian comes to visit him, Mickey asks if he will wait for him. At the end of season 10, he proposes to Veronica, which she accepts. Wyatt Gallagher is Frank's brother who is mentioned in season 1. Mickey soon contacts him and asks Ian to run away to Mexico with him, which Ian accepts. Mais si l'heureux événement se confirme, quelle décision sera finalement prise ? After testing Lip in private, Hearst discovers Lip is one of the statistically very rare students capable of achieving a perfect SAT score and offers him an internship at the robotics lab at the University of Chicago, which Lip turns down. Frank soon bonds with his youngest son Liam and acts more fatherly to him, as he sees Liam as his last chance to be a proper parent. Sammi can be caring but can also be impulsive, violent, and promiscuous.

Carl gets the money from her father, who asks Carl to send her home. When the Gallaghers lose their home, they forget to inform Chuckie, who is left to camp under the porch alone until Frank arrives and keeps him company.

When Carl decides to go to military school, Dominique apologizes for her actions and he considers getting back with her.

Veronica pursued a hospital medical career until she was fired for stealing medical supplies, and works at a nursing home at the beginning of the series, while moonlighting as a cam girl. Refusing to work for Svetlana, Kev takes a job bartending at a gay nightclub.

Kassidi soon becomes possessive, demanding, and slightly unhinged. She lets Frank return home after reconciling with him. Kash continues to feel trapped in his marriage and has an affair with an unknown Muslim man. At the end of season 2, Karen gives birth to a baby with Down syndrome. Dr Lloyd "Ned" Lishman (Harry Hamlin) is Jimmy's father. As he is financially insecure, he enters a local contest to win money. She works with Kev as manager of The Alibi Room.

He is later shot in the leg by Kash after he catches him and Ian having sex and is sent to juvenile hall for the thefts.

In episode 3, Mandy considers leaving for Indiana with Kenyatta to "clean port-a-potties". Clayton does not seem pleased to see his brother and tries to send him off, but Frank tries to guilt him into giving him some of the money. In the season finale, Ian and Mickey attempt to get married, only to have Terry burn down their wedding venue. Sierra tells Lip she cannot deal with two addicts in her life.

The pair make amends after the event and Frank walks away.

In season 2, Karen attends Sex Addicts Anonymous and dates a fellow addict named Jody and eventually marries him, though she continually cheats on him with Lip. One of his cadets "takes care" of Kassidi (though it is never truly confirmed) in an attempt to gain Carl's approval. When Linda discovers her husband and Ian were having an affair, she accepts it but only on the basis he gives her another child and he does not touch Ian until she is pregnant.

Terry shoots up their honeymoon suite, though neither Ian or Mickey are hurt.

After someone steals his bike, Nick murders the kid and gets arrested. Miraculously, Kevin and Carol successfully conceive and she gives birth to their baby. Kate witnesses Frank calling Children's Services on his family and says "That is a whole new low even for you, Frank." Kash shoots Mickey in the leg. Carl gets locked up for a year in juvenile detention.

Despite that, he continues on as campaign manager and attempts to win the election by any means necessary, going as far as recruiting Terry Milkovich to intimidate voters. Carl later uses his nephew Chuckie in his illicit schemes, but both are caught and sentenced to juvenile detention. During his exile from the Gallagher house, he finds Carl and they bond while stealing from the latter's former foster parents. Though Terry again tries to interrupt, Ian's former Gay Jesus followers step in to keep Terry from succeeding. He awakens with brief amnesia.

Ford Kellogg (Richard Flood) is a recurring character in season 8 and a regular character in season 9. Frank also nominates former congressman Mo White during a congressional election as a part of a scam to earn money, though he ends up with second thoughts after the man is revealed to be a sex offender.

After waking up after a night of drinking in her former apartment building, she attends an AA meeting and gets a job at the advice of her attorney. Neil Morton (Zack Pearlman) is a recurring character since season 7.

Ian, despite having started a new relationship with Trevor, goes with Mickey to the Mexican border in Texas.

Derek claims he placed third in a city championship. Mickey suggests Ian stay at his house for the night instead of going back to foster care. Debbie continuously tries to contact Derek, but he disconnects his phone preventing that from happening.

After learning of children being forced to attend conversion camps by their parents, Ian takes up a crusade and inadvertently becomes the face of a movement, "Gay Jesus". Frank mostly falls back into his old habits again and bonds with Fiona after she spirals into alcoholism. Dominique becomes hostile to Carl after he bonds with her father, who is now much harder on her. Although Fiona begs Carl to betray his gang associates to receive a lesser sentence, Carl refuses as he wants the "street cred" juvie will give him.

Sometimes he sees Frank as a friend.

Before leaving for juvie, his mother tattoos a swastika on his forehead to ensure that he protected by neo-Nazis.

He created various money-making schemes to help the Gallagher clan survive, such as running an ice cream truck that also sold beer and marijuana and fraudulently taking the SAT's for fellow classmates for a fee; this latter scheme is thwarted by Professor Hearst, an investigator from the Educational Evaluation Service. She also tells him that her friends have lost their virginity and she wants to lose hers.

He bribes Karen into attending a Purity Ball in exchange for his car.

After giving birth, Carol wishes to raise Dominic and Veronica allows her. In prison, Ian is shocked to discover that his new cellmate is Mickey and the two resume their relationship. Ethel has a son, Jonah, by Clyde, who is also taken in by Veronica and Kevin.

Sierra's father is released on parole for the death of her mother; she is worried but Lip helps her by secretly getting the man sent back. He meets a girl named Sierra who also works at Patsy's, and they become friends with benefits, although the relationship eventually develops into something more.

Mickey explains that in exchange for turning on the Mexican cartel he was working for, Mickey was allowed to choose which prison he would serve his time in. In season 6, he supports Debbie's pregnancy and reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Queenie (Sammi's mother). So yea she’s a bad guy bc she tricked Derrick. He begins a sexual relationship with his boss, Kash, although this is short-lived. She becomes pregnant but Kash leaves. After Peggy moves in to Frank's house, Frank's former trauma returns, such as his bedwetting and being his mother's personal servant. When the realtor calls the cops, he manipulates them into thinking the old owner okayed it. Outside the classroom, Lip spends much of his time drinking beer, smoking weed, and eventually participating in car theft schemes with Jimmy. In season 5, Amanda invites Lip to spend a week in the summer with her and her family at their estate in Miami where Lip bonds with her father, and she gives up her virginity to Lip. In season 8, Ian and Trevor remain friends, and Ian begins helping out at the homeless LGBT youth shelter where Trevor works. Frank et Queenie se contentent simplement de gérer l'intendance.


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