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We focus on the subrings Z[1/2], Z[1/√2], Z[1/√−2], and Z[1/2, i], and we prove that unitary matrices with entries in these rings correspond to circuits over well-known universal gate sets. Dissertation Title: Experiments with a superfluid BEC ring, Date and Time: Friday, January 26, 1:00 pm, Dissertation Committee Chair: Prof. Steven Rolston, Dr. Gretchen Campbell (advisor)Dr. Christopher LobbDr. Also, we will present a summary of other magnetic transitions and magnetic properties of more than 40 distinct minerals for this study and show the relation and similarities between strongly correlated transition metal oxide materials and other quantum materials. Chen YY, Tsai CF, Tsai MC, et al.

Rzepka Z, Respondek M, Rok J, et al. hVSMC      We demonstrated that the simplified warped seesaw can achieve successful leptogenesis and feature an interesting interplay of high scale generation of the asymmetry and TeV scale washouts.

MDA-MB-231      Varsha Prakash , Brittany B Carson , Jennifer M Feenstra , et al. In addition to their theoretical value as novel and exotic phases of quantum matter, topological quantum materials provide a promising platform for an array of technological applications, particularly as building blocks of topological quantum computers. Conventional particle accelerators use linear focusing forces for transverse confinement. Jacob Taylor (advisor)Dr. Gretchen CampbellDr. BT474      Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Consistent with earlier work using MRI and post-mortem analysis of brain tissue, our novel measurement approach found that MPs constitute an up to 27% fraction of the total 1H protons in human brain white matter, and their spectrum follows a super-Lorentzian line with a T2 of 9.6±0.6 μs and a resonance frequency centered at -2.58±0.05 ppm.

Thomas AntonsenDr. Using a combination of the resonant microwave transmission technique and laser scanning microscopy, it is demonstrated that the new technique can directly image the pairing symmetry of superconductors with unconventional pairing symmetries.

Here, we present the experimental realization of a fully re-configurable quantum computer based on five trapped Yb+ ions that offers the flexibility to be programmed by the user in order to run any quantum algorithm.

Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type: Peter ShawhanDr. Finally, we propose a dynamical scheme to study the short-lived topological phases in ultracold systems by first preparing the systems in its long-lived non-topological phases and then driving it into the topological phases and back. Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type: Steven RolstonDr.

Edge modes are conjectured to provide a statistical description of the black hole entropy, and this work takes some initial steps toward checking this conjecture in higher curvature theories. With the availability of more data, machine learning for data analysis has advanced rapidly. Specifically, we show how laser cooling of a well-isolated mechanical mode or atomic motion can provide an effective bath which enables control of both the chemical potential and temperature of the resulting grand canonical ensemble of photon. Hepatocytes     

Andrew Elby. Field: Drug testing, Cell Type: We study a simple few-mode theory and it can explain experimental data well. Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell (PBMC)      The model used here is very simplified, but the aim here is to elucidate the basic principles and scaling behavior of such devices, not necessarily to calculate what the exact dynamics, outputs, and parameters of a fully commercially realized device will be. (2015). The experimental signature in question is presence of a zero-bias conductance-peak that is albeit necessary, is not a sufficient criteria to establish presence of underlying Majorana modes. The final part of this thesis is devoted to identifying the edge modes in arbitrary diffeomorphism-invariant theories. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Pancreatic acinar AR42J cells      ARPE-19, HCT116      In the tokamak core, the system is well suited as a model to study the sawtooth discharge in the presence of Mercier modes. Karottki KJC, Hefzi H, Xiong K, et al. 2011) (Fig. Understanding the thermodynamic state of the hot intracluster medium (ICM) in a galaxy cluster requires a knowledge of the plasma transport processes, especially thermal conduction. The graphene is assumed to be in a homogeneous magnetic field, and is sandwiched between two partially-transmissive mirrors so that the device acts as an oscillator. In addition, we show how a novel related concept of localization landscape can be applied to study transport in rippled channels. Mohammad Hafezi  Dr. Brian Swingle. 2003) – has the functional consequence of altering channel gating (Patton et al.

These superpositions provide a Heisenberg-limited rotation sensing method. Structure Determination by Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy: Only the Sky (and Intrinsic Disorder) is the Limit. We proposed a mechanism to achieve fast phase transition around critical temperature and thus the asymmetry generated from leptogenesis can survive till today.

Broutier L, Creveaux M, Vial J, et al. The first method utilizes classical computational tools such as Density  Matrix Renormalization Group to produce an efficient quantum algorithm for simulating fermionic quantum field theories in 1+1 dimensions. In this final public examination, we present a new algorithm for the discretization of VM-FP system of equations for the study of plasmas in the kinetic regime. Ali MM, Akhade VS, Kosalai ST, et al. Ellen D. Williams Prof. Alberto Pimpinelli. Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type:

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (fetal-derived)      Artur Beberok , Jakub Rok , Zuzanna Rzepka , et al. Field: Bioprocessing, Cell Type: hMSC      Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type:

This thesis describes quantum algorithms for Hamiltonian simulation, ordinary differential equations (ODEs), and partial differential equations (PDEs). BEAS-2B, HeLa      Zhao YZ, Jun ZHUb, Shai-hong ZHUa, et al. Our measurements of both the first- and second-order transitions are in agreement with theory. Univ. Jared WahlstrandDr. Pristovšek N, Nallapareddy S, Grav LM, et al. Wrześniok D, Rzepka Z, Respondek M, et al.

HepG2, Huh7, PLC      Luis OrozcoDr. Jie Shen, Hao Zhang, Zimu Xu, et al. Finally, I discuss the stripe-ordered phase which occurs in SOC Bose gases favoring the miscibility configuration. Prange, D. Mohr-Haralampieva, R.A. Alves De Sousa, et al. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Embryonic cells, ESC, Stem Cell      PCa      Vollrath I, Mathaes R, Sediq AS, et al.

(2018). As the system sizes of these quantum simulators increase, there are also concurrent gains in the complexity and types of Hamiltonians which can be simulated. Single-particle cryo-EM structure of a voltage-activated potassium channel in lipid nanodiscs. I use these tools to demonstrate that an excitable-systems framework can provide deep, phenomenological insights into the character, organization, and dynamics of a variety of biological systems.

Field: Bioprocessing, Cell Type: Andrew Childs. We applied a strong radio-frequency  magnetic field to the ground state hyperfine manifold of Rubidium-87 atoms, generating a dynamically protected dressed system that was first-order insensitive to changes in magnetic field. Applying collective migration analysis techniques to experimental data on both malignant and non-malignant human breast epithelial cells reveals differences in collective behavior that are not found from analyzing migration speeds alone. (2019). Kononczuk J, Surazynski A, Czyzewska U, et al. The topologically degenerate Hilbert space and non-Abelian statistics associated with Majorana zero modes renders them useful for realizing topological quantum computation. Patricia Alexander. Dissertation Title: Measurement of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillation Parameters Using Three Years of IceCube-DeepCore Data, Date and Time: Wednesday, May 2, 12:00 pm, Dissertation Committee Chair: Prof. Gregory Sullivan, Dr. Rabindra MohapatraDr.

We present a novel island nucleation and growth model that explicitly includes, at the microscopic scale, the behavior of transient (ballistic) monomers. Leukocytes     

To analyze the connection between individual cell properties and collective migration behavior, we compare experimental flow fields with the migration of simulated cell groups. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Moving to multi-qubit circuits, I provide number-theoretic characterizations for certain restricted Clifford+T circuits by considering unitary matrices over subrings of Z[1/√2, i]. From Foust et al. (2020). Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type:

We first modeled visual and auditory objects processing and short-term memory with local microcircuits and a large-scale recurrent network. Efrain RodriguezDr. Therefore, efforts for quantum optics and optical physics have mostly focused on driving systems far from equilibrium to populate sufficient numbers of photons.

Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Rafiq QA, Coopman K, Nienow AW, Hewitt CJ. Zhen Yang Cui , Eunbi Jo , Hyun Jin Jang , et al. The turbulence at the SSs is weak so the shocks are laminar and produce little dissipation, which differs greatly from the MHD treatment. Soon Young Shin , Youngshim Lee , Beom Soo Kim , et al. A new ground-based wide-field extensive air shower array known as the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Observatory promises a new window to monitoring the ~100 GeV gamma-ray sky with the potential for detecting such a cutoff in GRBs. Toledo CM, Herman JA, Olsen JB, et al. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: Details of the device fabrication, device characterization, measurement techniques, and extensive modeling of device behavior are presented, along with chi-matrix characterization of single-qubit gates and SWIPHT gates.


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