demilitarized submarines for sale
I have lots of paper work but I'm not sure why it was repowered. It provides the largest panoramic view-port among mini-submarines for widest visibility for passengers. Once the war was over, captured Me-262’s were put to use as test subjects by the United States. Trailer included,No engine. If you are lucky enough to own a flyable Panther, you’re in slim company as there are only two privately owned F9Fs in the US, with only one being airworthy. 1946 Private Road 2485 Uvalde, TX 78801 United States of America Grab this F-104 Model Aircraft Kit. This is one of the reasons it has become a desirable warbird for enthusiasts around the world.

Put in rack and pinion steering, new electrical wiring, new bilge pump, mooring cover and had American Boat Restoration rebuild the keelson. There are several other features like underwater viewports, LCD screens to display live video, marine audio system, 3D gills & fiberglass eyeballs, VHF Radio, strong back lifting cradle (for launching from yacht/dock), and more.

If you love this aircraft then you’ll probably love this Aircraft Nose Art T-shirt. It was developed in the early 1940s by Boeing and its advanced features put the new bomber in a league of its own.

Its role in the Allied victory makes this a highly sought-after military aircraft for sale civilians. Some can be found for under $10,000. Motivated seller with an attractive asking price! By the Vietnam War, there were at least two A-4 Skyhawk squadrons in all carrier wings performing light air attack missions regularly. Running submerged gets old real We would like to add 20 new subscribers this month. Three are located in Portland, Oregon at Premier Space Systems which perform public and private sub-orbital atmospheric space launch services. This can also be used for personal recreational activities. But its duties went well beyond just a fighter. An early version of the F-5E in flight during test runs over the American desert. Some militaries still use the T-33 but it is estimated that around 50 of them are in the hands of civilian operators. This is one of the cheapest submarines which can perform almost all commercial activities that includes scientific research, search, underwater filming, and salvage. Recreational mini-submarines are the latest toys of well-to-do people. Wonderfully crafted, incredible lines and grace, a real beauty. Its aluminum-alloy floor and bullet-proof windows protected it from small ground arms. Maxing out at just under 700 miles per hour and regarded as one of the great early fighters (the UK produced around 2000 of them), military aviation enthusiasts would be happy to get their hands on one of these military aircraft for sale. The outdrive needs a new upper gear housing. I found this boat on Craigslist 2 years ago. Serial number R 30859 S. Side menu - quick search bar for popular catergories, Advanced search - click here to search more criteria, ID or word search - search by boat listing number, brand, or model, Sort - sort recent listings by time of listing, length, price, or age, Show this help screen later if you need it. The decking brightwork is a mix of original and additional, period-correct hardware. This aircraft crashed at El Centro, California (USA), on 21 June 1972. Later, the B-29 performed a variety of jobs including weather reconnaissance and in-flight refueling. The Northrop F-5 is a lightweight supersonic jet fighter with multiple models made since its introduction in 1962. The 23 Rarest American Cars Ever Produced. -needs repairs to planks on the sides, The boat has a new bimini to, compass, new upholstery, bilge pump, horn, windshield, original gas tank and a new plastic one. Could use a new steering cable. SSGN - Ohio Class Guided Missile Submarine. Grab this high quality Mohawk Model Aircraft Kit. are available if you buy more than one. It was intended to satisfy a multitude of combat roles and became a staple of many European militaries. The GR.3 was a single-engine, single-seat jet measuring 46 feet in length with a 25 foot wingspan. Some of the chrome seemed to be redone already, while some could use re-finishing. Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? Comes with sail, mast and oars. Two owner boat bought new 11-15-61. This dingy is a rare design and exudes fine construction.

New electric shift cable The original trailer was disassembled, stripped primed and painted with new tires. Could be a collectible! This DC-3, operated as a warbird, previously flew for New Zealand's National Airways Corporation between two periods of service in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. Serbian MiG-29 with pair of R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) missiles. Most Hawkers that are still in existence are owned by groups who perform aerial demonstrations. 15,495 Texans were made.

Vintage 1965 Hydrodyne Volvo Penta I/O with 110hp, 4-cylinder, 109, 4-stroke carburetor engine. This Rangeley Skiff was built by me in 2004 from plans in John Gardner's book Building Classic Small Craft. Nonetheless, according to the FAA, there are ten privately owned F-104 Starfighters in the US. I know how things work I have owned the boat for over twenty years with many memorable moments on the St.Lawrence River. It is powered by the original Chris Craft Model B 4 cylinder engine. The usage is exploration, research, and filming.

Our subscription base has slowly been dwindling. No other former military aircraft is more synonymous with “warbird” than the L-39 Albatros. It was particularly successful in India during the war with Pakistan. It is a heavily upgraded model of SportSub and is modified for the usage of yacht toy. Since then it has been in our basement. This boat is in good shape. 1988 aluminum tandem trailer included. This is a rare canoe with all mahogany trim, including the centerboard trunk and solid bronze centerboard. The Pisces VI is 2500 meters deep diving 3-person submarine which can be used for scientific research, underwater filming, exploration and even recreational tourism. entertaining.

Basically, it looked better than it performed making it perfect for wealthy enthusiasts looking for a pretty aircraft to add to their collection. The Patrouille de France lands at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois to refuel before moving on to their next Air Show April 20, 2017. The submarine is well equipped with external 6-function manipulator and maintenance/storage workshop. Don’t want the hassle of owning the real thing? "The Greatest Little Motor Boat Afloat." that provided a rough ride on the surface. There were only 1000 of these boats ever produced. A pre-sale survey was completed in 2007, but the owners never sold. Gate guardian on the grounds of the Holiday Inn hotel. The Skyhawk played a role in the Vietnam War, Yom Kippur War and the Falksland War by providing air support. The F9F Panther was the first jet fighter developed by its manufacturer, Grumman. The last propeller-driven fighter aircraft ever used with the Royal Navy, the Hawker Sea Fury saw a lot of combat time in the Korean War. Has BIMINI TOP. Painted the outdrive. This Thompson Canoe was purchased in Elk Rapids, Michigan in 1927 and has been in the same Family since new. It comes with transmission box, lot's of spare parts and original documents. It has three 6 inch forward-looking viewports with a 14 inch outside diameter.

This Switzer Craft Lightning was known as an incredible race boat back in the '50s, and would be a ton of fun either for racing, or for a cocktail cruise. Outfitted with Chris Craft hardware and complete with a rolling base. OMC electric shift Great for a day on the water or taking the family to dinner. The Perry Diver Lockout Submarine is a 6 person submarine in which 3 divers can lockout.

-all hardware appears to be present and in good condition. The ResortSub is ideally designed to place in resorts so that resorts can provide underwater experience to their guests. Page 1 of 21. It does not have all the parts to build the submarine.

Excellent condition skiff ready for a new owner. We are determined to provide our submarine broker services with utmost sincerity and dedication. As a result it requires little soak time to swell the planks when launching in the Spring. All of these qualities make it an ideal military aircraft for sale for a private owner if you can manage to get your hands on one. It has a new spotlight installed, comes with a new blower and bilge pump (both still in box), rolls of electrical wire (and a wiring diagram drawn by the gentleman previously working on it), blueprints of the boat, new flag pole, 2 captains seats, rough convertible cover, etc. It is currently registered with title. This boat has a 1966 Mastercraft trailer.

Mast and boom are Sitka Spruce and in very good condition. Boat ID: 40536. Infantry Armor Artillery Support Paramilitary Reserves, Counter-TerrorismSpecial OperationsInformation WarfarePeacekeeping, MoraleLeadershipIntelligenceMurphy's LawWinningPeace Time, Electronic WeaponsSpaceNBC WeaponsStrategic Weapons, Next:INFORMATION WARFARE: The Unreported War.


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