dc trickster vs joker
Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more comic book movie news and hypothetical character battles here on CinemaBlend. There is no negotiating with him, for there is nothing he wants. They are matched in emotional damage, dangerous mischief, and genius-level criminal mastery, but they are unmatched in fighting ability and training in the mystic arts, of which Loki has the best advantage. Who Are The Indigo Lanterns? When Darkseid consults with the Quintessence (a super pact of the universe's most powerful celestial beings), the lord god of Apololips is horrified to discover that Joker has already infected the minds of the Wizard SHAZAM, Ganthet, Zeus, the Phantom Stranger, and All Father--with a 2000 Budweiser commercial reference (Wazzup!). The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. 2020 12:00 PM Facebook cinemablend Copy to … He mocks the established order, and even the idea that there could be an order at all, and introduces irony and absurdity where once existed truth and sacredness. It would be unwise to let that clownish makeup distract you from how dangerous this man truly is for, despite his chemically induced mania, his criminal mastery is equivalent to the genius-level intellect of Batman. And even though its antagonist was Batman's greatest nemesis, it's actually a pretty good Superman story. He is not driven by greed (“It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message”), by sex, nor by the desire for power. On a whim, the Joker commits his most devastating act by annihilating the People's Republic of China and then gobbling their piled-up skulls like Galactus (literally just to make a bad joke). Aside from comics, Dorian also has a passion for filmmaking, having graduated with a degree in Film and Electronic Arts from CSULB with an emphasis in production. X-Men: What Were Angel’s Most Powerful Wings? Of course, on the other side of that coin, you will rarely see the Joker best Batman in combat because fighting is not his strong suit, at least in an organized fashion. The Trickster is a member of the Rogues and enemy of The Flash who commits crimes using dangerous gadgets themed after practical joke elements. Admittedly, it is a very dated comic book, referencing TV shows and celebrities that many Gen-Z nerds likely won't understand (and eating China would likely be considered problematic today), but Emperor Joker is basically the perfect time-capsule for DC's Y2K stories. The McGill Daily is located on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka territory. This is Elena Dugan’s first column about religion and myth in the modern world. Let’s take a look at arguably the most infamous character in film over the last ten years, Heath Ledger’s Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. His full name is James Montgomery Jesse, (his original alias in the comics) and has committed mass killings in various states according to his dossier. Here’s What The Legends Of Tomorrow Alum Said, 6 Marvel Characters Daniel Radcliffe Would Be Perfect To Play, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Antebellum Giveaway, One Harry Potter Actor Likes Not Being Recognized Nearly A Decade After The Final Film, Justice League: All The DC Characters Being Added Into The Snyder Cut, 6 DC Characters Tom Hiddleston Would Be Perfect For, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Actor Finally Confirms Role In Disney+’s Loki, Loki Star Offers Promising Update On Production Starting Back Up, tricked Superman into killing his own wife. Think of how the Joker mocked not only Gotham, but also the audience’s approach to superheroes. A hero is only as good as its villain, but some villains have even managed to surpass their own adversaries… in terms of popularity, that is. While the Joker's ascension to godhood was brief, it remains a staple of its era, even being adapted into an episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold. But one day Mxy got careless with his mischief and offered the Joker a sliver of his reality-warping powers. More: Batman & Superman Just Resurrected A Kryptonian Nightmare. He wrote, directed, and produced his first feature while still in college, has worked on several television pilots, and even appears in Jon Schnepp’s endearing documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened? Mythology is an attempt to capture truth, to express a construction of the cosmos, one that is necessarily culturally conditioned. Though Joker's actions as a god were eventually nullified, they are still referenced in comics from time to time.

Loki Vs. Joker: Could Marvel's Trickster God Take On DC's Clown Prince Of Crime?

As Alfred explains to Bruce Wayne, “Some men, Mr. Wayne, just want to watch the world burn.” The Joker brings the “White Knight” into the darkness; he makes Batman compromise his morality in order to operate within the realm of chaos that the Joker has created in Gotham, thus becoming an Orwellian Big Brother rather than a protector of the peace. The existence of the trickster in mythologies worldwide seems to imply we’ve been rediscovering this fact since the dawn of time. In the episode "The Trickster", private investigator Megan Lockhart (played by Joyce Hyser) attempts to capture a wanted criminal psychopathnamed James Jesse.

By thorough analysis of the characteristics that give them a leg up on their usual foes and the flaws that put them at a fatal disadvantage, I theorize which one of these two devilish evildoers will have the laugh. Let’s call the Joker a ‘trickster,’ a pretty easy jump, based on his name. Dorian is currently a pop-culture news host for Nerdbot Media and a contributor for Nightmarish Conjurings. Even the Spectre (the embodiment of God's Old Testament wrath) and literal Satan eventually succumb to the Joker's vision. Underestimating someone like the Joker is always a bad idea, and Mxy's arrogance cost him nearly all his 5th Dimensional abilities. The Joker embodied and created chaos, and Gotham is forever affected. And more importantly, how did Superman eventually defeat him? After losing several battles, Mxy explains how reality-bending actually works--that the universe is just a network of collective consciousnesses that form an agreed upon reality. Batman's Secret History With Ghost-Maker Finally Revealed, The JOKER Once Became DC's Trickster God (For Real), Batman And Captain America Once Teamed Up To Fight Joker And Red Skull, the Joker commits his most devastating act by annihilating the People's Republic of China, Joker's New Girlfriend Punchline Is The ANTI-Harley Quinn, Batman & Superman Just Resurrected A Kryptonian Nightmare. Marvel Theory: The Avengers Are Getting Biblical in 2021, Aquaman Once Busted a Drug Smuggling Dolphin, DC's Batgirl Was Originally Created As a Halloween Costume, John Constantine & The Devil Make a Love Connection in DC Comics, Daredevil Used His Blindness To Start A Boxing Career, Even Aquaman Was Originally in Love With Wonder Woman.

Emperor Joker is so powerful, even other divine beings are forced to submit to his will. Jason has been writing since he was able to pick up a washable marker, with which he wrote his debut illustrated children's story, later transitioning to a short-lived comic book series and (very) amateur filmmaking before finally settling on pursuing a career in writing about movies in lieu of making them.


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