davis family tree

(1860-93; 1 child), --Alexander Taylor Mitchell (1918- ; 4 children), --Lucinda White Hayes Young Sullivan William M. Davis (Clay County, Arkansas) They come to Grayson County, Texas. Robert L. Davis (Jackson County, Arkansas) Mama and papa were married and moved to Montague, Texas . The family lived in attractive and fertile Sweetwater Valley in Monroe County in Southeastern Tennessee, adjacent to McMinn County and also to the North Carolina border. John W. Davis (Carroll County, Kentucky)

My Genealogy Hound is a free service of Hearthstone Legacy Publications. M. L. Davis (Page County, Iowa) James Franklin Davis (Laclede County, Missouri) (1858-1929; no issue), --Joseph Davis Alexander (1887-1937; 1 child), --Hugh Landon Davis The original family name was Shteynkah (or possibly Shteinker or some other spelling). This is a rapidly expanding section, so check back often. //-->. Soon we'll learn when they emigrated to London. Isaac P. Davis (Scotland County, Missouri) “I think my Mother always wanted to see him. Not much, except that her husband adored her. //-->. To search for the other surnames, use the search website feature. Y-DNA STR markers change (mutate) often enough that …

One girl Julia died at the age of 16. . Other US Census data for DAVIS Elihu Davis (Clay County, Arkansas)

(1846-86; no issue), --John Robert Alexander New York had the highest population of Davis families in 1840.