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See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover David’s connections and jobs at similar companies. She listens to his problems and tries to help him to solve them. When he left Crossroads, Jon went on to find international stardom. Benny wasn’t the brightest character to emerge from planet soap.

Crossroads has won the SUN AWARD for the best TV series for three consecutive years – 1973/4/5. Jim is a married man with children, but his wife Muriel suffers from agoraphobia and is afraid to leave the house. Cover the dish and bake for about 1½ hours or until tender.

That same ‘family’ are always the first to acknowledge that the great success the programme has enjoyed would not have been acheieved without the dedicated and professional contribution of the technical and studio crews.

But when Diane accepted financial help from Frank Adam the marriage began to crumble; now the couple are separated and Vince lives in London, a sad loss to King’s Oak.

Wendy Padbury, who appeared in Dr Who as one of the time traveller’s assistants, also started out on TV in Crossroads. Another Royal visitor to the studios was Prince Philip, who told the cast that the Queen and other members of the Royal Family sometimes watched the programme. Although Noele now had a different role to play, Meg Richardson soon became her alter ego, and she became the centre and heart around whom the rest of the cast revolved . .

When at last it was time to leave, the white Rolls was there at the door, and it was a funny thing, but the chauffeur looked exactly like Larry Grayson! He had to play a gunman on the run who held a couple hostage, and made such a success of the part that he went on to be offered many more serious acting roles. They separated, only to come back together again when Hugh was taken ill. For a time they feared that he was dying, and Meg realised that she didn’t want to lose him.

but then tragedy struck. In ten years she has gone through crisis after crisis. Can you remember the part he played? He is a close friend too, and Meg knows that when she needs a sympathetic ear she can always turn to him. . Well stocked with alpines and heathers these attractive gardens form an island of interest, and are remarkably easy to maintain.

She appeared in Crossroads for a long time, playing the part of cheeky Cockney waitress Sandra Gould. This ensures that the bushes will continue to bloom right through the summer, with an occasional feeding – not more than once a fortnight – to keep the colours strong and attractive.

He was accused of stealing a sum of money and it was only through Hugh Mortimer’s quick wits in discovering the real thief that Sandy did not find himself on a criminal charge.

Noele Gordon, already known to millions as hostess of Lunch Box has achieved international fame as Meg Richardson, later to become Mrs Hugh Mortimer. He played a weird and rather offbeat character called Gareth Leyton, and played the role with great assurance. Although she was often abroad for her job, Kelly returned to the motel whenever she could, and for a time the relationship worked well. Meg had flown to Tunisia on Hugh’s behalf to organise the opening of a hotel, while Hugh was in Australia sorting out some business problems. After this Sandy left the running of the motel to Meg while he concentrated on carving himself out a career as a cub reporter on the local paper. Over the years at the Crossroads Motel barmen have come and gone, and their popularity with the more discerning guests has depended to some extent on their ability to mix a good cocktail. Allen was born in Reading, Berkshire. He died three months later, aged 60. Teenagers up and down the country were interviewed but somehow that vital something was missing. Although ‘persuaded’ isn’t really the right word. Alan Gifford as Lloyd Munro (71 episodes) For the enthusiasts, however, there are far more exotic and exciting concoctions to try, and once you have mastered the basics of the art there is nothing to stop you devising an original cocktail of your own. It is called kohl-rabi, and it grows well from seed.

When David Hunter returned from his trip to the Middle East with Angela Kelly he was firmly converted to the food he had tasted, enthusing for weeks about the meals he had eaten in Greece in particular.

The cocktail craze which is currently sweeping America centres around the Harvey Wallbanger, a delightful concoction using Galliano, an Italian liqueur which some have likened to liquid gold. At last the preparations were complete, and the great day arrived. Hugh and Meg first met in the mid-sixties and they were attracted to each other right from the start. After his father’s death Sandy was determined to help Meg all he could, but his plan to sabotage the opposition by putting salt in the sugar bowls of the Fairlawns Hotel went sadly awry. He was also very close friends with his co-star and on-screen wife, Sue Lloyd. But later Brian began to drink heavily. Telephone 01-262 8040, Written by To its thousands of admiring fans there does not seem a time when Crossroads did not exist, it has been part of their lives for so long. And little remains of the Crossroads Motel, where Noele Gordon’s character Meg Richardson ruled the roost in ITV’s cheap television soap which attracted huge audiences as high as 15 million viewers in the 1970s and early 1980s.

In 1981, after a long fight with Hodgkin’s disease, Tonge died at the age of 35. Sue Lloyd died twenty years later in 2011, also of cancer. Bruce Lidington as PC Steve Cater. By the time she realised her mistake, David had decided that they were too different and their romance came to an end.

Cleo was given the role by producer Reg Watson after press coverage of racial tensions in the Birmingham area at that time. Oil a 1-pint ring mould, pack in the noodle mixture, cover with greaseproof paper and bake at Gas Mark 5/375°F for 45 minutes or until set. Fortunately for Jim, the police picked up a housebreaker and found Vera’s cashbox in his digs; but although his name was cleared, Jim felt very bitter about the way his so-called friends had deserted him.

Tonge thus became the first disabled actor in a soap, but it was something he always played down and his illness was never talked about.

Ever since she opened the Crossroads Motel in 1963, after losing her first husband, Meg has been on a romantic roller coaster with more than its fair share of downs, and her relationship with Hugh Mortimer was no exception. . Noele Gordon lives something of a dual existence. When someone was needed to play Monsieur Fabrice, who was demonstrating hair styles at Vera Downend’s salon, the choice was an obvious one.

After Allen was told that his cancer was terminal, they married. Charles Stapley as Ted Hope (37 episodes) He cannot understand that there are girls like Josie who, after teasing Benny and arousing his interest in her, makes him the butt of her unkind jokes and dubs him ‘Barmy Benny’.

Allen also appeared in several films, including A Night to Remember (1958) about the sinking of the Titanic, the espionage film A Circle of Deception (1960), the British horror films The Projected Man (1966) and The Fiend (1972), the war film Hel… The car crashed, killing the drunken woman driver, and as a result Sandy now spends his life in a wheelchair. Royal Shakespeare Company-trained Elisabeth Croft had been a withdrawn child, so acting was perhaps an odd choice of career.

Allen was born in Reading, Berkshire.

indeed, in time they actually began to call her affectionately ‘The Godmother’. When Noele was to be featured on the This Is Your Life programme all the other members of the cast were in on the secret. SBN 7235 0877 1. David has 4 jobs listed on their profile. Don’t snigger but lovable Crossroads legend Angus Lennie, who played cheeky chef Shughie McFee, had previously starred opposite Hollywood legend Steve McQueen in iconic war movie The Great Escape. Shake vigorously and strain into chilled cocktail glasses.

Created by Hazel Adair and Peter Ling, and originally produced by ATV, Crossroads Motel – which was later upgraded to a hotel – was to be found in the fictional village of King’s Oak, on the outskirts of Birmingham. She was to walk through into the motel reception area say something about the motel and then add “And this is my manager, played by Ronnie Allen.” Rehearsals went well, and the take was ready to be made. While he loves the children and tries to do his best for Muriel, Jim found the charms of Sharon Metcalf irresistible and she became his mistress.

He attended the city’s Alderlea Boys School in Shard End with Jeff Lynne and later trained at the Birmingham School of Speech and Drama before spending time with Birmingham Rep and then in Crossroads. And this is where Noele nearly ruined the whole thing. . First shown on ITV in 1964, Crossroads rivalled Coronation Street as the biggest British soap of the 1960s and 1970s. This Benny certainly is not, he is just slow, but he responds immediately to kindness and understanding, both of which he gets in full measure from Diane, Ed’s niece from the Motel. .

A former chat show host – she was the first woman ever to interview a serving Prime Minister – she had been presenter of ATV’s Lunchbox.

Now 73, she spoke the first words in the first episode on November 2, 1964, speaking into a telephone: “Crossroads Motel, good evening”.

Myrtle, who worked in a pub, and Wilf, moved into a flat above Stan’s shop. In spite of the fact that the attraction was very one-sided, Hugh’s friendship with Louise caused a rift between Meg and himself and, anxious not to lose his fiance, he had a heart-to-heart talk with Louise, telling her that she wasn’t the girl for him.

He liked Hugh, but he was worried that Hugh’s many business interests would keep him away too often, and that Meg would feel neglected. The plants have a mass of leaves, and the edible part grows above the surface of the soil. Tony Adams as Adam Chance (72 episodes) If you are you will be able to answer all these quiz questions involving people whom Meg has helped or whose lives have been involved with the motel, either now or way back in the past. .

He also twice appeared as a lead actor in the science fiction programme Doctor Who, in the stories The Dominators (1968) and The Ambassadors of Death (1970).

But what exactly is a cocktail? He went away for a ‘cure’ only to find himself divorced on his return. Another wedding at the village church was that of waitress Christine Fuller to milkman Ralph Palmer. Sonia Fox as Sheila Harvey (30 episodes), Crossroads DVD available from booksmusicfilmstv.com - in association with Amazon.co.uk. Ryder was a weak, unscrupulous man, and when he found himself in financial difficulties he decided to poison Meg and claim the insurance money. Paul Henry went to drama school which was followed by a spell in rep and then it was into TV in Shakespeare and other classical dramas.

After all the publicity surrounding the presentation, Jim’s home was vandalised and he was inundated with begging letters. He died at the age of 84 in September 2014. Anxious to put the past behind her, Meg worked harder than ever, and was soon being courted by the plausible Malcolm Ryder.

Jane Smith is not one of Crossroads’ most glamorous characters.

Unmould and fill (with shrimps in sauce, chicken, tuna etc. She played Jane Mortimer, who died during a brain operation. Peel and chop the onions, crush the garlic and cut the peppers (after de-seeding) into ¼” wide strips. Diane went on to appear in The Fall of Eagles, playing Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and in The Cuckoo Waltz, as Fliss.

. Joy Andrews as Tish Hope (79 episodes) Again shown on ITV, the soap's revival proved to be short-lived and it was pulled again in 2003. Carney loves talking about the garden almost as much as he loves gardening, and he didn’t really take much persuading at all! As you probably know, Meg loves having people to eat, whether it be a large dinner party or just snacks with drinks. He gained the respect of Cyril, his editor, when he managed to cope with the day-to-day running of the newspaper during Cryil’s illness, and he began to cover important events in King’s Oak, such as the memorable court case involving the old Coach House.


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