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Pip split from her first boyfriend called Jonathan, a boy she met at her YFC (Young Farmers Club) and began an affair with a much older man, a mature student at Borchester College called Jude Simpson. Colonel Freddy Danby (Norman Shelley and Ballard Berkeley) lodged with Laura Archer at Ambridge Hall. She died of pneumonia in the wake of the "Great Ambridge Flood" of 2015. The Frys did however take a holiday in India when he retired. [29] Mike was unsuccessful as a farmer, having gone bankrupt in 1985, and then ran a milk round in Ambridge.

[9] In April 2013 Brenda decided to end the engagement and the couple separated. In the mid-1970s Paul deserted the family and he was later killed in a helicopter crash in Germany. [citation needed] Ian proposed to Adam and the pair entered a civil partnership on 14 December 2006. Tom was decided to throw in his lot with Brian Aldridge, husband of his aunt Jennifer, becoming a junior partner in the business. When Helen ran over Mike Tucker,[7] Tom took the blame and unaware that it had been Helen driving, Mike turned against him, opposing his relationship with Brenda. Josh Archer, played by Angus Imrie,[11] made his first appearance during the episode broadcast on 13 September 1997. Despite Betty's sudden death, Hayley remained unhappy at living with her father-in-law and wished that she and Roy had a home of their own.

Nigel (who also had a never-seen sister, Camilla who was married to a man named James) had only intermittent help from his beloved mother, Julia; more often she was a source of anxiety and friction (due to her dislike of Elizabeth, which, happily ceased once Freddie and Lily were born), but she died suddenly in November 2005. A widower, he always wanted to marry her, but it was not to be. Jennifer has endured Brian's series of affairs over the years, partly by having one affair with her ex-husband, though Brian has long suspected John Tregorran as having rivalled him for Jennifer's affections at one time. An outsider by birth, Matt often inveigled himself into positions of power, such as the parish council, but many villagers were suspicious of his motives. On moving into the village, Usha was the subject of a harassment campaign by a racist gang which included Roy Tucker. Her first husband, Mark Hebden, a solicitor, was killed in a road accident in 1994 that also involved her best friend Caroline Bone (later Sterling). When Oliver Sterling moved to the village she began an affair with him and they eventually moved into Grange Farm together. The episode featuring her death was first broadcast on 22 September 1955.

Richard, a commuting accountant, rarely gets a mention beyond his involvement in the cricket team. Currently Alistair is living Jim's house and Jazzer McCreary is also co-resident. Lily is the more easily angered, sarcastic and pretentious twin; while Freddie, is more sweet-natured and very sensitive, though also more cocky and moody at times. There is no information about her height and body weight. Following a succession of strokes, Heather died en route while moving down to Ambridge on 28 September 2015, after reluctantly leaving her Prudhoe home. This concern has been shared with her brother Tony, whom Jennifer is usually keen to put down. Often thought by Grey Gables staff to be rather sinister. Oliver Sterling (Michael Cochrane) was married, between 2006 and her death in 2017, to Caroline. She returned to live with her parents in 2006, but moved out to live at a cottage on Brookfield Farm with Ed and Georgie as a family together. Elizabeth, born with a heart defect, became pregnant and had twins, Lily and Freddie, but the strain of the pregnancy on her heart meant that she soon afterwards had to undergo a heart valve replacement operation. Just days after the broadcast of the final episode of season 2, ITV announced it was cancelling the show and there would be no third season. Alongside the positive attention from IMDB, the drama has been received favourably by critics. An attractive woman, she distinguished herself by successfully resisting the advances of erstwhile village Lothario, Brian Aldridge. Jill has a less traditional outlook on life than her late husband, who had been a Justice of the Peace, reflected in her opposition to both fox hunting and private education. They are numerous, and most only "appear" once or twice. Simon Pemberton (Peter Wingfield), Guy Pemberton's caddish son, inherited the estate after his father's death. Clarrie Grundy née Larkin (born 12 May 1954) (Heather Bell, part created by Bell[16] and also formerly played by Fiona Mathieson and Rosalind Adams) is Eddie Grundy's long-suffering wife, having married him in 1982. Unusually the character comes from a real rather than fictional place, Prudhoe in Northumberland. Susan Carter, née Horrobin (born 10 October 1963) (Charlotte Martin), the village gossip, briefly became the most notorious Archers character ever when her imprisonment at Christmas 1993 for shielding her armed-robber brother Clive Horrobin led to the launch of the "Free the Ambridge One" campaign.

As the family rallied round, devastated Elizabeth drew her precious twins close to her. Gareth Taylor, Alex Wallace and latterly Marcus Dixon), but he raped her just before Christmas 2004. She ended her relationship with Tom, saying that she did not want to marry and bear children. [17] Will's dog is called Meg. 1 The Green, Tom and Brenda rented the house from Will. The family moved back to Ambridge shortly thereafter. In April 2016, after meeting secretly with Jess, Helen stabbed Rob after he refused to let her and Henry leave (placing a knife in her hands, goading her to end her own life, then lashing out at Henry when the child interrupted the confrontation). After a long and intense trial, during which the truth of Rob's abusive nature was exposed publicly, as well as the revelation that he had raped Helen, she was acquitted on both counts of attempted murder and Grievous Bodily Harm. She is now general manager at Grey Gables but while she is still mentioned in passing, she has not been heard for several years and appears to have become a silent character. New daughter Keira was born in 2011 and following financial problems, they returned to live with Emma's parents in 2012. He has spent much time playing computer games with Rúairi Donovan (Brian's illegitimate son) and since gaining a voice they have taken a huge interest in off-road driving and Ben helped Jill in the kitchen at Christmas. Initially he employed Ed Grundy to manage his dairy herd. However, she was born in a very supportive family. Annette Turner (born September 1990) (Anne-Marie Piazza) Teenage daughter of the late Greg Turner. Whilst Will was engaged to Emma, she enjoyed two one-night stands with his brother Ed, including one on her hen night, leading her to believe that Ed was George's father. Despite owning an MG sports car, bought with a windfall from his mother, he is generally considered to be a rather dull man. He has an uncomfortable relationship with his stepson, Adam, which has been the source of some friction with his wife. Lilian was elected to the parish council in January 2006. The previous night, which happened to be the night that ITV, the UK's first commercial television channel was launched, she received fatal injuries, trying to rescue her horse, Midnight, from a fire. In 2011 she was responsible for an outbreak of E-Coli at Bridge Farm. In order to intercept Joyce's interference with this plan, Frances enlists Claire in a plot to misdirect Joyce by making her think they are planning to use the church as the town's air raid shelter.

In December 2010, Sabrina was heard when she played the part of the cat in the village pantomime Dick Whittington - however, she was only heard to make cat noises and didn't have any lines. She started her career as a model and soon got a chance to experience the showbiz industry.

He was persuaded to co-operate with the authorities (in contrast with his less scrupulous colleague Stephen "Chalkie" Chalkman), but on practically the eve of the trial he fled in panic to Costa Rica, planning to live there as a fugitive.

He was for some years the chairman of Borchester Land, a property development company. A few years later, the same actress played the vicar, Janet Fisher, but after Fisher had in turn been written out, Barlow herself reappeared in August 2006. ], since young children rapidly adapt their accent to their surroundings.


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