cz 455 25 moa base
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There is no way this rail could be better. Starting at £49.95 to £129.99, in standard length and extended. There is a single set screw on the top of the Base. Needless to say they are in the trash now. 300 yd shots are easily doped with my Vortex Razor.

somiracle1122 Mounted quickly and easily. For added security we have added a recoil lug at the rear of the base, creating a mechanical stop for the base. Posted by Steve on Apr 12th 2019 I have this scope base on my CZ 455 . I use this 30 MOA rail on my custom CZ 455 for the NRL 22 Precision Rifle League. (Diversified Inovative Products. Wish it didn’t have the silver pin in the back to limit forward travel. One is that the set screws do have the tendency to back out. (verified owner) – February 22, 2019. I have had 2 other rails for my CZ.

This is suited for the rimfire that needs an extended rail. Our rail comes in a 30MOA cant as it is meant for guys pushing their 22LRs out to 300+ yards. Add to basket . This is is great product at a great price. Will play at longer ranges this spring. We added real estate to the front of the rail to allow you to move your optic forward. This base is a little taller than the popular set-screw models (our rail adds a total of about 1/2″ of height to the dovetail) but by using lower height rings/mounts you should be able to retain a similar over bore height and maintain a good cheek weld without any riser. As an Amazon Associate, this site earns from qualifying purchases. I have this rail in both flavour.

had the gun sighted in and when installing the rail I adjusted the scope up 30MOA and was dead on. Then of course from the above photo, you will notice the bubble level that is added to the base. $150.00. Area 419 had an introductory price of $85 on the first run of the bases, with the actual (current) price being $100. Easy to install, looks great on my rifle and does everything I hoped it would. A 30MOA base should still allow 25 yard and closer zeros with modern scopes that have large elevation range adjustments, but I anticipate Area 419 will most likely release a zero cant version in the future. Big AL (USMC Weapons Officer 0306) The machining is perfect and pictures don’t show the quality adequately. Reuse or reproduction is prohibited without prior arrangements. Click for more information. When we set out to build this we wanted to solve the problem of CZ455 scope bases that slide around over time. Add to basket . Two piece mount for CZ 452, CZ 455, CZ 457, CZ 512 & CZ 200 with tube diameter of 1" (25.4mm). The level and recoil lug put it over the top. THANKS Make sure to watch out for even more CZ upgrades from 419 in the future! (verified owner) – May 13, 2019. If you are looking for a rail for your CZ455, please click >> HERE <<. These 5 connection points will provide a secure and movement  free method of attaching this Scope Base to your CS457 Action.

They fit without effort and have proven to be a solid base for my heaviest scope. These 5 connection points will provide a secure and movement free method of attaching this Scope Base to … Very well made, easy to level, and locked down solid. Our scope mounts are proudly made here in America on our state of the art CNC equipment.

However because of the added slope the 25MOA limits how close you can "zero" to about 50yrds with most scopes. Kevin Y Installation is simple.

At $100, it is actually less expensive than some of the existing set screw design CZ 455 scope bases. short rail vs long rail). Area 419 is trying to address the needs of those shooting the .22LR CZ 455 to 200 yards and beyond, and the growing need for equipment to facilitate participation in the .22LR precision rifle formats (e.g. The rail is slid onto the 11mm dovetail of the receiver, and set screws are tightened from the top / 12 o’clock position and into the top of the receiver. Do you need a CZ 455 scope mount with greater MOA to get out past 150 yards? This will result in the set screws not making full contact with the receiver, causing the rail to slide out of position. (verified owner) – October 29, 2018, This base is exactly what I hoped it would be. would buy again.

Just received my area419 scope base and bolt knob for my new cz457 percision trainer awesome made products the fit and finish looks like factory Installed plus the shipping was fast got it in 3 days I will be buying more stuff really soon thanks Area419 one more thing I was disappointed I did not receive any stickers with my order they could have just forgot to put them in the box, Perfect fit and finish.


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