ct catfish stocking 2020

3 0 obj Is commercial fishing affected? The Executive Order does not change the regulations for Trout Management Areas that are currently open for catch and release fishing only. No – the Executive Order is specific to inland waters only. �>�fU1������C���7���L�1}&Y ���7_�"�o߼�}��A���b1�}#�2_H���B�^��]��*7z���_������{��~�G����GQ��/1���o� �?޾y&ҏ����7`�C(���0{��H��C���z�~����^�{s:$}���~����Q[��Q�w���f�N� N�X��O&b0�=��*Z\U���� o�)�8CD�ʋի�7�"/,`.r���� � b�1��������� �m`���Z�g�I�C������F���WȐ�>U*��� �TL��������{Y�.�w�~ Over the coming days, DEEP will be promoting these social distancing practices through social media and other outreach efforts. Hazard Pond and Killingly Pond are open to fishing as there is no closed season. 3932. Fishing around the herring runs remains the key to success when targeting larger bass. DEEP Fisheries and Wildlife information can also be found on Facebook at, pages feature a variety of information on fishing, hunting, and wildlife watching in, Questions about fish or fishing can be emailed directly to. The Frances Fleet in Narragansett was pleased to report that they were able to get back out on the grounds Wednesday after a long wind hiatus. Things started off strong with double-header keepers right off the jump, but things slowed down a bit as the day went on. On March 24, 2020, Governor Ned Lamont issued an Executive Order opening lakes, ponds, rivers and streams to fishing statewide.

Among the locations stocked in the last week include: The Mill River at Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden. Fall 2020 Trout Stocking Schedule 2020 Updates A total of approximately 27,000 two-year old Rainbow Trout, averaging 14-16 inches were stocked in 17 streams and 23 ponds and lakes. Get the facts at ct.gov/coronavirus. Yes, Governor Lamont’s Executive Order opens inland waters that were either 1) closed to all fishing, or 2) closed specifically to trout fishing. Find an OTW-approved Charter Fishing Captain for Connecticut. <>>> Are State Parks open for fishing? Want to get in on the bite? So far, Bridgeport’s average temperature of 39.9 degeees is the second warmest February on record. Get out there and take advantage, with great freshwater bass, pike, crappie and carp action in the lakes and rivers, along with strong trout action in the CT TMAs. We began stocking trout in early February and have continued to do so. Want to get in on the bite? The Seekonk and Providence Rivers have holdovers to 26-inches, while the Narrow River and the CT Rivers are holding some larger specimens. With the Governor opening fishing, including trout fishing, we will continue to stock the trout we have produced at our three state hatcheries for the spring of 2020.

All Rights Reserved. White perch action remains strong in the lower river coves, while trout anglers are still reporting good catches all over the state. It seems that JavaScript is not working in your browser. Rhode Island fishing regulations apply in Keach Pond (Peck Pond).

Connecticut’s mild winter has lead to early trout stocking by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Can I keep a trout from a Trout Management Area (Rivers)? Catfish Management Lakes (blue dots with black center) are stocked with 9-12” catfish that will grow to 16” within 3 years.

Will Reedy, Contributing Editor. Are Party/Charter Boats open for business? The next couple weeks should be phenomenal.

Instead of daily stocking updates, our Interactive Trout Stocking Map will be updated every Wednesday and Friday.

West Virginia DNR to stock nearly 6,000 pounds of catfish.

COVID-19 Information: Connecticut residents are urged to continue taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


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