cry baby bridge sc

between Broadway Lake Rd. So you have to wonder if the cemtery became the focal point because it is a cemtery. So, say what you want about the other Crybaby Bridges, this one is real! Sometimes the traveler must honk the horn or flash the headlines three times. Some of the older pageland citizens say its bobcats. When he left the farmhouse that night, the doctor took the baby to a nearby bridge and dropped him over the side. I spent nights camping out there. But I know what I saw and I know what happened to me. It had been a long three years since she had seen him and she was very excited about holding him in her arms again. Me and my 2 cousins just visited the Crybaby Creek Bridge last and I swear we so a woman dressed in a white blouse 3 or 4 times on the side of the road I’ve never see it before so it very scary…. Dates back almost as far as yours doesn’t really have a Crybaby Bridge does abandon right next to the new bridge on High Shoals Road or what I call the new bridge its not new. O how I wish I could go back in time and do it all over…fun times! But, crybaby creek, u can feel something in the air. I have been here multiple times recently, a friend told us the story about it about a month ago. So we film for a little while longer and head home thinking we have nothing. I didn’t go back for 2 years. 601 in the northern part of South Carolina, just south of Pageland. I seem to recall GHB is bigger. Now thing of something that you would never let anything happen to; like a sister, brother, or an item you have. Power of suggestion? They’re absolutely my points! I don’t like the controversy of this, BUT, I will not remove wither comment.

Of course most of us was scared.

You should be aware that The person calling himself Dr. Jesse Glass inserted that material on the Wikipedia site to promote a personal belief he has and an apparent extreme dislike of the Shadowlands webiste. Male bobcats while fighting other males, make a sound just like screaming baby. Eerie enough, it looks nearly identical to the above picture! I know the bridge and the story very well. The REAL Crybaby Creek Bridge GPS Coordinates: N 34° 39.171 W 080° 31.183 I know you have heard this one. Crybaby Bridge Posted April 2, 2019, by Luke A day too late for me to sarcastically add "#64342623462346234623" to the title, considering it's one of those urban … The surrounding landscape being a piece of swampland really sets the whole thing off. Which meant she was not allowed to touch him or the baby! 2) The lack of any historical documentation of events remotely connected with forced infanticide and deaths of slaves at the bridge. It’s on high shoals Rd in Anderson sc. Go there between Midnight and 3am and post your story.

Me and my bff her bf and my bf went last night and I seen the mother looking for her baby in the pic I took and also when I got back to the car we seen hand prints on the car window and when my friends walked across and cams back they legs was shaky and hardly could walk, Visitors to this page: 2,866 A more neutral editor ( not me) redacted his basic hypothesis (and that is ALL it is) and added the summary of it to the article under the subheading ‘Controversy’ Never in all my years as a folklorist or anthropologist have I observed such odd and unacademic behavior. So excited that she took the bridge over Flat Creek a little to fast. Johnson has several in his book, and a quick Google search turns up references to many such bridges in multiple states. You should be aware that The person calling himself Dr. Jesse Glass inserted that material on the Wikipedia site to promote a personal belief he has and an apparent extreme dislike of the Shadowlands webiste. Granted, there are several stories about Cry Baby Bridge, We actually yelled: “I killed your baby” from the bridge. Thanks so much! What exactly do you have to do? And with good reason….. Several years ago when we were first married, the wife and I got into a little bout of “ghost hunting”.

Just email me I would love to talk about the two Bridges.

[…] Marie, on May 28th, 2007 at 8:39 pm Said: Edit […]. After a few minutes of VERY amateur film shots there appeared on the screen a perfect image of a babys face in the water of the creek below. Welcome to the both of you. Her husband had been away fighting the good fight for his country and would be arriving home the next day. ( Log Out /  One, any accident this horrific would have been in the local papers.

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Just a note. Cry Baby Bridge Anderson, South Carolina 34.2 miles from Walhalla, SC. Hey, Kelly. So excited that she took the bridge over Flat Creek a little to fast. Passer-by's claim to have seen a lady in a white dress on the old bridge… In the early 1940’s a young mother was on her way home on Hwy. I think I have another explanation. I popped the hood, shook the cables, beat the fuse box, finally got it to start and drove away as fast as I could.

It is old 601 South as I am very aware and it is on the way to 40 Acre Rock another creepy and yet hauntingly good place. I will say it was on the boarder of North Carolina and South Carolina. Years ago you could drive all the way out to the bridge.

It is said that on a cloudless night during a full moon you drive your car to “Baby Bridge” and park it in the center at the bridge’s highest point. The Carroll County Crybaby Bridge is an clear example of an internet hoax. I left the room for a few minutes to get some popcprn and some drinks when I hear this blood curdling scream from the bedroom. We call it Crybaby Creek Bridge here. Now I will admit to using this place to scaring a few girls. I am from Lancaster SC and lived here all my life. We stayed for about an hour and called out the obligatory “cybaby,crybaby!” All with no results. A clear case can be made for the existence of at least one Crybaby Bridge story as being due to a selective, and almost overnight “seeding” of the Shadowlands Ghost Website in 1999. My friends and I have been going to every creepy place in Lancaster that we’ve heard about since we could drive. Better yet, go there yourself and call out to him, if you dare. The thing is she ran out of pennies, and we still heard the sound of someone walking in the water. Anybody know? A very spooky story for someone that is impressionable like we all were at that age. The husband never found his wife or child but they claim he stays near the bridge even now. or 803-719-6177. The wife never found out about what the farmer and the doctor had done. Each time the response was “HOLY #$%@! We’ve spent the night out there, at each one of these places, camping out, drinking, getting stoned and so forth. Contact us regarding your story. So, I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait until we have a clear night with no moon, drive the convertible down Gallilee Church Road in Union County just past Rose Hill Plantation to the bridge that crosses the Tyger River,  turn off the car, then flash the headlights three times. hello my nam,e is kristen and i was just wondering if this is where cry baby bridge first started cuz i have been looking for the original crybaby bridge for awhile now and all i keep finding are copycats who cant find there own story. One more link: this is to teh apology article: turn off car…checkput car in neutral…checkand foot off brake….checkTo my surprise we started to move, picking up speed, all the way to the end.I have my theory on the spirit pushing bridge, but go out and explore for your self. I have never returned and to this day if I’m anywhere remotly in the area, i feel as if I’m being followed. In all my years, I never heard one person yell “Cry Baby Cry Baby.” Back in the day, it was good clean fun for 6 or 7 close teen friends. It’s on high shoals Rd in Anderson sc.

Crybaby Bridge (Anderson, SC) Jimmy Gilstrap. This story was passed around word of mouth to every kid who would listen.

It’s off 601 before you turn to go to Crybaby Bridge its on the left. I grew up there. Westminster, Maryland maintained two vital newspapers during the historical period in question,The American Sentinel and The Democratic Advocate. Anyway, it’s about sundown and we make our way to the site. ( Log Out /  Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This spot is eerie even in the day time.

Of course my favorite is “Let’s go to the Wal-Marts!”. Your first left, after you turn. Nothing to light our way but a rechargeable MagLite and the light from the cameras LCD screen. Perhaps it’s one of those things like having to call it “Wal-Marts” or K-Marts”. There are tons of stories, like that you have to turn the car off at night and put your keys on top and they’ll dissapear, and of course screaming “Crybaby,crybaby!”, but what EXACTLY is it? We’ve been to Gregory Graveyard, 40 acre rock, Cry Baby Bridge, Greenhand Bridge, and so on. The story about Cry Baby Creek Bridge is that a young mother and her baby were traveling home on Highway 601 late at night. Wikipedia does not permit people to use its articles to publish origiinal research or to insert material of their own writing. ( Log Out /  Shadowlands, which has one of the most extensive listings of haunted places, has one for just about every state. Kristen this bridge has had this story ever since I can remember and I am 43 years old now. We made our way down to the bridge and though we heard no baby crying I was highly aware that it became extremely cold on the bridge area especially over the left side. P.S. It’s just around the corner. This particular spot is now DNR land and I don’t know if you have permission to go here at night. A car went off a small bridge, and the two children drowned in the early 1970’s — my father saw the car before it was pulled out, actually describing the wheels of the upside down car in the water. That’s a given. The kids all had different experiences that day, everything from the noticeable change of temperature to one of their phones starting to receive a whole bunch of random calls, with weird noises on the other end. Well, I have to go by my little slogan of “True or not! Somehow the child dies or is killed, often by being thrown from the bridge. And have been there multiple times throughout my life. Him and another man had to carry me back to the truck where it was a good 15 min after that, that i woke up and was freaking out.Keep in mind this was on All Hallow’s Eve.


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