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You’ll need them, its only a matter of time. Thank you for this amazing app! I sleep. shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_Init(12382, 1197116, 'shrsl_ShareASale_liveWid_leaderBoard_populate'); And more is better. The increase/decrease calculator is a huge time saver!

You’ll have to read all the instructions to make it work correctly. Adding a "planned" status in the project's infos section, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Crochet and Knitting tools is not only a row counter, it's a suite of tools that allows you to move between your knitting, crochet, and needlecraft projects with ease, never forgetting where you are in the pattern. A shout out to mommy-to-be Rae: My daughter was two weeks overdue. What it does: It estimates how much yarn you’ll need for a project, almost any project. Sometimes I make a little graph too, not because I need one but because I really like graphs and I think there should be more of them in the world. Knitting app with free patterns, video tutorials for beginners & a row counter! Ah ha! I want to keep track of my stitching time, not my note taking for a pattern I’m writing. Then head over to the calculator. Jenn, do you ever sleep, or just thrive on coffee and finding awesome yarn-y good stuff for all of us? It also seems to keep counting time when I am in the project setting menu. All of our "hookers" have this app!. Read More Make a sample of a few C2C squares with the stitch (usually 2 or 3 hdc/dc stitches), yarn and needles you're going to use. The fit of any sock is all about the gauge. Then enter in how many stitches the pattern says to cast on or bind off or how wide you want your piece to be or any of the other factors. Then tell the calculator what size shoe your future-sock owner has. Crochet and knitting patterns. Using notes allows me to continue a complex pattern without my laptop or a written pattern...all I need is my phone (perfect when flying!). This widget gives you some choices. Then calculate. Simple and right to the point. So give them a try and if you like them too, maybe send a short thank-you to the developer. I certainly have. A free and huge stitch library of knitting stitch patterns ! Best of luck! What it does: So you’ve found a crochet stitch you like and you think it will make a nice blanket. Here is the place to do that.

Then click calculate for your customized instructions. This app is worth it! What it does: This widget will help you spread out your increases or decreases evenly. [CDATA[ Then get your stitch pattern.

Crochet and Knitting tools is not only a row counter, it's a suite of tools that allows you to move between your knitting, crochet, and needlecraft projects with ease, never forgetting where you are in the pattern. How you come up with all this info is just amazing to me. Each of your projects can be given its own name, background fabric type, and customized color.

Then it generates a random stripe pattern in graphical and text form. Tell the kiddo it has to stay in there. Guess it has something to do with my age. I’m talking about those yarn-loving nerds that write computer programs for solving their yarn math. Videos to learn knitting - Embroidery - Macrame, Knit or Crochet with Row Counter, import your pattern from Ravelry or Internet. This can assist you in deciding how much to charge a client for a project because it helps you figure out how many hours of labor you will need to put into it. Use this calculator to determine how many hours of time you will need to invest to make a finished crochet project. That’s what this calculator is good for. Then these will be great for the next time you need to check your “tinking around”! This app has improved my knitting experience exponentially! That one to recalculate a pattern, row by row, for a different weight yarn is super handy. I also like that I can access my Ravelry projects, sync it to the my WIP, and update my project notes right from the app. Magically, labor and delivery soon followed!

My knitting is still in the learning stage (and may be there a while). The notes are displayed right next to the counter for easy reference.Share your progress on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter including a picture of your project counter.Post new photos and notes to Ravelry projects, or download a background photo from a linked Ravelry project.On-screen notions permit you to select additional information related to your project to be displayed on the counter screen. You are the best! I use them. Bonus: The Knitting Fiend also has a sweater calculator. So far, five babies, and when either of them was overdue by a day, we made meatloaf and green beans. Lo and behold, there are dozens of them.

‎The Knit and Crochet Counter app allows you to count rows of knitting or crocheting, or anything you wish! That’s enough to get your starting base chain. I’m saying this works for crocheters too. Knitting Genius - Free Patterns to learn Knitting, Crochet Genius - Learn crochet & Amigurumi Pattern, Crochet - Knitting - Embroidery - Macrame, Row Counter - Knitting and Crocheting lines count, Cookies help us deliver our services. I like to check my work. Maybe they will write more…. The Eskimimi is a good one. Enjoy those calculators.

Some. Just replace that “kfb” with “work two sc/dc in same stitch” . the app about examples.

Tell the calculator how many stitches are in each repeat (of say your ripple) and then tell it how many are for the edges. Set it to imperial or metric, tell it what you want to make, and what size you want to make it in. This calculator was designed to help you calculate how much yarn you need for a crochet project using sc/hdc/dc stitches. Knit and crochet math made easy… because you didn’t have to do to any of it! Free Online Calculators for Knitters and Crocheters . LoveCrochet: Crochet companion. As I was about to purchase my fifth clicker I thought, there should be an app for this.

Until a few months ago I was still using manual stitch counters...ugh! Its ultra-stripped down (no graphics). Then they turn those programs into human-friendly web pages. Lol. Its always better to do a few quick checks and be sure than to knit on blindly! Crochet and Knitting tools : row counter and more! Video explanation of how to use this site for crochet (knitting is a similar idea). I’m sure it will be helpful in time when I’m more confident about my knitting. A free stitch library of crochet stitch patterns ! With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Bonus: If you have less of one color than another, try the weighted random stripe generator. These are wonderful tools to have. This calculator is available from Joy of Motion Crochet. Even as long as I have been crocheting I will still have the ooccasional problem when I start tinking around with a pattern. They show me how to perform certain tasks on the computer every time they come to visit.

If you make a mistake and need to undo a row, no problem — the Knit and Crochet Counter app … There are nerds who have risen high into the stratosphere of nerddom and they leave me completely in the dust. 5 Stitches Shorter 1 Stitch Shorter 1 Stitch Longer 5 Stitches Longer. Simply tap on the displayed number and it will increment. Then they post them on the internet so they can be enjoyed by people who perhaps do not think there should be more graphs in the world everyone.

Adding to the stuff Jen doesn’t like (probably): No baby yet. So far, this is my favorite counter app for my projects that need more than a basic row counter! These are pretty talented yarn nerds. The only thing I can think of that would make it even better (5 stars) would be a feature for calculating stitch counts for increase and decrease rows when the pattern doesn’t provide them. Do these 10 stitches, then unpull it and measure how long it is in inches.


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