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Apparently, Mr. Seale continued to crave the sailing life. There are a few reasons this might happen: To request an unblock, please fill out the form below and we will review it as soon as possible. In it, the kidnappers claimed to be members of the Greenpeace Environmentalist group who were furious at Exxon after the Exxon Valdez oil spill three years earlier, as well as the 1985 deliberate Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior that killed Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira. In two dozen interviews over the last several days with associates and acquaintances of the Seales -- from New Jersey, Hilton Head and Vail -- a portrait emerges of a quiet man and a chatty, cheerful woman who acquaintances said could only be guilty of living beyond their means. Arthur Seale (born 1947), of Hillside, New Jersey,[1] and his wife Irene were responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Sidney Reso, the Vice President of International Operations for Exxon on April 29, 1992, in Morris Township, New Jersey. Junyette Seale, Junyette Seals and June Seale are some of the alias or nicknames that Junyetta has used. But like the economy, the Seales' high life tumbled. On the night of June 18, the FBI received another call from the kidnappers for a ransom drop. The owner, Dan Vernon, recalled her as an "honest, hard-working person." Then, according to an oil industry official, one of them told law-enforcement authorities that Mr. Reso, 57 years old, died of natural causes in May and that he was buried in southern New Jersey. He was there one year. During the ensuing struggle, Reso was shot in the arm, then bound, gagged, and placed in the box, whereupon the kidnappers drove off.

Yet many of the facts of their itinerant recent years are sketchy. Summary: Junyetta Seale is 73 years old today because Junyetta's birthday is on 06/13/1947. Several days before the couple were arrested, he visited his son, Justin, 19 years old, who was staying with friends at Hilton Head after finishing his first year at Norwich University. As Reso got out of his white 1988 Volkswagen Quantum wagon to retrieve his paper, Arthur got out of his own vehicle, and took Reso in at gunpoint. [2] Seale graduated from Admiral Farragut Academy in 1965. Additional information is available in this. See the article in its original context from. He was sent to the Admiral Farragut Academy, a private military prep school in Pine Beach.

As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. Portrait of 2 Accused of Kidnapping: Ardent, Hapless Pursuit of Affluence. One of the calls claimed that the kidnappers were aware of their presence in the ransom deal, and had therefore taken Reso out of the country. However, investigators noticed that the letters were placed in points that only someone with a strong knowledge of Morris Township would have been aware of. "He was not only popular with the students, but also with the teachers.". About three-quarters of a million dollars in debt, they moved back to New Jersey with no jobs, no prospects and no alternative but to stay with Mr. Seale's retired parents in a farmhouse in rural Hunterdon County. Mr. Seale, an ex-police officer and Exxon security manager, and Mrs. Seale, known as Jackie, are charged with kidnapping the president of Exxon International, Sidney J. Reso, from the driveway of his Morris Township home on April 29 and demanding $18.5 million in ransom. But they lost their business two years later, moving out of town in the middle of the night with a trail of lawsuits seeking more than $715,000. Suspicious, she took down his license plate number as he drove off. "She let us know that this was a temporary thing. Sidney Reso was kidnapped in the early morning hours of April 29, 1992. The case garnered national notoriety. But, he added, "it was mutually beneficial to Mr. Seale and the force. He recalls teaching Mr. Seale to sail during a long night when Mr. Seale became seasick. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Courtney Seale. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. For the next few weeks, the FBI and investigators received several confusing phone calls and letters leading them to various points throughout Morris and Somerset Counties. Her father was a businessman who owned properties and ran a liquor store and delicatessen with his brothers and father. Through surveillance, the Seales discovered that Reso had a routine — always a plus for kidnappers. She lasted three or four months, said the owner, Matty Mattarazzo. ", Mr. Welsh said the disability claim under which Mr. Seale left the force in 1977 was legitimate. He also worked as Head of Security at Exxon Corporation at the Florham Park, New Jersey ECI - Exxon Company International location in 1982, and was promoted to Security Manager there in 1984. You reached this page when attempting to access from on 2020-11-05 08:51:55 UTC. Since their arrest on June 19, the Seales, both 45, remained silent, until Friday or today. Apparently, Mr. Seale's sailing skills improved. An hour later, a neighbor noticed Reso's car still in the driveway with its engine on, and called police. Another such indication came after the investigators traced the kidnappers' calls; all had been made from nearby pay phones. In their neat, middle-class town, with about 20,000 residents, the Szarkos were considered rich. They somehow managed then to move into a $500,000 town house in Vail, but were unable to secure jobs and left little more than a year later. Suspensions and Fines, Mr. Seale's troubles began a few years after he joined the police force in 1968, at age 22. Arthur Seale (born 1947), of Hillside, New Jersey, and his wife Irene were responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Sidney Reso, the Vice President of International Operations for Exxon on April 29, 1992, in Morris Township, New Jersey. Neighbors said he was often away for days at a time on the Gallant, making repeated trips to Florida.

Mr. Mattarazzo said that a fellow employee has recalled Mrs. Seale saying that her dream was to move to a tax-free haven like the Virgin Islands, where "nobody would know her.


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