comcast business gateway static ip setup
Anonymous Proxy database from IP2Proxy. Subnet Mask:  - The 248 designates that you have a /29 IP block (5 assignable addresses, Gateway: 96.XXX.XXX.198  - This is the gateway for your subnet. Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your IPV6 concerns. Eventually, obviously all traffic will goto the new firewall, once the old firewall is removed from the network. I have a 5 static IP (public/external IPs) package from Comcast Business Services and a Comcast Business IP Gateway. One efficient thing about this approach on the face is that once the ESXi server is out in the open, so are all the guest VMs. Thoughts are appreciated. So, you would need to setup a static IP with other range of IP to avoid conflicts. So now I am attacking the static IP issue. I haven't done much more than home networking and so I'm at a bit of a loss about a couple of things, especially since the hardware pre-dates my arrival here. Currently, all traffic to all 5 static IPs goes directly to the existing firewall. For DHCP for my Macs, I have a Cisco router on which I've left DHCP active, I've put it in bridge mode, assigned it the IP address with a gateway of, and so all my Macs, ESXi server, and guest VMs are all on the same (single) private network.

I also have my static IPv4 address working correctly on the USG. Comcast told me that there is nothing they can do. The NAT feature may be disabled by default and will need to be …

2) I can't use the SonicWall as a Router since that would leave out devices connect via WIFI to the DPC3939B modem. Seems like 1-to-1 NAT would do the trick with less effort and more elegance--I simply use the SMC gateway's 1-to-1 NAT tab to enter the public static IPs and map them to private static IPs of guest VMs.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Can you please reach out through private message with your first and last name, business service address and account number or phone number? In my experience the address range is tied to the modem so if your device is ever swapped you will get a new range unlike IPv4 which can be transfered from device to device since they use RIP for routing IPv4. I know how frustrating this can be when there is no resolution that you are happy with and we can look into this for you. This is a bit more elegant than running two private networks--the only thing I need to look out for are duplicate IP assignments, and I have that potential issue boxed in with a bit of dividing my network into subnets. So I entered 4 public static IPs that I want to map to 4 private static IPs. Ignoring that, to assign one of your static IPs to a device simply set that device to use a manual configuration and set it like this: IP:  - where xxx is the IP you want to use. Let me take a closer look at your modem and your IP address. I've read around the Comcast documents, some of the posts here, and a sampling of pages on the internet but nothing really makes sense. For example, the Cisco for your server and another separate router for the Guest network and another for the Macs. If so then your switch (or the SonicWall) may be a NAT router and you will not be able to assign IPs to devices connected to it.

Has anyone been able to get Comcast Business Static IPv6 working? I purchased 2 NetGate SG-3100 devices, and ran through their wizards to set up the Static IP and Gateway IP. He has ComCast business internet at both locations. I had the modems in bridge mode as well. I have been in the same boat (broken IPv6 DHCPv6-PD) for almost a year with 0 traction or resolution. To assign an IP to a device that device has to be directly connected to the modems network. So here's how I think it can be done. Now I would like to connect my router to the gateway and use the gateway's DHCP to dynamically assign it an internal address which is as simple as connecting the router to one of the gateway's ports as the gateway's internal DHCP server is automatically enabled. I would love to confirm the static Ipv6 block for you and ensure that all is working correctly on our side of things including the modem settings. How to set up Comcast Business Class static IP routing.

Finally, the Comcast documentation talks about a "True Static IP Subnet"--what do they mean?


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