cmore rts2 vs sro

Email Only Sun. $10.00. For Information: 1-502-570-4112 | Fax: 1-502-570-4102 | Email Questions: [email protected] We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! It has a larger/taller lens than the others which I think makes easier to use and quicker to get on target. Policy. It is very compact and has a large sight window for it's size. Hold out for the new venom. It just couldn’t take being frame mounted on a Trubor. I have mounted this on a Marlin Guide Gun in .45-70 and it is working out great. I'm hoping the Razor red dot is the same. I'm biding my time before making the decision. Also, Vortex has a lifetime no questions asked warranty so that gives me a warm and fuzzy.

$359.00. Shield sights are incredibly compact, which is why Shield had to come up with a footprint of their own.It is designed similarly to the Noblex/Docter footprint (there are two holes for the screws and four sockets in which the notches on the mount/adapter fit, one in each corner). The mounting issue is less of a concern for me as it will be going on a UM Tactical mount. Thanks for the replies and information. Policy, Sturdy, heavy duty rail, attractive, easy to install, scope stop, Nice size lense - reduces the dot hunt when working at speed.

By Shop now and get Free Value Shipping on most orders over $49 to the by Would you like to. The RTS2 uses a CR2032, lithium battery that is contained within a removable battery tray which permits battery replacement without dismounting the sight; this eliminates the need for re-zeroing when replacing a battery. Ended up using it on a Glock 34. In Stock. That thing was a piece of junk.

C-More Systems RTS2 Red Dot Sight **New Version 5. ×   Your previous content has been restored. The variable brightness settings makes it great for indoor as well as outdoor range time. Or are there any other options I should consider? I think any competent gunsmith would be able to fabricate or modify a mount for you though. Paste as plain text instead, × Just a lower profile sleeker version of the razor. : +1-847-513-6201 just checking to see if there are some new thoughts on this subject. Thank you! It worked great for that, but now is mounted on my 300 AAC and works perfectly there as well. reason you decide that your purchase just isn't for you, simply return the item within 30 This is going on a UM Tactical mount to see if I enjoy shooting open division. Is there any reason I should consider the RTS2 over the … Display as a link instead, × Hello all, Im at an impasse. Eight Shot, CMORE RTS2 / STS2 0 product. Email:, 10AM-6PM CDT Mon-Fri By using a single red dot as an aiming point, target acquisition is as simple as point and shoot. by Sight acquisition is fast.

You can post now and register later. I'll let you know how it works out for me.   You cannot paste images directly. Dot is crisp and clear, much better than RMR dual illumination at indoor range. Please check your email for confirmation message, C-MORE Red Dot Sights & Accessories Reviews, You said this review was not helpful. Clear editor.

I'm at an impasse. Thank you!

February 21, 2015 in Open Pistols. Well back to searching. I ended up ordering the Razor for $380 shipped. I’m happy with the RTS2 other than needing a new battery every month or so. Good information and pictures. Optics Planet emailed me saying the Vortex would take 3-5 months to ship Their site has been updated to show that now, but it indicated 3-4 weeks when I placed my order. from OR, United States The Viper would definitely be my choice for slide mounting, but this will be frame mounted. Viper window is smaller like a fast fire. days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping. The down side I'm seeing is, unless you are slide mounting the vortex, is the lack of available mounts that don't have to be modified. Home > Optics / Mounts > CMORE RTS2 / STS2. A friend put the vortex, frame mouned on his open after the RTS died. The dot stays in the framework of the lense on recoil which is an advantage when acquiring the next target.

Cmore. The slightly larger window of the Razor/Venom makes it a better contender than the Delta point or the other MRDS out there. × Is there any reason I should consider the RTS2 over the Vortex? Additionally, the two new optics are much less expensive.

The RTS2 is a proven competitor, winning the IPSC World Championship, USPSA National Championship, and many more state, local, and international competitions. The main reason I originally chose it was that I felt the smaller lens sizes of the Viper and Fastfire made them hard to quickly acquire a good site picture. Unfortunately, it does not fit the M&P Pro CORE. If for any It is small, lightweight and reliable. Learn more about our Return Powered by Invision Community, Proud member of the 1924 US Olympic Hockey Team. I've read the RTS2 thread and I know they've been having issues and some people are fed up. Vortex has won me over in the last year. Cmore. DrD, I wonder if they are discontinuing the Razor as FastShooter03 said. I can get a new Vortex Razor 6moa or C-More RTS2 for $380 shipped right now. I have to admit that is a plus. None of them will last forever, but Leupold gets my money for now.


C-More is not the best at marketing but they make some of the best sites around. I checked out Vortex's website and they still list the Razor so I guess I am unsure of it's fate until I hear from Scott. by Louis, Verified Owner from VA, United States Written on April 22, 2017 I like a larger sight window, but I do not like the tube effect with the aimpoints, and did not want the length associated with the CMore Rail (I own aim points, etch and CMore rails, all great optic as well), so I …

However, the Venom and Viper appear to have smaller windows.   Pasted as rich text. That's good to know. I like a larger sight window, but I do not like the tube effect with the aimpoints, and did not want the length associated with the CMore Rail (I own aim points, etch and CMore rails, all great optic as well), so I decided to try the RTS2R. Toll-Free: +1-800-504-5897 Written on December 5, 2014. Any other suggestions? They replaced it both times, but it now lives on the handguard of an AR.


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