cincinnati conference realignment

There are no more than eight Power 5 programs in a single new conference, and no fewer than four. Staggering revenue shares based on competitive success is one option that could make the deal more palatable to the establishment schools.

Instead of having to fight its way through eternal Big Ten roadblock Ohio State for a playoff bid, Penn State has a clearer path. Who's getting a W in Week 9?

Some Big Ten schools that had been aligned since the start of the 20th century would be splintered off into different leagues. Congratulations to North Dakota State; condolences to UTEP, Texas State, UTSA, South Alabama, Louisiana-Monroe, Bowling Green, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Coastal Carolina, Troy and Liberty. Marshall would finally get West Virginia on an annual basis, and Cincinnati would get Ohio State. Some 2019 numbers: 37 games involving SEC teams decided by 30 points or more; 36 involving ACC teams; 35 involving the Big Ten; 19 involving the Big 12; and 16 involving the Pac-12. Removing FCS opponents from the schedule will reduce the number of hide-your-eyes massacres.). The big 12 would be more likely. Here’s the Forde Bowl Subdivision lineup (FBS Profile Rank is a 1–120 metric that combines a school’s five-year average Sagarin football ranking; its 2020 U.S. News & World Report National University ranking; and its 2018–19 Learfield Cup all-sports ranking): San Jose StateNew Mexico StateUTEPUTSATexas StateLouisiana-MonroeTroyBowling GreenCoastal CarolinaSouth AlabamaLiberty. Q&A: 10 Key Questions for Pat Forde's Realignment Proposal.

The Big Ten wound up with 14 teams, stretching from Nebraska to New Jersey. It might also include a lot of beatdowns—but at least they’d get to play the in-state powers that often refuse to schedule them, and every other year they’d get them at home. And the fans can pretty easily drive to many of these games.

The conferences will work for basketball and other sports as well—in fact, it will be better for nonrevenue sports in terms of travel cost savings. The biggest lament most schools in the Group of Five have is lack of regular opportunity to compete on the same level with the big boys. It works for the NCAA basketball tournament, and it would work for the new FBS.

But what better incentive to improve than being able to play in the same leagues together—with the same access to the playoff? When you have every advantage, giving some of them up is counterintuitive.

All 10 conference champions, plus two at-large teams chosen by a selection committee, advance to the expanded College Football Playoff. (Another area.Nebraska was woefully negligent of capitalizing on as a BIG 10 member). In theory we could play at Paul Brown for a few years until we had the money for a big stadium reno. BIG 10 Conference Realignment and Cincinnati Bearcats Cincinnati Nebraska Leadership's reaction to the BIG 10's decision to postpone the College Football season, continually evaluate a return date, and announce a subsequent restart has created an opportunity to revisit conference membership and possible conference realignment. Which team(s) would you want to see added to the BIG 10? (That list of schools would include Notre Dame.

League membership for the likes of Ohio alongside Ohio State, Georgia Southern alongside Georgia and Louisiana Tech alongside LSU is a step toward competitive equality. There already are plenty of blowouts on a weekly basis. Nah. The advantages are abundant. This would require the fracturing of ancient conference bonds.

Will it happen? The Great College Sports Realignment that began in 2010 can be improved upon, by simultaneously contracting and expanding. There are academic incompatibilities that relate directly to the schools’ missions. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC.

... "I wouldn't say we're competing with each other in conference realignment," Babcock said in October. The alignment also would theoretically provide the have-nots of college football with a chance to stand toe-to-toe with the haves. Realistically, an Institution would have a difficult time justifying not joining the BIG 10. The consideration would have to be that the good outweighs the bad, and I believe it does. The biggest sticking point of the conference breakup is this: The Power 5 schools would have to share with the non-P5 schools, and that goes against every money-grubbing, power-consolidating principle they have come to espouse.


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