character trait for sore loser

I’m not saying there is no place for it. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more.

Our perception is divided into 3 parts: what we know, what we know we don’t know, and what we don’t know we don’t know. Eventually, you end up alone and isolated, which is most likely what you wanted because, as psychologists will tell you, all that heartless and cruel behavior is really you lashing out at yourself. If you can pass a man bleeding on the ground, leave a child crying unattended or simply refuse to be there for someone that needs you, then you’re a loser!

Or…if you stomp off the field after losing a game instead of telling the winners they played well, people might describe you as a sore loser or selfish.

They haven’t got enough money, there isn’t enough time or this and that and everything under the sky. Written on 8/07/2008 by Alex Shalman, creator of the Practical Personal Development blog. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Read on to make sure you aren’t there already. Anne Frank once said, “Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” In saying this, she was implicitly putting it out there that the darker side of this also holds true. Blaming anybody, including yourself, just makes you focus on fault and no lessons are learned. By Karen Banes. Everything in me wants to make an excuse to make me look better; it was the holidays, I was sick, this time of year is hard for a widow. Conquer yourself and you will conquer anything. They thrive helping the underprivileged and providing to the needy. When you let the fear of being judged rule your decisions you may never follow your heart. How can you be fully involved in the game of life, cheering and supporting other people along, if you can’t even believe in yourself as a person? If you find this trait in yourself and don’t know how to stop it, look within.

Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Such pessimism is both stifling and paralyzing. Eventually, you end up alone and isolated, which is most likely what you wanted because, as psychologists will tell you, all that heartless and … It’s not what’s going to get people to show you reverence that comes from love and trust. Acute anger in reaction to a wrong or unfair situation is healthy and natural. That’s what a negative outlook does to everybody around you. The worst part about that is that all of the negative effects of you holding on to your anger are happening to you, not the person who is the object of your fury. Rather, this false reverence can be a product of fear which adds negatively to the lives of others. Our writers are amongst the most talented group of individuals you can find in one place. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You have entered an incorrect email address! All registered. One of the most common traits of losers is spreading negativity. Look at this recent study that shows the link between anger, stress and heart attacks. Anything else is your refusal and resignation from taking action on a higher level. Press Esc to cancel.

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Think about the last time you were excited about something and a friend, coworker or family member made a comment that took the wind out of your sails. Passing the buck and blaming others does nothing more than delay a solution and perpetuate a problem. A trait of a loser would be to lean on those excuses and not improve.

- 4 Ways to Really Listen, How Choosing to be Offended is Not Serving You. © Dumb Little Man.

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Was he afraid of the opposing Arab forces outnumbering him 4 to 1? How Long Does The Post Office Hold A Package? Well, many people define it differently. There are quite a few rich and seemingly successful people who also have many of the common traits of losers. Did you know that holding anger in the mind and body can turn into illness? © 2019 Mellowed. They say no man is an island and as such, you have a direct influence on the people around you. Type above and press Enter to search. Do you think you’re up for the self-reflection it takes to go through this list of common traits of losers and how to avoid becoming one? ), The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist: 50+ Ideas for 2020.

If you’re known as a person who gossips and slanders, you’re a loser. So, instead of living in an endless cycle of insecurity, all you have to do is reverse all of the above qualities and you’re well on your way to being a winner. There are always going to be challenges and conditions to deal with. 7 Ways To Instantly Meet Like-Minded People. I’m sure Vasco da Gama was afraid in some sense, I’m also sure that Napoleons heart was rapidly beating many times because of his fears and insecurities.

Thank you, I appreciate it! Who wants that? How Many Stamps Do I Need For A 6 x 9 Envelope?

However, if you refuse to accept that you don’t know everything — your life will be dark forever. Being a loser isn’t about how you view yourself or what wonderful things you can do for yourself. Laughter is her favorite medicine as she strolls through the streets of Toronto ever searching and learning new ways of finding fulfillment in a world where loss, joy and wonder somehow exist together. It refers to the “prohibition of telling gossip, truthful remarks about a non-present person or party.”.

If I look at everything honestly, there are things I could have done to have this article further along so that all of the challenges I listed wouldn’t be as much of a hindrance. Some believe that a loser is someone who has no money, job, family or even friends. I hope that isn’t you, because if so, you are the proud owner of a loser trait. There is a saying that you can tell the character of a person by the way they treat customer service representatives like servers, cashiers, cleaners, etc. If you blame everybody else for everything instead of taking responsibility, you might be a loser. We live in a world that can often seem superficial, so it's not surprising that when we think about what we find attractive, physical qualities often come to mind. Taking responsibility for your part in any situation helps you learn how to avoid the same thing from happening again. Feeling like you deserve more than everybody else is a problem and one that should be dealt with if you want to grow and have a more compassionate mindset, which is one of the most common traits of a winner.


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