character quirk generator

options[241]="likes to wear skirts. { options[71]="has brittle nails that break easily. "; "; "; {


options[297]="has a paranoid fear of electric shock. "; options[98]="never learned how to ride a bike. options[158]="feels the need to replicate the sensations felt on one side of their body on the other side. options[208]="will only eat at a designated time, and would starve to death if the clock broke. ";

"; options[336]="carries their passport with them 'In case they have to leave the country in a hurry. "; "; } "; "; options[304]="has attempted voodoo. "; :). options[309]="is embarrassed of their family heritage. options[259]="REALLY wants to go home and sleep. "; YOU ARE READING. options[307]="shows up unannounced. "; "; options[82]="is an amazing artist, but only paints crustaceans. options[166]="has a custom license plate on their car that does not relate to their name, their hobby, or the type of car they drive. document.getElementById("results").innerHTML+="

" + options[r]; options[116]="is a cat collector.

do // below this is a mess, ignore it. ";

var t = rand() options[308]="doesn't like talking on phones.

"; options[45]="would rather concede to a person in the wrong than start a fight proving themselves right. "; Personality - Gives a basic or detailed description of the character's personality and state of mind. options[462]="has a tense relationship with their mother. options[60]="is an excellent cook. "; options[310]="likes big butts and cannot lie.

Need a few ideas for traits and quirks your character portrays? options[458]="nitpicks fantasy movies. You’re obsessed with personal hygiene. options[456]="has a personal vendetta against soup. options[32]="drinks milk ONLY. options[459]="believes in reincarnation. options[358]="plots how they would kidnap people just for fun. options[391]="has the same recurring dream every night.

"; "; options[54]="has a very close relationship with their grandparents. I'm supposed to right 150 letters per paragraph but I'm to lazy to do that so I just did this. "; "; What is GotoQuiz? "; options[87]="claims to be married to a fictional character or famous person. If you take this quiz- you could see what cool quirk (I made) you would have! options[189]="is convinced astrology is the scientific study of space. "; "; options[123]="must be better at everything. >:D, And, y'know, create a bigger, better website too. options[57]="once flashed their breasts for a free drink. options[159]="organizes their movies by year released.

"; ";

"; Hint: It's space dinosaurs. options[487]="wafts any bodily function that involves air.

options[289]="photographs nature. And her quirk is one that’s generally underused and underwhelming. options[386]="eats like a child even as an adult (ie: grilled cheese, cheese pizza, fruit snacks, chicken nuggets)"; Traits and Quirks - Give your character more depth with these traits and quirks. "; function generate(n) options[151]="enjoys eating the seeds of fruit you're not supposed to. options[376]="colors their hair crazy colors every other week. at the end, you will receive your quirk, some quirks are more devastating than others "; "; "; options[186]="sneezes uncontrollably whenever someone talks about cats, reads something about them, or looks at illustrations of any type featuring them, but has no allergy to interacting with the animal itself. ";

"; "; ";

"; options[201]="is a roleplayer. options[43]="has a tattoo they keep hidden. options[418]="dresses up like a ninja when they go to the laundromat to do their laundry. options[114]="talks about cheese a lot, but doesn't actually like cheese. RELATED: My Hero Academia Creator Clarifies Remarks About Heroes Rising As Finale.


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