canvas discount mask review

I am an artist. The masks are hand-sewn by our employees and come with a moldable nose wire so that the fit can be adjusted. Canvas Discount did a great job and I'm so pleased with their product and service! Dear Marci M! Each mask is composed of two layers. These canvas prints are just awesome...thx. Stay Away from them. Im calling better bussiness buero! Although there is conflicting advice circulating in the media, the consensus view among experts could be summed up as follows: My only recourse is to post honest reviews of this company don't waste your money and stay away! Our Customer Care works very hard to ensure the best possible Service to our customers. Wearing one is a clear signal that you’re joining the effort and doing it with style. Medical face masks are designed to protect the wearer and anyone nearby by blocking out harmful particles in the air. They sent a replacement batch in February, but the printing was dull and lacked contrast, so now I need to have them corrected again. I took some pictures for my new beach room and they came out great! I have been trying to contact the company through email and phone for almost 2 months. Two common types of face mask are the so-called N95 respirator and the regular surgical mask. Excellent company. I will continue to use this company for my portraits and artistic needs. The face mask comes with a soft cotton inner layer for extra comfort, while adjustable straps and a flexible nosepiece help ensure a snug fit. Gorgeous! A medical mask is one of the most easily acquired means of reducing the risk to yourself and your loved ones posed by infectious diseases, and the risk to your lungs posed by bad air quality. i appreciate it very much.

Quality control is not their strong suit. In my 3rd large order I had one canvas that was wrapped incorrectly, so I sent an email with phone pictures attached, and the replacement was on my doorstep within days. thanks so much! You can choose from a range of colors or lively designs, or even upload your own photo to be printed on the mask. It's a large photo, 30x60 and I already have friends asking me where I got it and people can't believe it's my own photo. I don't know if you have any options, their customer service is non-existent. I received someone else's order and tried calling the customer service line multiple times. I haven't received all of my orders as yet, Fantastic work absolutely love my purchases.

Really beautiful work. Taking good care of your health should be part of your everyday routine, whether that means taking protective measures in smog-filled downtown streets or regular handwashing at the peak of flu season. do we get a refund if returned? This website looks honest, has great reviews, but I put in an order for a mask which came to $20 with shipping. Had major problems with consistency and poorly printed images. Ear loops were cut very uneven, almost paper thin on one side. So far I have purchased on different occasions about a dozen canvases. Nice going I got screwed with my order and money. Thank you for posting your question. We urge you to comply with the safety guidelines and medical advice issued by your local healthcare professionals. I also noticed that the printing was sub-par and the stitching messy. Truly, I am so happy with this place. Highly recommended and will use them again. I ordered my photo canvas and I received it in less than 2 weeks. I was so happy with these! Click on this link youlle get a site that checks the Quality of the photo: i also tried calling you and kept getting hung up on because you are too busy to answer calls. The canvas felt thinner and wasn't very well tagged and the name "canvas discount" printed on the back.

It was a gift for her from my granddaughter and me for Mother's Day. — Face mask I have at least 2 dozen emails to and from customer service demanding a refund for masks that were 1) shoddily made (they look like a 3-year old made the cuts and when they are put on they look like clown faces) and 2) several weeks late. It took less than a week for them to make and send to my house. I want my replacement canvas Stupid MF Stop sanding Me after a days, weeks emails I will Not dealing with MF like U.The Worst Experience ever eith BestCanvas. Great quality and fast service. Placed my order in December, received them in late January, print quality was good by everything was printed backwards. I have recommended to family and friends. Du kannst maximal 100 Bilder gleichzeitig hochladen. Written on: 03/03/2016 by Robertsontc474 (1 review written) Before placing my order with Discount Canvas, I was a little skeptical due to some of the reviews I read. VERY quick shipping as well! (color, resolution, and vivid appearance are important to me).

Unfortuantely error occured while uploading. Definitely taking my business here! Dear Briana C! Canvas discount replaced my photo, and i would like to remove my comment--not sure how to do that. Our custom face masks are non-medical cloth face coverings which have not been scientifically tested. Better than I expected as it was an older photo and it does look very good. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Once removed the mask should be discarded, together with the gloves if used. While an N95 mask uses a dense layer of tiny filaments, a surgical mask uses a mesh of plastic fibers. They did not come with the clips shown to be able to adjust them. this is very frustrating! What is a Medical Face Mask? Com. While an N95 mask uses a dense layer of tiny filaments, a surgical mask uses a mesh of plastic fibers. Earlier the prints did not had this option. How to Use a Mask Properly Absolute joke of a company. Whereas the N95 acts as a more effective filter, the regular surgical mask is more comfortable to wear. How can i tell if my pictures will be blurry, When is the delivery speed? We'll update the blog regularly with our in-depth responses. Canvases look exactly like my originals. Medical face masks are designed to protect the wearer and anyone nearby by blocking out harmful particles in the air. Where is my order and why won't you answer my emails? Overview CanvasDiscount has a consumer rating of 3.96 stars from 1,606 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. They print my artwork for my canvas business. Thank you very much and I won't hesitate to use your company again in the future. I will continue to use for all of my canvas orders. But, I'm beyond thankful I placed my order with them. Please note: All the guidelines provided above relate to certified masks only. Customer service is that $#*! I've used several times & always pleased with the work. Consumers satisfied with CanvasDiscount most frequently mention great quality, several times and different sizes. Seriously, that's what they did to me. Disappointed. Two common types of face mask are the so-called N95 respirator and the regular surgical mask.

When and Why Should You Wear a Face Mask? I placed an order on June 5th because I saw an ad that says they ship the next day. Now – how is it used? DO NOT USE THEM. Once removed the mask should be discarded, together with the gloves if used. “Having some facial protection is better than having none at all.” All safety measures are observed in our manufacturing process. Use them for almost every canvas. The canvas photo is stretched and stapled around a wood frame.

Exercising strict care when removing the mask is crucial, especially if it’s being used to combat infection. They did a great job on my artwork. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. $#*! Like many others on here it is near impossible to contact their customer service. The masks are hand-sewn by our employees and come with a moldable nose wire so that the fit can be adjusted.


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