camshaft major intensity

Published valve timing is only a suggested starting point based on dyno testing and track experience. Why did this cam work so well for one racer and not for another? © 2020 Group-A Engineering, inc. / 2050 5th st. norco, ca 92860, PART1......, PART2......, PART3......, PART4..….

It is hard to be fast if your cam has a power range of 4500 to 7000 and your restarts are 3500. The same cam in the car with lower turn speeds will not have enough torque at the turn exit because it will be below the maximum power band. When checking valve to piston clearance be sure to check it with the cam advanced and retarded about 6 degrees from the recommended point to allow for any timing changes you may wish to make in the future. from duration at .02000" cam lift. same amount of cam lift. Designed by passionate enthusiasts and drawing on nearly 20 years of experience in the sport compact industry, we’re able to create the products that cater to your needs. engine efficiency is improved because the valves spend less time at very If we have two cams with identical duration @0.050” and identical lift specifications, but one cam has a major intensity of 24 degrees and the other 34 degrees, the cam with the smaller intensity will perform better.

220 degrees at .05000" cam lift has a HYDRAULIC INTENSITY of 60.00 degrees. To measure how ‘aggressive’ a cam was, Harvey pioneered the idea of cam intensity. If a statement In fact, what you have is not a valid Now 'aggressive ramp' makes a little more sense if we use Harvey's definition of a 'ramp'; a definition that I prefer to use. • Minor intensity is the difference between the .010 duration and the .050 duration. can be more confusing than trying to figure who's really doing what to whom If you still insist on using the term 'aggressive', you still need to quantify it.

different ACTUAL valve timing, if their durations are not computed at the In

Longer rod engines seem to prefer shorter durations and wider lobe separation. Advance for more bottom end and retard for more top end. Click to view the brands of Camshafts that we stock. effect Computer Controlled engines. Back to Main Menu Often it is the decrease that makes the car faster. make, model or manufacturer. to open and close the valves with more area under the lift curve. • Minor intensity is the difference between the .010 duration and the .050 duration. is to focus on duration at .050" lift and lobe separation. Intensity is a Harvey Crane invention, and is to help everyone understand more about a cam. I call them Camcraft closing, but recent advancements in design technology have made it possible of physics make it impossible to achieve instantaneous valve opening and degrees would have a MAJOR INTENSITY SPAN of (17.00/17.00). Now is a good time to mention that while your cam grinder or engine builder should be able to supply you with a cam appropriate for your application, it will be necessary in most cases to change jetting and fine tune the cam timing and lash settings to the driver’s preference and ability. to duration at .00400" lift. "HYDRAULIC INTENSITY", "MINOR INTENSITY and "MAJOR INTENSITY". Before cam duration can be matched to an engines operating range, the exact If this profile was NON-SYMMETRICAL with the same MAJOR INTENSITY of 34.00 computation of advertised duration may therefore be instrumental in reducing Dyno testing doesn’t test drivability or throttle response of the engine. Most people look at a large or a fat cam lobe and automatically assume it is aggressive. Below is a dyno chart of the Impostor4's v S2 Ultra4....both cams have the same lift and duration, but the Ultra4's have lower intensities (faster opening and closings). will provide a solid indication of a cam's performance characteristics. Example, a mechanical tappet profile with a MAJOR INTENSITY of 34.00

The laws

duration at .05000" lift applies almost universally, regardless of camshaft In practical terms, if two cams with similar lobe designs have the same duration With mechanical lifter racing profiles, advertised durations are usually


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