cambridge pavers colors 2020
Your response is entirely unacceptable and disgraceful. Dear Mr. [redacted], With regards to Mr. [redacted]'s comments, the cast stone steps on his project have not deteriorated. How would I strip off the sealer? This was not done on this project which was obvious from the installation. Try this: Response:

SuperSeal 30 Gloss In this article, we tell you how to restore color to your pavers.

The pavers that had some color left had the intensity of the color after the sealer but the other ones did not have the same effect. The pavers now look scuffed up, the color is very faded. These marks were caused either by the handling of the product or when the product was compacted a tamper mat was not used.

Should there be any other issues with this steps that arise next year or five years from now, Mr. [redacted] can contact us and we will be more than happy to come visit his project again. I am Very hesitant to put sealer back on. Review: I purchased Cambridge pavers with "armortek" 3 years ago and over time they have faded significantly. My name is [redacted] S. [redacted] and my position is VP of Sales & Marketing of Cambridge Pavers, Inc. With regards to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint. Thank you North Babylon, NY, 11702 - #stonecreationsoflongisland #masonry #pavers #stoneveneer #driveways #porch #lighting #cambridgepavers #pros #nassaucounty #northbabylon #suffolkcounty #hamptons #longisland #newyork #experiencematters Cambridge Pavingstones With ArmorTec @ North Babylon, New York - Cambridge Pavers Stone Harbor with Coal Ribbons, Cambridge Pavers New Color “ Stone Harbor “ 3 piece ledgestone with Coal borders. Cambridge Territory Manager [redacted] visited Mr. [redacted] on two separate occasions.

New year new products & colors! periods when products are out of stock.

With regards to [redacted]   complaint: 1. They introduce sealers and I wanted to see the effect so I gave them couple of leftover pavers to seal them. [redacted] or go over the darkest color with another color stain., maybe a light charcoal? Try this product: The blending of pavingstones when the product is installed is one of the most important steps. At the time of installation, a few "spots" of imperfections were noted, and some compressions on the edges of the stones where the banding iron was placed. Ask Help Questions & Post Product Reviews! Hi. The stones are merely made of cast material, which is likely susceptible to porosity issues. We explained that the issue is not with the front steps, but with the back steps. I had to add pavers to my driveway [redacted] then sent the paver to our corporate headquarters in Lyndhurst, NJ where it was tested my our manufacturing managers. Messages were left without call back, or if he did pick up or return my call I was given various excuses ranging from "Can I call you right back? It can be used on pavers but stripping is not easy to do. Adding new throw pillows to your seating wall or outdoor couch is an easy way to incorporate this pop of color.


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