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Stacey was frustrated that I might have to leave Australia, but she’s very like Lisa Alexander, who has been so supportive to me through this time. I can’t walk away at this point in my career and feel content.’. The decision for Bassett to end her contract early and part ways with the club was a mutual agreement between both parties. “From a playing perspective I was keen to keep developing my movement and longer range shooting, but was told to stand still and hold under the post, waiting for rebounds. While I was struggling, not being able to go home to my own bed, my partner, or see the people that I love was quite challenging.”, Shooting from under the post against the Vixens’ Kate Eddy. “We discussed my situation in regard to the Diamonds, what she wanted from me, where my ongoing development needs to be, training against the zone in New Zealand, and generally getting my confidence back. Bassett said that after a while she took it personally that she couldn’t get out on court. It really painted me as being aloof. There were few warning signs of trouble ahead when, after 12 years with the Orioles/West Coast Fever and a further two with the Sunshine Coast Lightning, Bassett signed with the Giants for the 2019 season. should not be considered an unbiased news source, rather we publish opinions and interpretations of the day’s news by Conservative and Libertarian bloggers. The GIANTS will announce a replacement for Bassett in the coming weeks. GIANTS Goal Shooter Caitlin Bassett has today announced she will depart the club and continue her playing career in New Zealand. Some candid chats with the Silver Ferns’ coach, Noeline Taurua, and new Diamonds’ coach, Stacey Marinkovich, followed. It’s been so very public. “I got a message from someone sitting near me at the time, who said, ‘You were amazing, you were cheering the whole time, you gave feedback over the rail, and went into the change rooms at half time. Thank you!

(I linked to the video for reference, but I don’t recommend watching it). But when the game plan isn’t working and your team is losing, that’s when I started to feel frustrated. Either Barnhill is making a claim that an unborn child is indeed a human being and that women take some kind of pleasure from killing them in utero, or she is engaging in dark and tasteless humor. Unfortunately, it was her only full game of the season, and her court time dwindled from there. “I’d like to be able to do that too with the next crop of Diamonds’ goal shooters, players like Cara Koenen and Sophie Garbin. Playing for the Lightning, against the Magpies Sharni Layton, 2018. “While we are disappointed that Caitlin has decided to leave our domestic competition, we acknowledge and value her contribution to the league over many years and respect her decision to move to the New Zealand competition,” said Marinkovich. There isn’t much Caitlin Bassett hasn’t done in world netball.


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