business management dissertation pdf, Quinn, Phillip James (2014), Managerial ownership and incentive alignment : evidence from mandatory stock ownership plans Business and Management thesis and dissertation collection.

Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all doctorate degrees from this School. When choosing a topic for your management dissertation, make sure to consider diverse topics that explore both the theoretical and practical aspects of management. • What ar… Copyright, Management and Organization Theses and Dissertations, Locating a New Collegiate Entrepreneurship Program, a Framework for a University Campus, Introducing a Mobile Health Care Platform in an Underserved Rural Population: Reducing Assimilations Gaps on Adoption and Use via Nudges, An Emergent Theory of Executive Leadership Selection: Leveraging Grounded Theory to Study the U.S. Military's Special Forces Assessment and Selection Process, The Underutilized Tool of Project Management - Emotional Intelligence, Increasing the Supply of the Missing Middle Housing Types in Walkable Urban Core Neighborhoods: Risk, Risk Reduction and Capital, Are Transfer Pricing Disclosures Related to Tax Reporting Transparency? Theses/Dissertations from 2017 PDF. All rights reserved., Carter, Kameron M. (2018), Matched delegation: linking work design characteristics, team roles, and demands of work Diese Publikation steht in elektronischer Form im Internet bereit und kann gelesen werden. Two Essays on Venture Capital: What Drives the Underpricing of Venture CapitalBacked IPOs and Do Venture Capitalists Provide Anything More than Money? bü, um das eBook-Abo tolino select nutzen zu können. 2940 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9D877D3F264C0F449738010C82431FE6><22AEAFBF7283F94CA6F26EA35D8303C2>]/Index[2930 27]/Info 2929 0 R/Length 65/Prev 850421/Root 2931 0 R/Size 2957/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Mining for evidence in enterprise corpora, Essays in empirical corporate finance: covenant violations, market timing and product market competition, Igniting the fire between leaders and followers: the impact of having the right fit, Essays in asset pricing: on testing asset-pricing anomalies and modeling stock returns using model pools, Fluid ability, crystallized ability, and performance across multiple domains: a meta-analysis, What role does leaders' emotional labor play in effective leadership?, Astrove, Stacy L. (2017), What do mentors learn? An explanation of what lies behind the requirements that need to be met by a research proposal, What readers should expect from their supervisors and what the researched organisation might expect from readers. After many years of working with undergraduate, postgraduate and research students we recognise only too well the struggles that they often experience wrestling with the somewhat strange and seemingly obtuse language used to describe research Dies gilt für die Publikation sowie für ihre einzelnen Bestandteile, soweit nichts Anderes ausgewiesen ist.

| %PDF-1.5 %����, DeGeest, David Scott (2014), Masters, showoffs, and slackers : the effects of goal orientation congruence and similarity on positive and negative contributions to team success., Yu, Miaomiao (2012), Essays on information asymmetry and the firm indefinitely reinvested foreign earnings, investment profitability, and financial reporting incentives, Essays in empirical finance with latent structure modeling, What do mentors learn?, Walter, Sheryl L. (2016), Who develops?, Chen, Wei (2018), Does information asymmetry affect firm disclosure?, Jiang, Min (2012), Essays on bankruptcy, credit risk and asset pricing Nutzungshandlungen (wie zum Beispiel der Download, das Bearbeiten, das Weiterverbreiten) sind daher nur im Rahmen der gesetzlichen Erlaubnisse des Urheberrechtsgesetzes (UrhG) erlaubt. Understanding the role of leadership mindset in developmental opportunities, Modeling influence diffusion in networks for community detection, resilience analysis and viral marketing, The disciplining role of financial statements : evidence from mergers and acquisitions of privately held targets, Social contexts and motivation: the role of upward and downward comparisons, Contextual job features and occupational values as moderators of personality trait validities: a test and extension of the theory of purposeful work behavior, Essays on liquidity risk, credit market contagion, and corporate cash holdings, Pride and licensing effects: when being good gives us permission to be a little bad, Distorted evaluative space: the theory of relativity in evaluative judgment, The long and short of it: exploring the effects of membership change event characteristics on immediate team performance and team performance trajectories, The role of confidence and diversity in dynamic ensemble class prediction systems, Stochastic last-mile delivery problems with time constraints, Essays in corporate mergers and acquistions, Stochastic orienteering on a network of queues with time windows, Differentiated cooperation and competition within teams, Analysis of differences in the recognized and realized costs of stock options and the implications for studies of tax avoidance, Essays in insider trading, informational efficiency, and asset pricing. Toward a Theory of Social Similarity, Psychological Distance: The Relation Between Construals, Mindsets, and Professional Skepticism, Combining Natural Language Processing and Statistical Text Mining: A Study of Specialized Versus Common Languages, An Empirical Investigation of Decision Aids to Improve Auditor Effectiveness in Analytical Review, The Effects of Item Complexity and the Method Used to Present a Complex Item on the Face of a Financial Statement on Nonprofessional Investors` Judgments, Two Essays on Information Ambiguity and Informed Traders’ Trade-Size Choice, Two Essays on the Conflict of Interests within the Financial Services Industry-- Financial Industry Consolidation: The Motivations and Consequences of the Financial Services Modernization Act (FSMA) and “Down but Not Out” Mutual Fund Manager Turnover within Fund Families, Two Essays on Financial Condition of Firms, A Study of Cross-Border Takeovers: Examining the Impact of National Culture on Internalization Benefits, and the Implications of Early Versus Late-Mover Status for Bidders and Their Rivals, Two Essays on Corporate Governance⎯Are Local Directors Better Monitors, and Directors Incentives and Earnings Management, The Role of Ethnic Compatibility in Attitude Formation: Marketing to America’s Diverse Consumers.

The Effect of Presentation Format on Investor Judgments and Decisions: Does the Effect Differ for Varying Task Demands? Sie sind bereits eingeloggt. Evidence from mergers and acquisitions of financial institutions, Clark, Stephen Rhett (2014), Essays in insider trading, informational efficiency, and asset pricing h�̖mk�0ǿ�`oZX�'K���fYmm�B_���;���|��I��vM���>K'����Oq� #"B�!��ёmQ$�c44�"��!�ҵE�k�ъ ��K��ւ�l Scholar Commons

PDF, Tian, Xiaoli (2012), Does real-time reporting deter strategic disclosures by management? Lavender, Essays on Migration Flows and Finance, Suin Lee, The Underutilized Tool of Project Management - Emotional Intelligence, Gerald C. Lowe, Increasing the Supply of the Missing Middle Housing Types in Walkable Urban Core Neighborhoods: Risk, Risk Reduction and Capital, Shrimatee Ojah Maharaj, Are Transfer Pricing Disclosures Related to Tax Reporting Transparency?, Cederburg, Scott Hogeland (2011), Essays in cross-sectional asset pricing The Impact of Auditor-Provided Transfer Pricing Services, Stephanie Y. Walton, Price Transparency in the United States Healthcare System, Gurlivleen (Minnie) Ahuja, How to Build a Climate of Quality in a Small to Medium Enterprise: An Action Research Project, Desmond M. Bishop III. The effects of mindset abstraction on memory-based consideration set formation, Three essays on the customer satisfaction-customer loyalty association, A multi-level investigation of emergent leadership and dispersion effects in virtual teams, Fired up or burned out? <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 14 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>>, Glendening, Matthew Ryan (2012), Critical accounting estimate disclosures and the value relevance of balance sheet items, Ko, Dong Woo (2013), Temporal distance and the endowment effect '��9@ý��lq��:**�>9��X�:ӝb��X�!ƛb8��1����"�S:�}})��f���i��M1�����-�#:g�*��g�l�z���9����\�}_ƈ-�;0rL�ڠ���|����%�6;nɆ�إ��9��Xk�Dw���=��j�����&����$0�'g�W�!�������p��~����O�}K���ˊ��� ����ޏO��K�ی렯�G���6!Q�&xҪ,T˔�ZJ��+e����6�`��m+;w���Nk|���#�Aw,?~=�3Hb����:��^�+9�˨[���T��5�5U8��:���� ���,�����E��ɋJQ��{���y1i���������C�5��s� /�;S�Eg�x)��*����Wp[A˪izhTFr= �b��cC��k�=�:,���c�, Jin, Huan (2016), Workforce planning in manufacturing and healthcare systems Business-IT-Management – Vorgehen, Erstellung und Einsatz auf Basis qualitativer Forschungsmethoden Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades (Dr. rer. Dip, BA (Hons), FCIPS, FCILT Supervisor: Dr Latif Al-Hakim Submitted in partial fulfillment of the award of Doctor of Business … Accessibility Statement, Savoy, Steven (2017), Discretion in accounting for tax reserves: evidence from mergers and acquisitions Essays in corporate finance and public policy, Proactive interpersonal influence tactics: leadership precedent in teams, The U.S. tax and financial reporting treatment of foreign earnings and U.S. multinational companies' payout policies, Three essays examining the influence of goal progress on subsequent goal pursuit, Stressful workplace relationships: a qualitative and quantitative exploration, Three essays on social networks and the diffusion of innovation models, Essays in empirical corporate finance: asset sales and takeovers, CEO compensation, and investment under uncertainty, Managerial ownership and incentive alignment : evidence from mandatory stock ownership plans, Machine-learning classification techniques for the analysis and prediction of high-frequency stock direction, Essays on mutual fund performance, ambiguity aversion, and high frequency trading, Strategic placement of telemetry units and locomotive fuel planning, Differentiated leader-member exchange and group effectiveness: a dual perspective, Asymmetric timely loss recognition, private debt markets, and underinvestment: evidence from the collapse of the junk bond market, Temporal distance and the endowment effect, Consider the forest or the trees?


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