burmese cat breeders
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Location: Jarrettsville, Maryland WELCOME TO RECHERCHE BURMESE CATS WE HOPE YOU HAVE FUN BROWSING THROUGH OUR WEB SITE AND ENJOY THE PHOTOS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL CATS Our aim is to breed beautiful, well socialised Burmese Cats. Email Address: Hart2HartBurmese@gmail.com Delivery possible. Our website is a reference site only. to work. Additional Info: We mostly have sables but do occassionally have dilutes. Name: Laura Middleton Additional Info: CFA/TICA registered cattery. Burmese cats are deceivingly heavy with soft silky fur which does not require too much maintenance. Catio’s are fabulous and can have lovely gardens toys and climbing frames. Additionally, CatKingpin.com participates in various other affiliate programs.

Kittens must be handcarried on aircraft and ride in the cabin.

Our little leopards come in the following colours and patterns: Brown Spotted

Our kittens are raised in our home and are not caged.

Cattery: Ahava-Burms Name: Francoise McNicoll We occasionally receive details from Burmese breeders listed on the site who know of an adult Burmese cat looking for a loving home. Location: Maple City, MI

Additional Info:  Grand Champion lines; FeLV negative; Kittens raised cage-free with run of the house.

Location: Montréal, Canada Cattery: Nifea They follow their people around in a dog like manner and love to perch on shoulders, parrot style. These absolutely amazing black cats are so lovably and human orientated,  they are a pleasure to own. You will receive “Care and Feeding” Instructions and a two- year health guarantee. Other Breeds: Bombay. disaster. Additional Info: No shipping.

Latest news from NABB is available via our. BY BREED ... Burmese,Siamese,Thai,Tonkinese MORE. Cattery: Eclypse Cattery: Bermusing Location: Near Fort Worth, TX We do not ship. We mostly have sable, but do have champagne, blue and platinum. My kittens are home-reared with lots of love and attention. Silver Spotted. They shed with the change of season and a brush once or twice a week will suffice. If you wish to know more about the beautiful Bombays,  Google 'The Cat Fanciers Association of America',  @cfa.org  -  go to 'Breeds',  and select 'Bombays'. All of our kittens and adults come with a health guarantee and written contract.

Five adorable Bengal kittens are waiting for you to take them to their forever homes. Still very rare in Australia,  they are more well known in America,  Europe and Russia. Contact us by email or on the contact page of my website. Telephone: 612-423-9170 Cattery: Jeske’s Unique Burmese The facility is for all felines, with a special interest in frail, elderly or diabetic cats, as well as …, We are both very passionate about animals and this has resulted in our involvement with Burmese and Bengal cat breeding. They are fully integrated into family life and socialised properly. Email: cat@qwanyinnburmese.com

Cattery: Larimi These girls will have been vet checked etc.,  and still young enough to lead a long and healthy life. Additional information:   Breeding since 1970. Email: kvet@bellsouth.net Location: Romulus, MI Please note, states that are not clickable do not currently have any breeders based on our research. Location: Oak Ridge, TN  We have retired young adults and kittens occasionally, which come with vaccinations, microchipping, and a health guarantee. Cattery: Burmiluv

Visitors welcome. Health guarantee provided. Additional Info: Sables and champagne kittens available; adults available occasionally; prefer not to ship; FeLV negative; FL Health Certificate; health guarantee; contract required. Website: https://www.facebook.com/Elessar-Burmese-282563838810812/ Quiet, gentle, playful, loving, companionable, intelligent, gorgeously decorative, inherently non-destructive, fearless, "almost" obedient, they are the real sociable extroverts of the cat family. Name: Thomas Cheung and Ellen Ng If you wish to know more about the beautiful Bombays,  Google 'The Cat Fanciers Association of America',  @cfa.org  -  go to 'Breeds',  and select 'Bombays'. Additional Info:  Bon Marché has been raising exquisite, award-winning Burmese since 1998 in California. BOMBAY GIRL  - DGC MORAVANKA MADAM GUCCI (12 MONTHS OLD) Paradyme Burmese Cattery breeds the following Burmese Cats: BENGAL KITTENS. Location: Shady Spring, WV Name: Susan Evans Distinguishing features are wide cheek bones tapering to a short blunt wedge at the nose which has a slight break, ears set well apart and eyes of varying shades of yellow. Cattery: Burmesepleez Telephone: 609-261-1232 (leave message)


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