bronze age golden boy amesbury

Furthermore the copper knives came from Spain and western France - an indication of the wide contacts of their owner. The site of Stonehenge at sunrise New evidence found by Professor Mike Parker Pearson from the University of Sheffield and the Stonehenge Riverside Project indicates that burials played a major part in the function of Stonehenge from its beginning. By his side was found a copper knife either placed there deliberately or worn at his side in a leather sheaf which had rotted away. What is atypical is the sheer quantity of these grave goods. The tooth abscess that had penetrated his jaw would have smelt too. Wessex Archaeology Ltd is a company limited by guarantee registered in England, No.

Was he brought up in the family of distant allies?

Amesbury's Bronze Age Archer June 18, 2002 by Jasmin Chua Well, it's a good headline for a tabloid newspaper!" There was also found a bone pin possibly to fasten a cloak. But he survived, walking with a pronounced limp and carrying his weight on his right leg. 3. At the moment we do not know why the Amesbury Archer came to live, and perhaps raise a family, near Stonehenge.

Nevertheless, the Archer and his Companion like Stonehenge are parts of the jigsaw that go towards creating a picture of Bronze Age society. Experts think that as well as possessing objects made of these rare metals he was also able to work them. These golden artefacts may have been earrings or hair tresses, Leather bracers (wrist-guards) found in the grave, The second occupant of the Amesbury burial. His purpose, character and motivation will probably never be known. When archaeologist Colin Kirby saw human bone and pottery dating to the Bronze Age pottery, he realised immediately that a grave had been disturbed. The Archer was quickly dubbed the King of Stonehenge in the British press due to the proximity of the famous monument[8] and some have even suggested that he could have been involved in its construction.

This would have been a highly sort after skill for the time. In doing, so archaeologists have discovered new and important evidence of Beaker Culture society in Britain and Europe that is surprising and intriguing. Celtic/Viking Iceland (1000 AD) (6.764) 7. In a way typical of his time he had been placed on his side in a slightly curled position as of someone asleep. "The position of his burial, the fact he's near Stonehenge, and the necklace all suggest he's of significant status.".

The Golden Boy up close. The Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum now hold his remains. On his forearm was a black coloured sandstone wrist-guard, or bracer. It is a Bronze Age biography.

So comparing the oxygen isotope ratio in teeth with that of drinking water from different regions can provide information about the climate in which a person was raised. Well, it's a good headline for a tabloid newspaper!" In pictures: Trump and Biden through the years, Rescuers rush to save beached pilot whales. With the second wrist-guard was a shale belt ring and a pair of gold hair ornaments, the earliest gold objects ever found in England. He lived about 4,300 years ago, some 800 years earlier than the Boscombe Down boy. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Andrew Fitzpatrick of Wessex Archaeology takes up the story.

He lives in Bournemouth with his wife and their daughter.


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