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In high school she ran with the artsy/skater crowd, and she continued to do so at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was in this spirit, the actress said, that Conti introduced her to a former California politician and Conti’s dignitary friend.

She was broad-shouldered and tall, with the sort of muscular thighs that do not quite meet at the top. '', Ms. McClain, now an art dealer in Dallas, said, ''I always thought he was a little off, but I never thought he was capable of murder.''.

For her, there was sex for money, yes, but also sex for access, status, payback, a shot at fame.

She now lives alone in a San Diego apartment.

Fleiss invited her to stay at her home until she could resettle herself. Her clients ranged from business executives to former politicians.

With scandal has come opportunity, and since the Fleiss accusations hit, L.A.'s call girls have scrambled to exploit their moment of fame. Raised by a single mother in Escondido, Calif., Mr. Rogowski, a gangly loner, found skateboarding early in life. Brandi McClain. She has no personal life.

The $12,000 she had cached in her teddy bear is gone. “It was me and one other girl. Speculation was that the dead girl might have known Fleiss, but Leann, who asked that her real name not be used, believed that the two could not have met. Was the girlfriend of famed skateboarder Mark 'Gator' Anthony who later raped and murdered her best friend Jessica Bergsten. He and his beautiful live-in girlfriend, Brandi McClain, were the skateboarding couple: they starred in skating videos together, they worked as models together, they even appeared together in a Tom Petty video.

He declined the Butler offer, citing their tuition was too expensive and also the school was unable to offer any further scholarships at the time. Men who wanted call girls, she learned, were paying for something else too--companionship, status, window dressing, fantasy. After that, she said, she began coming to Los Angeles once or twice a month, driving up from her home in Cardiff by the Sea just often enough to cover her rent.

Journalist Tony Harris narrates gripping true-crime series, Monster: DC Sniper, Anthony Garcia’s rage fuelled murders of Thomas Hunter, Roger Brumback and two others subject of ID’s Impact of Murder, Murders of serial killer Bernard Eugene Giles spotlighted on ID’s Evil Lives Here. Your bills are paid.

Soon afterward, he began a tumultuous long-term relationship with McClain—they appeared together in numerous advertisements and promotional videos for Vision, which had become one of the top-selling skateboarding brands of the 1980s.

Brandi McClain came to the door in very short running shorts, a cutoff T-shirt and little wire-rimmed sunglasses.

. Siege at The Good Guys!

He’s been in and out of (drug) rehab for a year, and he doesn’t have a cent.’ ”.

It’ll say ‘based on a true story of Hollywood.’ ”. President Trump and Joe Biden battled into Wednesday morning with no clear winner, as major contests remained too close.

“It leaves you wondering what’s it really like to, you know, make love? “There were kids of celebrities, celebrity kids, trust fund babies, one (European) billionaire,” she said. ''I know people with Gator tattoos.

'', She said she eventually spoke with more than 100 people, with 36 appearing in ''Stoked.''.

Her eyes went narrow.

But privately, elaborate tales -- some near truth, some far-fetched -- have festered. As a model, she appeared in a number of print ads for Vision Skatewear in the 80s. “Do you know how many women are going to El Torito on a Friday or Saturday night and giving it away for three or four margaritas?” she said.

As for McClain, here’s what a kid four years out of high school got out of it: “Money. Clothing companies like Vision Street Wear and concert promoters, looking to export the skateboarding subculture to the masses, came calling.

It looks like you're new here.

That’s “Desiree” on the left, and her friend on the right. Although their eyes locked, neither spoke. ''I love getting arrested,'' Mr. Rogowski adds.

Here she is in her Azzedine Alaia catsuit giving a tour of Heidi Fleiss’ house. He and his beautiful live-in girlfriend, Brandi McClain, were the skateboarding couple: they starred in skating videos together, they worked as models together, they even appeared together in a Tom Petty video.

California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Her nails, pale pink ovals, match her sofa upholstery. but it catches up with you emotionally.”. Soon, hooking was her only source of income, aside from an occasional bit part. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro . “You learn more about men than you would ever need to know for the rest of your life,” Leann sighed. It is all here.

Get current address, cell phone number, email address, relatives, friends and a lot more. It was nice to have someone treat you with respect and buy you things and take you for rides in his (Ferrari) Testarossa .

Distraught over her departure, Mr. Rogowski unleashed his fury on a 21-year-old named Jessica Bergstrom, Ms. McClain's best friend. Ditto for the lesser-known madam Cheri Woods, who, according to her publicist, “is interested in going public with regards to all media forms.”. With a little notice, she could charge it to your corporate credit card and make it look like you had bought roses for the secretarial pool.

The memoirs of Elizabeth Adams, the Beverly Hills madam, have been rushed into print.

“Well, one day she told me.” McClain impersonated a shocked Valley girl.

Her price was $400 an hour, three-hour minimum for local calls. Her bright blonde hair was combed into a brief ponytail, and she dimpled deeply when she smiled. There were rules: Dress conservatively. I had never been on my own before, and I’d never dreamed life could be so hard,” she sighed. Unlike a madam, according to court records and prostitutes, he never demanded a cut; instead, he fixed up good friends who then did him favors, such as a European dignitary who gave him a studio on his Beverly Hills estate.

By day she was a $9-an-hour secretary for an accountant in Canoga Park; by night, she waited tables at the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Strip.

Though I guess having a hot skater girlfriend is pretty key for a rock video.

The demand is for variety, and few johns want to see the same woman more than a time or two. A few months later, she said, she turned her first trick. November 2016 in Powell-Peralta® Tom Petty, Free Fallin features Gator, and Brandi. ''He was smaller than I thought he would be, his hair was thinner and he was wearing glasses that were held together by tape,'' Ms. Stickler recalled.

''I had to do everything I could to break down that journalist/convict barrier or he was never going to trust me,'' she said. Mr. Rogowski, with his dark, boyish good looks, wild hair and palpable rock-star charisma, would be the pinup boy to take skating mainstream. “See,” she continues earnestly, moving to the next plot point, “she’s only going to do this once or twice, to catch up on her bills.” She lights her cigarette. “I was living in New York, working for a florist two years ago, and there was this girl I ran with in Central Park,” she said.

She lives alone in the San Fernando Valley in “a house with a pool and a Jacuzzi and a vegetable garden and orchids,” and it has been years since she has had a deep, loving relationship, she says.

Besides, anybody can go get a job at, like, The Limited. “They come to my studio, and I say, ‘Joe! This is deeper than white grievance politics. “And, like, I never would have guessed! ''Having people resent my questioning made me feel tremendous guilt,'' Ms. Stickler said, as bare-chested adolescents wearing baggy jeans and beat-up high-top sneakers practiced gravity-defying feats at the Hudson River skate park nearby (where earlier in the afternoon she was promoting her movie).

Then maybe to a club and then back to the house and then, well, whatever. Sex in Hollywood is a commodity with infinite shadings; payoffs come in many forms.

Join Facebook to connect with Brandy Nolan-Black and others you may know. It was not until she showed up at his San Diego prison in September 1997 that Mr. Rogowski made himself available. Don’t forget to give the madam her 40% cut. Other Works | Publicity Listings | Official Sites. There are even a couple of Polaroids of her in the old days, when she first arrived in Los Angeles. See, she confides in a breathy, Marilyn Monroe voice, she has this idea for a movie of the week: A nice kid from New Jersey comes to L.A. to be a star, but goes broke and turns to--well, you know.

... Kenna James hooks up with her single neighbor for extra cash, Forbidden Affairs Vol. In the clatter of a Downtown diner, “Leann” rolled her brown eyes, simultaneously chuckling and chewing a bite of warm apple pie.

But the fame would prove destructive. She visited Mr. Rogowski three or four times a week and spent hours talking with the former skater.

“She said ‘If you’re one of those girls he takes out to Palm Springs, you’ll have to get in line. Her bright blonde hair was combed into a … McShredorDie, you just made Gator's post - prison hit list. We went to Paris for a week with an Arab prince who took us shopping at Chanel.” A real estate heir gave her $4,000 to spend the night. Doctors who wanted to be the patient for a change.

''He had a chip in his tooth. Fleiss, she said, told her that “she had very rich clients, that it was on a good level and I wouldn’t encounter any weirdos.”.

She was 35, she said, had never met Heidi Fleiss and had been a call girl since the age of 29. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. To pay for her education and first few short films, she worked as a stripper. ''I heard that he'd killed his girlfriend, then I heard that he'd killed his girlfriend's sister, then I heard he was on cocaine and chopped up a girl,'' Helen Stickler, a New York filmmaker, said recently. Ms. Stickler, 31, has spent the past six years searching for those ''real answers,'' and she delivers her findings in ''Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator,'' a gripping documentary that traces the ill-fated career of Mr. Rogowski, known as Gator, one of skateboarding's most mythical and compelling figures.


At a 1987 skate show in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S., Rogowski was introduced to Brandi McClain and her good friend Jessica Bergsten, an aspiring model. She was too short to model, not trained to act, not interested in some briefcase-toting career. In 1987 he met Brandi McClain and her friend Jessica Bergsten at a competition. Police have interrogated her. There were more legitimate ways to make a living, but few as glamorous. With ''Stoked'' finally on her résumé, Ms. Stickler, who said she had invested $500,000 of her own money into the film (savings, ''some grants and lots of credit cards''), is already scouting out new projects.

She had heard through the grapevine about Fleiss, and understood the world she was entering, she said.

Do what you want, what they want.”. His luck would change for the worse when vertical skating, his specialty, with its big ramps and aerial maneuvers, was supplanted by street skating, a more grounded version of the sport that relies on flatland obstacles like curbs and park benches.

In this world, she was “Sheena” or “Tiffany” or sometimes just a body with no name at all.

But behind the hype, there are also private stories: Here is what it is like to be in the service of loneliness. But on the warm July morning when she talked about her initiation into “the life,” she was living in Fleiss’ Benedict Canyon home, cooking and answering the four-line phone in exchange for room and board.

Publicity Listings

Fleiss’ best friends have sold everything from anecdotes about her to home movies.


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