bmw passenger seat belt warning
In some countries, it may be illegal to modify the restraint system. To fix the problem will cost you even more. Just plug and play. passenger seat belt contact=connected

Turn on ignition. If your BMW was involved in an accident, the airbag light will stay on. Another example would be a clock spring starting to wear no providing connection to the driver's airbag.

Turn off the Passenger seat , seat belt warnings alert. On BMW vehicles Restraint System Malfunction warning message pops up and the airbag light turns on to warn the driver the airbags are not working properly and may not deploy in case of an accident. Always disconnect the battery when you change a window regulator or replace a front bumper. There was none in the passenger seat so I clicked the seat belt in and it went off and I unlatched it and it came back on. Usually, if the seat occupancy sensor is defective on your BMW, you will get a warning on your iDrive screen with a message stating that there is a passenger airbag problem or passenger airbag off. At the dealer, this problem will cost you $500+. If the airbag light is on, because there is no communication with the airbag control unit, or one of the airbag sensors is defective, there is a high chance that the airbags will not deploy in case of an accident.

Seat sensors always triggered with my iPhone 6+. In a few states, you can't because they require the airbag light to be off., VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If the person is not over the weight limit (ex. A common problem that triggered airbag light is the BMW seat belt pre-tensioner. No airbag lights.

I routinely set things on the passenger seat and the alarm never goes off. These are codes stored in the airbag control module.

I noticed , keeping laptop on the passenger side seat triggers the warning alerts with audio. Copyright © 2016-2020 YOUCANIC. A handheld BMW airbag scan tool that will diagnose 2003 and newer BMWs.

So after 10 minutes of driving it went off. passenger air bag switch=off (this does not change if put key in and move to either postion and was defo set to on postion In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions, with photos and videos, to help you successfully replace the battery in a BMW. If you are working near the airbag sensor and you happened to unplug the sensor while the key is in the ignition and the car is powered, you will trigger the airbag light. My prior 2013 had stupid issues within the first month.

When handling airbags always keep your body two feet away from the airbag. To replace the passenger weight sensor yourself you will need a few basic tools and about two hours.

I have Sport Seats, so my resolution to the problem is that I set a 1/4" gap on the passenger seat, and put my phones in the gap.

The airbag light on BMW may stay on if you replace the car battery or jump-start a dead battery. Turn the key to position II.

I know these bags weigh more then a iPad.

When a car is taken in for inspection, state inspection stations only scan for codes in the ECU. A replacement passenger seat mat sensor can be purchased online for under $200. The light may not turn off even if you reconnect the wires because a code is stored and will often require a BMW airbag scan tool to be reset. A common problem that triggered airbag light is the BMW seat belt pre-tensioner. Whatever, finally able to fix the Airbag light by joining the wire and sealing them with electrical insulation tape. Clear codes from the airbag control unit. It works on older BMW. No.

Only very minor issue on my 14 is the weather stripping on the inside of the backseat left door seems alittle cracked but it's been noted by BMW and if it gets worse they will replace it before my 4yrs are up.

But on a recent l trip i had no choice but to keep two carry on bags on passenger seat , with both rare seats occupied with kids.

You can replace the airbag control unit on your BMW which can get very expensive.

No. I've never presented it to my dealer as a problem, as it can be hard to reproduce. He scanned the system and the diagnosis was the SRS module failed. To fix this problem, you have two options. This happens because either the old battery was no longer providing the required voltage (voltage dropped under 12 volt) or you disconnected the battery while the key was in the ignition.

Not sure how this happened, but had recently changed the new battery in dealer and had replaced airbag recall sensors.

What do you think happened? Wires may get damaged such as the airbag wires under the seat. Not sure if it is the weight or the phone signal. A BMW specific tool that can reset the airbag is required to reset the light. My Motorola RAZR triggers it. To move the window up and down to pull out the regulator, reconnect the airbag sensor before you turn the ignition on. The airbag warning light has a different computer (SRS Control UNit) and does not store code on the Engine Control Unit ECU. Airbag SRS Light Illuminating on Dashboard, Locate the OBD-2 port under the dash.
I had no idea that unhooking the wires that control the seat would cause my srs and airbag light to come on. When you read SRS fault codes you will get fault codes pointing to the pre-tensioner. After going through all the BMW forums, i removed the passenger seat back panel. While airbag light on, does not affect drivability, you may not be protected in case of an accident.

As a result, some smartphones might NOT trigger it, while others DO trigger it.

Shutdown for 15 minutes, drove for 5, shutdown for 15 more drove another 10, no lights.

If there was nothing at all on the seat then it's possible there is a faulty sensor. Always disconnect the battery before working on any airbag component. To diagnose BMW airbag light yourself you will spend on average $100 to purchase a scanner that can read BMW specific codes. Diagnosing BMW airbag light at the dealer will cost you at a minimum one hour labor. When your BMW airbag light stays on it means there is a problem with the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) and the airbags may not deploy if you get into an accident. Your iPad was on when the problem happened, right?

How can I reset it by myself, I'm out of warranty.

Go back one menu.

Note that if the airbag light is on, there is a chance that all airbags may deploy even during a minor accident. i have air bag and seat belt light on on dash board the car give,s me code cc-id 97. BMW X3 2008 Head Restraint error code and Airbag light. I noticed headrest airbag wire which connects to the bottom of the seat airbag module had broken ( cut in wire ). If the airbag light comes on and off, it is often caused by a loose wire or contact. The sensor is installed under the passenger seat cushion and detects if the passenger is over a certain weight.

If you are experiencing problems with your car, we strongly recommend seeking the advice of an auto mechanic that can diagnose your vehicle in a repair shop with the right tools. I've never presented it to my dealer as a problem, as it can be hard to reproduce. If your car has been affected by the recall, a BMW dealer will fix the airbag problem free of charge. Here is a quick way to check if the problem is the clock spring.

Don't rule out the clock spring if the horn works. There is a weight sensor in the seat. It's an RFI issue.

It is my belief that the cause of the false seatbelt warning is Radio Frequency Interference, high frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by electronic devices.

Just plug it into the OBD2 port and you are ready to read and clear codes.

• If your BMW airbag light on does not come on, the airbag light bulb may have been removed or covered. It may still be defective. Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:14 am . If you have DIY skills, you can replace the passenger seat sensor yourself. They will return as soon as you restart the car. In very few certain circumstances, the airbag light will turn off once you fix the underlying problem without the need for a scan tool. Maybe the issue if the car was involved in an accident or you had work done at the front end of your BMW.

Inside the seat belt buckle is a small switch that can fail.


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