blu detiger parents
I’m very grateful that they named me Blu. I know! Yeah, so as I was saying, my older brother was playing drums and, so naturally, I'm two years younger, so naturally I was like, "I wanna do something too." ESCALANTE: No, I didn’t.

I just really fell in love with the instrument. Minnesota Music That is Blu DeTiger and "Figure It Out" and we're here together. It came so naturally, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m back in it.’. I know not everyone is the same, but for me, the only way I like to feel good and happy is by being productive and making stuff.

Zule has a negative result, I’m trying to stay creative. Yeah. Blu DeTiger (@bludetiger) on TikTok | 13.2M Likes. Just that performance experience is really good. That's amazing.

I’m very grateful that they named me Blu. Blu DeTiger always knew that music was something that she wanted to do. Yeah. DETIGER: It is so weird. By the time she was 17 years old DeTiger was touring with bands as a bass player for hire and started to kick off her own DJing career.

It was finally something that felt more like my own creative expression. And then just the performance experience, straight up. Blu and I catch up over the phone to talk about her new music and her envy-worthy ascension in the New York music scene (and the TikTok community). I really liked the idea of controlling the room and having the ability to figure out what makes people dance, or stop dancing. Did you take a hiatus from college or did you drop out?

DETIGER: I’m definitely going to name my kids insane stuff. She gained club kid notoriety by pulling out her bass in the middle of her DJ sets–a welcome addition that could make any jaded New Yorker migrate to the middle of the dance floor. New York-born singer and bassist, known for her classic funk, new wave, and disco-influenced sound. She actually gives lessons now so I was thinking of hitting her up just to talk or play. 22 Year Old Bassist #3.

She has the ability to weave disco house and slap bass into a groovy tapestry of sound that pays homage to her eclectic upbringing.

Blu DeTiger is a young 20-year-old bassist from New York City who recently released her debut single “In My Head” produced by NYC electronic … “Naturally I thought, ‘Oh I want to play an instrument too!’ I was thinking to myself electric guitar was too mainstream — which is funny to think about because I was 7 years old and thinking like this —I wanted to be more unique,” said DeTiger. BLU DETIGER: Thanks so much for having me on.

I did this program called “School of Rock” where I got to play at CBGB and all these cool clubs when I was really young. And the distance between frets, and if you're a kid, oh my god! I had to come up with it on the spot a lot of the time.

Then I finished it off with another person months and months later. Poster is 24" x 18".

DETIGER: So sweet. It just, I don't know, it just kind of happened. I’m going to name my kids Rocket or something. DETIGER: Yeah. DETIGER: I changed to Clive which I thought was going to be really good for me, and it was, for a second, but then I got a really good touring opportunity where I was opening for The Knocks, taking a tour bus all around America. Bassist. But yeah my brother will play drums for me and he was playing drums in the little videos that we made at home and then I'll have a bigger band when we do actual shows. So I took a semester off and I haven’t gone back yet.

Keeping up her artistic practice, even in these stressful times, just makes her feel good. Jim McGuinn For my own music, for my artist project. So it’s honestly the most insane app ever. And I know that, a lot of the reaction for you started through Tik Tok and through, well I guess particularly through Tik Tok, but social media in general and when you started posting videos did you have any idea that this was going to somehow lead to a song of yours now having millions of Spotify spins and stuff like that?

Keeping up her artistic practice, even in these stressful times, just makes her feel good. I wrote it over Zoom with a few friends which was really interesting because that was the first song I did during quarantine that was online. I don't know. DETIGER: Right before I left to go on tour, I was in the airport and I had a ton of time and I was like, ‘Oh.


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