bird eggs disappeared from nest


Just vanished into thin air. Watch the nest constantly for at least two hours from as far away as possible to allow the parents to safely reconnect with the baby. I kept checking from the window (very discrete) and mama bird kept coming back, feeding them. Most of them don't make it for one reason or another. When my kids were babies, I wouldn't have appreciated large mammals peeking in at them as they slept, so I wouldn't do that to another mom. I was so excited to watch them grow I saw them 2 days ago. There is a shrub right outside my kitchen window that grows up against the back of the house. Therefore, I get to joyfully experience more of their successes and am consequently exposed to more of their failures too.

Last year I had a Robin nest in a small ornamental cherry tree.

The circle of life continues...~~Angie.

Snuggle the bird in facial tissue directly against the source of warmth, but be sure it is not too hot!!!.

I was so happy ( and in shock ) that the babies got moved after reading all the comments that Cardinals don't/cant move there babies.

Every year, more and more wildlife show up.So its exactly like you said.....we get to experience more of their successes and their failures too. The parents will show up for just a few seconds, feed it and take off until the next feeding.

I would imagine even a neighbor getting a new dog would affect bird behavior at a house.

It is otherwise illegal to possess eggs of a native bird under the Migratory Bird Act. After all "Baby birds are pretty exciting" so why not sacrifice a couple of them every year.The sad part about all this is that you are teaching your kids the way of destruction and they will never even realize how harmful is that kind of behavior. Jams in CT. Those who wish to pet and baby wildlife love them, but those who respect their natures and wish to let them live their natural lives, love them more. As a side note it is against federal law to poses a native bird, even in your case while trying to save its life, unless you are in process of taking it to licensed rehab center. If mom came back during the nigh or early in the morning and there was no chicks she is for sure gone. They disappeared in an afternoon with no signs of struggle.

Yes, we certainly did get that close to the nest, myself and 5 children.

Newly hatched birds are equally vulnerable to injury, they are very fragile. One day there were just four babies. Mama bird kept jumping on the branches even on Monday morning, but the baby is gone.

We have phoebes nesting over our front door (very protected site in terms of predators like snakes or raccoons -- would be impossible) and four eggs hatched over the last several days.

It had feathers but wasn't quite ready to be out of the nest. Some birds, like the killdeer, actually lay their eggs on the ground without anything that really resembles a “nest”. Enjoy the view, you are doing just fine and very responsible. Here is quote from Emergency Care For Birds and FAQs: "The parents will show up for just a few seconds, feed it and take off until the next feeding. It is different when the young or eggs disappear, but when an adult gets killed it really is hard to take. Don’t assume that if a bird is staying in the nest that you aren’t bothering them.

Fortunately there were no eggs or babies yet :)), Our robins that I photographed with a motion detector camera in our porch.. Two days before fledging. The first two newborn chicks disappeared mid-morning and she sat on the remaining two eggs another day. Another bird, or an animal?Nature can be so wonderful, but sometimes its just hard to take!

It was a robin's nest she built at the top of a trellis next to my shed. These do look like robins. I asked her where is the baby but she flew to the top of the garage light and push her head to the wall. Yes the baby is still in the empty nest not doing good.

If the parents return, they may not recognize or accept the new nest location. Now we've found a woodpecker's nest, but we can't get close to that one! If you desperately need to move an active nest and simply cannot work around it, call a local wildlife rehabilitator. I didn't even know we had a nest until we started trimming those bushes down and we heard her chirping.

However before incubation, during the egg laying period, birds don’t actually have to spend much time on the nest at all!

Not wood. The birds won’t mind, but it could attract other mammal predators.

I know I'm anthropomorphizing, but I feel so bad for the torture the little ones must have gone through, and what the parent birds must be feeling now.Dangit.Maybe I should get rid of that trellis, because birds always are fooled into thinking the top of it is a good spot for a nest.I'm sad. Do not let the bird sprawl on the bottom of the nest.

This is quite an old thread but I have to say - "creeper" is an appropriate name for creeper.

The parents were back within the hour and I was quite thrilled. I took a photo of the new babies this morning, and this afternoon the nest is empty. Depending on where the bird is in the egg laying cycle, they might just not be incubating yet. If you do not see this happening, continue to care for the bird until you find help.".


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