bioactive sugar glider cage

Glider Central provides several links to pages with instructions on how to build cages at home. It may “look” like lots of other cages at first glance, but the quality is VERY different. This cage has wheels, so it is easy to change its location when need be. The rule of thumb here is very simple.

... Brisbane Cage & Starter Package for Sugar Gliders. Also, they have large ears that twitch individually. However, when they are LITTLE babies and haven’t fully bonded to you yet, they will pretty much go wherever you let them. They can also express displeasure and bark like a toy dog to boot. Most Vets agree that the kinds of wood shavings use for animal cages (typically pine or cedar) are NOT safe for sugar gliders – because they almost always contain something called “phenols” (a natural toxic substance).

Pocket Pets is the nation's leading resource for Sugar Glider products & information. Otherwise, it won’t give you the peace of mind knowing that your sneaky pets are far from harm’s reach. A larger wheel, with a solid surface, is best so that legs and tails do not get caught. Balconies are made from 1/2" x 1/2" powdercoated mesh. This cage stands 60 inches tall, measures 24 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. Being able to access your pet's cage any time of the day is very important for cleaning, feeding, and doing a few tweaks inside the cage. However, some customers suggest that the little entries on the sides should be wrapped around so your pets can’t lift it open. This particular wrought iron cage by Prevue Hendryx is the bigger version of their best-selling F040 unit. This cage measures 32” x 20” 63” and has a bar spacing of 0.5 inches. You just slide the pieces together using force or a rubber mallet. But perhaps the most time-consuming part is pre-cleaning its components, as some customers complained that this cage has manufacturing residues.

Therefore, these sweet marsupials do better if they live in pairs. It features a sheet frame construction, which is professionally finished with a pet-friendly powder coat. Healthy treats offer a tremendous benefit for sugar gliders & their parents. $256.90. It also comes with two double-feed bowls, two climbing posts, and a pull-out tray. This cage measures 63” x 33” x 22” inclusive of its spacious storage area. :-).

They do have the disadvantage of absorbing urine and other wastes, so they will need to be discarded and replaced occasionally. Here’s why… First, if you look at the cage that came with your baby Sugar bear, you will notice that the wire has a special coating on it, and that the holes in the cage are actually one by a one-half inch rectangles – NOT bars. This cage is also easy to put together. A good minimum size for a pair of sugar gliders is 24 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

We're trying to create the best experience for you & your fuzzy family. Sugar gliders are VERY social animals, and they LOVE to be out where the action is. Materials such as wood and unglazed clay pots (with holes in the side) fall under this category. Now, ALONG WITH that bottle you will either find a “U” shaped wire to hang the bottle on the outside of the cage, or there will be a STRAIGHT wire actually INSIDE the bottle ITSELF. It can also be used for a travel cage. For example, almost all large cages have vertical bars – which are FINE for older Sugar bears. Ok, now having said that, let’s wrap up this article by quickly covering what are probably the TWO most common ways that a Sugar bear can die around the house, and how you can easily keep this from happening to YOUR new babies… The first thing to watch for are TOILETS – because an open toilet lid, combined with an inquisitive little Sugar glider, is pretty much a formula for disaster. Another thing to consider as far as cage setup goes, is simply where is the best place in your house or apartment to put the cage. A nice idea is to make a cage that sits inside a tray (plastic or metal) that is a few inches larger than the floor space of the cage to catch any wastes that fall outside of the cage. Remember, Sugar bears naturally LOVE sweet things, so before you let your Sugar gliders out to run around, just be sure to put away any chocolate that might be lying around – including M&M’s. The Congo Cage stands 68 inches tall, measures 32 inches wide and 21 inches deep. Copyright 2018 | Pet Comments | Privacy Policy | About, The Ideal Abode for a Sugar-Loving Marsupial, 1.

$344.95. Plus, it features two full-width double doors that offer maximum accessibility and a reliable locking mechanism. There are also five other feeder doors built into the front of the cage.

Just like its Exotic Nutrition counterparts, this one features a wrought iron tubing construction and is professionally finished with a non-toxic powder coat. On the bright side, this cage is a cinch to configure. However, just like you wouldn’t let a small child just go blindly run all around the house and over to your neighbors’ yard without a lot of supervision at first, you want to slowly get your Sugar bears used to their surroundings and then let them EARN their freedom a little at a time. Most importantly, you can separate it into two cages by simply locking the ramp that connects between units. It features an iron tubing construction for increased stability, interior space and comfort for your mini pets. The undersides of the shelves even have bars that you can use to hang toys to entertain your fun-loving sugar gliders. Assembling this cage is straightforward but it is best to ask help from a friend to make the process quicker.

Know that this cage is mobile, as it has casters on the bottom. Be cautious not to bring branches with pesticides and those from toxic plants.

This PVC coating is completely harmless to your Sugar bears AND has another big benefit to you in that it makes the cage very easy to clean! For an active baby Sugar bear, this can be a BIG problem, because when they instinctively jump from side to side, they have to REALLY squeeze these vertical bars to hold on and keep from sliding down. This heavy-duty cage, which is also beautifully made for your sugar gliders, measures 66” x 28” x 24” with a bar spacing of 0.5 inches. Sugar gliders are active little animals and need lots of room in their cage.

A metal pull-out tray and a wired bottom tray are also included to make cleaning a cinch.

Sugar gliders are social animals, as they live in colonies in the wild. Since most animal cages and bird cages out there are made of a cheap pot metal that’s either galvanized or epoxy coated to avoid rusting, they can leave a distinct zinc residue on their animal occupants. Critter Nation 162 Deluxe by MidWest Homes, 8. However, it is nice to have a helper to hold things in place and make the assembly a lot quicker.

A nice idea is to make a cage that sits inside a tray (plastic or metal) that is a few inches larger than the floor space of the cage to catch any wastes that fall outside of the cage. Aside from the three metal shelves and ladders, the Madagascar Cage also comes with two double-feed dishes and two wood climbing posts. Wooden toys, such as those made for birds and rodents, make good toys for sugar gliders. It has a large swing-out door on the front, as well as one feeder door on each side. Since commercial cages do not often come in the dimensions preferred for sugar gliders, many owners fashion cages of welded wire. First of, it is wonderfuly spacious in size – and the Epoxy used to coat the bars is a special high-density polymer that is tough as nails! The shelves are also easy to clean and it eliminates potential foot injury in your pets, as there is really no way for your sugar gliders to get their feet caught in the shelves. Our cages are some of the best on the market, top notch build quality and finish, sturdy and … Cage and floor wire are made from 1/2" x 1" powdercoated mesh. Should you wish to place it on a table for display, you can always remove the stand if need be or make use of its heavy-duty casters for relocation. Also, those with sticky resins like pine and cedar are not ideal. Then, since they are also very clean animals who lick and groom themselves almost constantly, any chemical residue on their fur will be LICKED into their digestive system – and they can die from zinc poisoning. In fact, we normally won’t sell a baby any other way, because we want to be SURE that every Sugar bear is going to a home that is set up properly, and that they have the right cage and supplies. Over the last 15 years, we have tested all different types of large cages – and one thing we can tell you for SURE is that looks are definitely DECEIVING. This cage is made of carbon steel wire finished with elegant non-toxic epoxy paint. Since you want them to bond with YOU and the other people in your family (not your house) just make sure that ANY time they are out of their cage – at least during the first six weeks – they are either IN your hands or ON your body somewhere.

Other than doing a few tweaks yourself, the Mcage Four-Level Large Wrought Iron Cage works great and is a lot cheaper for the quality it provides. The bottom line is that you can pretty much control the noise level at night largely by just picking out which toys are in their cage, and if their cage is located out in the kitchen or living room anyway, you probably won’t even hear it. Lara is an animal lover and a pet writer. Since the first few weeks are SO important to the bonding process (for more information on this, see our article on Bonding), we STRONGLY suggest that you do NOT let your new little babies run or jump around the house very much at all at first. If you find yourself in a tight budget, the new Mcage Four-Level Large Wrought Iron Cage will give you a bang for your bucks. It will save you a LOT of time! Many people advocate nest boxes made from porous materials, which breathe a bit and absorb moisture. It also has two sliding areas to put the grille and the droppings tray that comes with it.

Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. A highly accessible cage also makes cleaning more effective, as you can reach all nooks and crannies. There is also a pull-out droppings tray that catches poop, dirt, debris, etc. Again, once this happens, your Sugar gliders can easily get zinc poisoning and die.

The PROBLEM with this is that almost all of these cages are made in China, and the epoxy coating is very cheap and starts flaking off after just a couple months. You can check those out at our online store at: Avoid branches from coniferous trees such as pine and cedar due to the sticky sap produced by these trees. Overall, this cage is sturdy, functional, and a cinch to move or clean. This is also why sugar gliders can easily bond with families. Now, obviously the danger here is drowning. It measures 32” x 19” x 60” and has a bar spacing of 0.5 inches. Therefore, here’s what we recommend. The dimensions of the PCFT32N model is 32” x 20” x 53”. This cage is complete with a slide-out bottom tray and a grate for hassle-free cleaning; cross metal platforms and metal ladders; four heavy-duty rolling wheels for easy relocation; and a large swing-out door with a reliable safety lock. Now, this makes the cage cost a little more than identical-LOOKING “discount” cages, but the few dollars of extra cost is MORE than worth it – especially considering that the Sugar bear’s LIFE is literally on the line. Again, both toilet lids and chocolate are VERY simple problems to avoid, but we just wanted to make sure and take a couple seconds to cover them both here so that there won’t be any innocent accidents made later on by well-meaning friends or family who just don’t know any better. About the only other factor to consider when deciding where to put your Sugar glider’s cage is noise. Mcage New Large Wrought Iron Four-Level, It prevents your pets from getting pudgy, as they, Provides maximum space, visibility, and ventilation, Has 2 large hinged front access doors and 6 small side access doors for optimum accessibility, Equipped with a pull-out grille, a droppings tray, and a storage shelf, Lightweight and has rolling casters for easy transportation, Customers mention that it requires zip ties to permanently close the doors on the bottom, Horizontal bars with 0.5” spacing is thick, stain-resistant, and chew-proof, Exhibits 2 full-width doors with rust-resistant latches, Stackable and units can be separated by closing the ramp, Covered ramp adds traction and foot protection, The shelves and doors can be removed for cleaning, Legs have wheels (with locking features) for quick relocation, Finished with a pet-friendly powder coating, Made with premium quality materials and professional craftsmanship, Exhibits 2 large front doors and 2 small side doors, Has a pull-out bottom tray for easy cleaning, Complete with 2 plastic double-feed dishes, 3 wood climbing posts, 2 wire ladders, 3 metal wire shelves, a pull-out droppings tray, and a spacious storage shelf, Wired floor increases the risk for potential feet injuries, Exhibits 2 large front doors with strong locks, Has a metal grate and a pull-out bottom tray for easy cleaning, Comes with 3 metal shelves, 3 metal ladders, 2 double-feed dishes, and 2 wood climbing posts, Difficult to reach and clean corners due to lack of side doors, Heavy-duty carbon steel wire construction finished with a non-toxic epoxy paint, 7 Feeder doors and 1 large swing-out door with lock, Both metal grate and droppings tray can be removed for easy cleaning, Time-consuming assembly due to the lack of a user-friendly manual, Comes with free four plastic cups and two sanded wood perches, Metal grate and slide-out bottom shelf for easy cleaning, All you get for directions are pictures with small details, Complete with 2 double-feed bowls, 2 climbing posts, and a pull-out bottom tray, The cage can be separated from its rolling stand, Lack of side doors makes cleaning a challenge, Storage space takes up almost half of its size, Sturdy wrought iron cage finished with black/white epoxy paint, Shelves and ladders are wire-crossed to prevent slipping, Complete with a slide-out bottom tray and grate for hassle-free cleaning, Has a swing-out door at the front with a strong metal lock, Spacious and has 4 levels for your pets to explore, Portable and can be pushed around for relocation, Unstable base - has to be clipped or zip-tied to keep it in place, Has a wired bottom tray and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, Included are 2 double-feed dishes and 2 climbing posts, Difficult to access and clean corners due to the sizes of the doors, Boasts of a wrought iron frame construction, The cage can be separated from the rolling stand.


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