biggest waves in kauai

If you feel confident enough, then venture further offshore to where the reef starts to produce more challenging waves for adrenaline infused adventure. Just off the reef, you will find three popular surf breaks generating bigger waves for the expert surfer. You should check our "Beaches on Kauai" segment on our website to learn more about the beaches and … We did get some nice photos looking down towards the beach from a clearing...oh time.

Top 10 Things To Do In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Cultural Indulgence: 9 Amazing Things To Do In Shiraz, Iran, Hotels & Vacation Rentals Near Glenfinnan Station Museum, UK, Hotels & Vacation Rentals Near Glenariff Forest, UK. Thanks for stopping by! On a calmer day, this would have been our 2nd favorite beach on the island, behind Polihale State Park. Be sure, to wear shoes that you can hike in- There aren’t any facilities at the beach, so... - Please remove your trash, there aren’t any trash cans- Reportedly, there is a nudist beach around the corner.
During the warmer months, the waters of Hanalei Bay are tranquil, making it the perfect place for novice swimmers, snorkellers and surfers to refine their skills. We stuck to the sand for the most part and just dipped our ankles in now and then.

Admittedly, there was a "high surf" warning for all of Kauai on the day we went, so the waves may have been higher than usual, but still!
You can walk along the beach for a long time, or if you're like us and were sick of walking after the trail, park your butt near the entrance. Obviously the waves break at different locations on different days. The ride and hike to the beach may seem like a bumpy drive, but the views at the end are breathtaking.

The waves of Kiahuna Beach are perfectly tailored for the avid as well as the beginner surfer. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. The crystal clear blue waters offer superb surf conditions and a refreshing swim.

Horner’s is a reef break with a rocky bottom and it has three parts to the reef, the inside break which is much more shallow, the middle break and the outside break. Some of the better places to see Kauai surfers ride the larger surf would be at Hanalei Bay, Kalihiwai Beach, Kealia Beach, Rock Quarry Beach, Secret Beach and Tunnels Beach. The waves of Polihale State Park are perfect for the more experienced surfers as the waves are significantly bigger. Take your snorkeling gear! Morning we went (to avoid any crowd) was misty/wet. We have collected the answers to some of them that seem to come up relatively frequently and posted them on this page. They clearly knew what they were doing but even then one of them got smashed hard, screamed in pain and had to get out. Kauai beaches are dangerous! I felt like I was in a beautiful jungle (minus the fear of snakes)! Lumahai Beach. This predominantly uncrowded beach attracts avid surfers to its waters because there is a lot of wave action. Kauai is peppered with hidden gems and none more alluring than the waters of Waikoko Beach.


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