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The turn occurred on the August 21, 1995 edition of Monday Night Raw, where Men on a Mission were to wrestle Smith and Lex Luger, who were then known as The Allied Powers. After dropping a significant amount of weight to improve his conditioning, Junkyard Dog returned on February 29, 1992 at SuperBrawl II. He continued to make regular appearances into the early 1990s, but he eventually retired from wrestling altogether in 1993 to spend the remainder of his days in his home town of Halifax. Am 25. [46][47][48] He was cremated, and his widow divided the ashes into 500 pendants as gifts for his loved ones. In his promotional debut, he knocked out pro wrestler Sylvester Terkay in round 1 at K-1 MMA ROMANEX. Rest in peace.

She was 31 years old.

JYD would debut on a Georgia Championship Wrestling taping held at the Kiel Auditorium on August 10, 1984 when he defeated Max Blue. However, one guy stood out above them all. [27] Goodridge returned to PRIDE after some months, fighting fellow UFC veteran Dan Bobish. Shirley Crabtree Jr. (14 November 1930 – 2 December 1997), better known as Big Daddy, was an English professional wrestler with a record-breaking 64-inch chest. He's been featured by various outlets including several appearances on NBC Sports as a wrestling analyst. ", "Tunnel vision: Bradford plans underground shopping mall". [15] After this match, Frazier's push came to an end and within several weeks both he and Horne were fired. 1993 wechselte Frazier gemeinsam mit Horne in die damalige World Wrestling Federation und nahm dort den Ringnamen Mabel an. Big Daddy V, as he's most recently remembered, was a talented performer. Following his UFC career, Goodridge travelled to Brazil to compete in vale tudo. Thanks to social media, we were able to remain friends and stay in touch that way.

A stage play by Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon, Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks premiered at the Brighton Festival Fringe in East Sussex, England between 26–28 May 2011 and subsequently toured Great Britain.[8]. [25] After two weeks on SmackDown!, he was moved to the Raw brand.[26]. He was part of the Voodoo Murders stable. Down on the Outside.

His first match came shortly after in a television taping in Atlanta against Trent Knight.

[7], In 1996, Goodridge made his debut in UFC in the eight-man tournament at UFC 8: David vs. Goliath in San Juan, Puerto Rico. [27] While working together, Viscera and Stratus appeared in a segment in which he attempted to seduce her, only to be rebuffed. [8] On April 2, 1989 JYD defeated Butch Reed at Clash of the Champions VI in New Orleans. In early 2012, Goodridge was diagnosed with early onset of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). After the restart, however, Goodridge swarmed him with uppercuts until the referee called a stop to the bout. Luger was not at the event, however, and Smith convinced Diesel to be his partner. Following his release from the WWF, Frazier returned to the independent circuit.

The rivalry started after Mabel helped Yokozuna, another wrestler managed by Jim Cornette, attack a downed Undertaker. His brother Brian was a wrestling referee and later MC, while his other brother Max was a booker for – and later proprietor of – Joint Promotions.

On July 6, 1997, Goodridge participated in the first International Vale Tudo Championship tournament. They would feud with The Vegas Connection (Dallas Page & Vinnie Vegas) the rest of the summer. He wrestled in the United Kingdom for a while. [9] He quickly became embroiled in a feud with Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship. From then on, he was always a babyface to me because of that experience. [37] Three weeks later, he debuted on ECW on SyFy, repackaged as Big Daddy V, a "hired muscle" character in the employ of Matt Striker, arriving just in time to help Striker in his rivalry with The Boogeyman. He became smitten with Raw ring announcer Lilian Garcia and tried different tactics to seduce her every week. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Bigdaddy animated GIFs to your conversations. Ritter died on June 2, 1998, in a single-car accident on Interstate 20 near Forest, Mississippi, as he was returning home from his daughter LaToya's high school graduation in Wadesboro, North Carolina. The European version of the multi-format game Legends of Wrestling II featured Big Daddy as an exclusive extra Legendary Wrestler. [5][7] According to Goodridge, the hold had been planned by him and his cornermen after they casually witnessed Herrera training intensively his fireman's carry takeovers, although they had originally conceived it to set up a wrist lock, not strikes. On August 8, 2009, at Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW)'s 10th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, Viscera defeated 2 Tuff Tony in a "Loser Leaves JCW" match, with WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk as special guest referee. Instead of going to the overtime period, the referee stopped the fight due to cuts in Goodridge's face, which Schultz had rubbed in order to deepen them. McDevitt called Viscera's death "tragic", but added: "It's ridiculous that someone can ... try to blame someone because a gentleman with a weight problem died of a heart attack in the shower eight years after he last performed.

His relevancy was still fresh in my mind, as it was only two years earlier that he had been fighting for the WWF world title and had won the King of the Ring. A locker room filled with quite the mix of names: Bam Bam Bigelow, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, The Headbangers and even Duke “The Dumpster” Droese. Based originally on the character of the same name played by actor Burl Ives in the first screen adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), 'Big Daddy' was first given life by Crabtree in late 1974, initially still as a villain. [16], He also returned to Tennessee to wrestle for the United States Wrestling Association, which went through a number of administration changes during his stay, and was rebranded Memphis Championship Wrestling and Memphis Wrestling. Despite Yatsu's Olympic amateur wrestling credentials, Goodridge easily avoided his takedowns, while landing regular leg kicks and one-two combos. On March 29, 1994, they won the title at a house show in London, England. 2006 Las Vegas Grand Prix II quarter-final. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 27. Seine größten Erfolge hatte er bei der Wrestlingorganisation WWE, wo er in deren wöchentlichen Sendungen sowie bei Großveranstaltungen auftrat und den World Tag Team Champion-Titel erhielt. A firm fans' favourite particularly amongst children, Big Daddy came to the ring in either a sequinned cape or a Union Flag jacket and top hat. On July 6, 1998, Mabel made a one-night-only surprise return to the WWF to unsuccessfully challenge the new King of the Ring, Ken Shamrock. The second elbow strike landed on Herrera's temple and knocked him unconscious, but the fight was not stopped until Goodridge landed seven more blows, giving Herrera a concussion and a broken cheekbone. Frazier wrestled for All Japan Pro Wrestling, as Big Daddy Voodoo (later just Big Daddy), and held the All Asia Tag Team Champion with TARU from April 29 to August 29, 2011. Prior to his career in combat sports, he worked as a welder at the Honda factory in Alliston, Ontario.[4]. Nash pointed to Frazier's use of a frequently utilized move by wrestlers of comparable size, the sitdown splash. Goodridge is a convert to Islam, and first made the revelation in July 2018 while on The Deen Show. I told him a story about me watching wrestling with my father, who wasn't really a wrestling fan but occasionally would watch with me.

One of Britain's most popular wrestlers, the unbeatable bone-crushing force of Giant Haystacks, who stood 6ft 11in & 45 stone or so at heaviest. He ended up going to UFC 8 with less than a month's experience in the art. Remembering Big Daddy V: One of Pro Wrestling's Most Gentle Giants Justin LaBar @ @JustinLaBar ... We made small talk as you would expect for a boy speaking to a big-name wrestler. [3], Goodridge was born in Saint James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago before moving to Barrie, Ontario, Canada. His first opponent was a debutant, former professional wrestler Osamu "Tachihikari" Kawahara, whom Goodridge defeated via choke in under a minute. He then landed a heavy knee strike (now legal) and followed with ground and pound until the TKO. Finally, after grabbing again Otavio's testicles from a clinch, Goodridge overpowered him and landed strikes for the KO, winning the tournament. His first match was against Mario "Sukata" Neto, which ended in 6:02 when Goodridge tapped out again due to exhaustion. LaToya died on October 19, 2011. In the second round, however, Rodriguez scored an early takedown and dominated the Trinidadian with ground and pound, ultimately gaining the decision win. It was rumored that Goodridge had been paid to throw the fight, but Gary himself said in an interview that, although he was effectively proposed an anonymous money bribe to let Ogawa win, he rejected it and fought for real, thus losing legitimately to Ogawa. [29] Goodridge, and co-author Mark Dorsey, published in December 2011, Gatekeeper: The Fighting Life of Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge. He graduated with a political science degree. After the July 1999 break up of the Ministry, Viscera floated around the mid-card, frequently teaming with fellow former Ministry member Mideon and becoming part of the burgeoning hardcore division, winning the WWF Hardcore Championship on April 2, 2000 at WrestleMania 2000, and losing it minutes later, in the same Battle Royal-style match. Goodridge was taken down repeatedly, struck with elbows and headbutts and finally submitted for giving his back.

Remembering the World of Sport Wrestling British Legend 'Big Daddy" Shirley Crabtree [13][14] Although King Mabel was to wrestle The Undertaker once he returned, Frazier's days in the WWF were numbered after this incident as the company was not happy with him injuring yet another of its top stars. That was exactly what happened, and I collected. He even said later in the conversation when I was recalling some trivial piece of wrestling history, “Man, you remember a lot.”. During the 1960s Crabtree owned an underground nightclub in Bradford which is now called Sunbridge Wells.[3]. He headlined Wembley Arena with singles matches against Quinn in 1979 and Haystacks in 1981. JYD began a main event run in May 1990. It was the fall of 1997, and I was just approaching my 10th birthday.


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