best suv for single women

Hi Maura – Here are our top picks: The Ford Focus has a markedly different character than most Ford products sold in the U.S. and Canada. topic of the blogger lovers but this paragraph is truly a I will also be traveling with a couple of pups…although they are small, I think I might feel safer on the road with a big dog…lab, German Shepard or big mutt. I’ve rv’20 years and lot models are for larger families. Long gone are the days of choosing from a Chevrolet Tahoe or a Ford Expedition–most people now consider them too cumbersome for daily driving. Presently, I reside in Rhode Island near family with two grandchildren. There are also many budget options available. Eg. Trailer with all options. It offers little in the way of cargo space but has unique curvy styling and powerful performance. Up and down a few roads going to interesting places like the northwest Canada and Alaska. Heading from TX to South Dakota for Sturgis to work in a “high-end” food truck, then onto Montana for the fall. Innovations like a totally flat passenger floor (no center "tunnel") make the Civic comfortable and practical. 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300. it’s never too late. Jean, I want to enjoy my day of fishing and then come back and shower and relax.

Retail sales rose over 15% in 2011. Travel Trailer: Evergreen Element (Photos courtesy of

Would be fine if you’re staying only at campgrounds with facilities, but I like to dry camp whenever possible, and prefer my own clean bathroom. I feel like I still want just a truck camper combo. The small tear drops and pop-ups are better in the dry west. Toy Hauler: Jayco Octane (Photos courtesy of It is the SUV with the most cargo room in the compact class and offers optional V6 power while still delivering good fuel economy. I am having trouble finding one.

What a relief!! again, thank you for yours (and every one else’s comments). I’m very apprehensive because I have to learn to do this myself, but it has been a life long dream.

I am poring over solo women websites to glean what info I can about what like-minded women are accomplishing, and in what rigs. Do not over-complicate - As much as you’d like to know that everything is taken care of, many can attest to how annoyed the mature audience gets with technology that is far too complicated. What Are the Most Popular Celebrity SUVs? The Subaru Forester is just but one of a few cars for women that are best fit for safely negotiating slick corners. Thanks, Nan Otero, I also love the cricket as mentioned above, but I chose to buy a custom made teardrop trailer. Hybrid and natural-gas powered versions are well-priced and environmentally conscious. I can send a few pics later. SUVs used to have their drawbacks. • Smaller models can be towed by mid-size vehicles, including the family car, minivan, SUV, or pickup truck equipped with a hitch. To women, to reaching our goals, to living life fully! The Fit is especially handy in urban areas, where its small size allows it to nip through traffic and squeeze into tiny parking spots. It offers invigorating handling and performance while on the road, but if you take it off the pavement, it can still keep up with bigger, brawnier SUVs. The KIA K900 is a sharp-looking car that means business. Sarah.

Karen, I’m also curious about how to find friends with similar interests. Thank you in advance for any information you give me. Magazine digital archive I’m single but want quality without size. Being a grandparent and being on the road the vast majority of the time over the past 10 years I have to say that a travel trailer that offers a full bathroom (toilet/tub/vanity) is a must. #2. It is important to match the loaded weight of the RV to the towing capacity of the tow vehicle. Women know how to pick their cars, and this female favorite German masterpiece is a testament to that.

While the model is Trail Rated by Jeep and is among the best small SUVs in the snow, it seems better suited in an urban environment.

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I hope to meet some of you out on the road! The tapered roof line make the vehicle look more like a sports car than an SUV, but the CX-7 lives up to its sporty reputation as a vehicle that can handle the road with power and respect. The automatic, four-wheel drive is reliable, smooth, and has incredible fuel economy! I’ve put about 8000 miles on it and love it. • At the campground, easily detach from the tow vehicle to use the vehicle for errands and sightseeing. Just stumbled across this site! It is a fuel-efficient and offers good cargo carrying capacity for a compact. • Lightweight composite models are designed specifically for towing behind many six-cylinder family vehicles. I would also like to know if you found one.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Join Us On: | © 2020 | All Rights Reserved, top ten 2011 models with the highest proportion of female drivers, 2011 Ford Explorer Named North American Truck of the Year. Oh my gosh, this is GREAT to read about women who want to travel and see U.S. you are all giving me so much help now that I am an empty nester after being a single mom and now a single grandma. Several people voiced an interest in a small travel trailer, easy to tow but still live-able. Class B: Winnebago Travato (Photos courtesy of Take delivery mid October. That’s my plan too, but with my lab Jake. My 2 kids want to pass me back and forth when I retire (within the year), but I want to be able to escape and travel, and do some things I haven’t had time for while working. Let us know what you think by posting to this blog:). I am planning to convert one. but not great for overwintering in. Driving the Murano is a pleasure and although cargo space is somewhat limited due to the slanted rear window design, the back seats can easily hold full-size adults comfortably. For communications amateur radio. One of the best SUVs for senior citizens in 2020 is the Honda CR-V Hybrid. by november and then i am starting out on my first solo adventure beginning with the exploration of some parks in northern california. Most working women, especially those who are busy moms, prefer a vehicle that's affordable, has plenty of storage, and is fuel efficient. However, every female is unique, and no two women will have the same choice. The car remains one of Audi’s most coveted vehicles and is a huge hit with the ladies. Commonly called van campers, Type B motorhomes are built using automotive manufactured van or panel-truck shells. I don’t want to turn a dinette into a bed etc.

Reading the many comments from all of you single women who are out on the road, and doing it solo, has been one of the most inspiring adventures of my life. I love the way they are built and their 2year bumper to bumper warranty. How did your van turn out? ( Log Out /  The Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 sets a high standard for luxury SUV’s, starting with its elegant design and plush interior.

I have just purchased a casita spirit deluxe 17 foot These vehicles appeal to women because they have all-wheel-drive, they are easy to drive, they are a breeze to park at retailers, and the interior is upscale and roomy.

Comfortable, safe, and sharp - the Lexus ES 350 wins female hearts with ease. I’m looking for a toyhauler with washer/dryer in closet livingroom or Two tvs, 12 foot garage w washer dryer party deck. Beyond reliability and safety data, press writers admire the RAV4 year after year, and drivers can’t deny the practicality, safety and reliability that comes from Toyota. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding

The predominance of compact crossovers in this top 10 list show that women value the higher ride hide, practicality, and available all-wheel drive that these models offers. If you’re looking for an SUV that has your back on the road, here’s our list of the top 6 safest SUV’s of 2019. • Folding Camping Trailers appeal to budget-conscious consumers looking for a roomy, towable RV. Its fuel-efficient 1.5-liter engine has plenty of get-up-and-go, even with an automatic transmission, and Honda quality means it'll last an eon. The Sportage competes fiercely in the SUV market in terms of design, features, reliability and safety–all at a retail price that is a value versus the competition. I forgot to mark notify me by email of follow-up comments. I don’t have a motorcycle, etc. I’m 62 and will probably travel solo with my German Shepherd Service dog. Please note: Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. I would also be solo. Large cars such as SUVs offer the most comfort when it comes to sleeping in the car. I like JAYCO’s construction and extra storage.

#6 Toyota RAV4 – The RAV4 ranks in the middle of the pack based on our analysis of over 50 reviews.

Women have also increased their share of some of the hottest luxury cars on the market.

I am very interested in any information you can provide with traveling with the Aliner pop up Afram trailer. Most older shoppers aren’t going to be extremely concerned with going as fast as possible, so opting for a smaller engine that gets the job done makes sense.

For instance, if your 70-year-old mother has been driving a 2005 Honda for well over a decade, she’ll likely go for something like a Honda CR-V. There are many versions of this travel trailer from different mfrs. When perusing reviews of what is available, here are a few pointers to think about: Even the crème de la crème has its downfalls, but the high-riders on this list are excellent in most departments: There are certain requirements that need to be met in order for an SUV to qualify as a worthy contender in this category: Currently, the Volvo XC40 ticks all the right boxes. It’s the perfect boss car for a leading lady to show off her sense of style and establish an air of authority. The BMW X4 Coupe is a luxury, high-end SUV with a twist! i am looking at the airstream nest but it isn’t going to be available until spring:(, I am just starting out on a fly fishing adventure and would love to discuss with you. Today, sleek styling, luxury features, and practicality are the primary considerations when sorting through SUV makes and models. #1. Toyota's Camry has been a top-selling car in the U.S. for years. Guess what…I survived and I’m ready to live life on my own terms for once. What would you be willing to pay me to set up a site? Indeed, this compact sedan offers up enough individuality for an independent woman, enough cachet for the up-and-coming executive, and enough room for a woman with children on board. ( Log Out /  Travel, US, All of the info and pictures are courtesy of • Owners can tow a small vehicle for short side trips once the motorhome is parked. Hi Ladies, my journey will be to head west across the nation from new england.

The trailer will be outfitted with solar. I suppose there could be danger everywhere. • Ample living space means kitchen, dining, and sleeping areas are standard, with additional amenities available depending on size. I see many women are heading out solo. #10 Lexus RX 350 – The RX 350 continues to be a popular choice in the luxury crossover segment it helped establish over a decade ago.


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