best sg build 2k20 reddit

Creating/preventing extra possessions is what leads to games.

Shooting guards are undoubtedly one of the most important positions for any NBA side. Also facilitating finisher, pure slasher, and 2 way finisher.

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This season alone, Harden hit 342 pull-up threes (which includes his step-backs). Finishing: Close Shot - 95, Driving Layup - 78, Driving Dunk - 78, Standing Dunk - 95, Post Hook - 95, Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 62, Three-Point Shot - 48, Free Throw - 71, Post Fade - 85, Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 70, Ball Handle - 51, Post Moves - 92, Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 80, Perimeter Defense - 56, Lateral Quickness - 49, Steal - 56, Block - 77, Offensive Rebound - 76, Defensive Rebound - 76, Most Overpowered Builds In NBA 2K20 - Powered Forward Build. In addition to various tips and tricks of NBA 2 k20, we also sell the cheapest NBA 2 k20 mt, please see for details. The two-guard can be a deadly position on a basketball court. There is no absolute best build.

Gold - Acrobat, Contact Finisher, Tear Dropper, Steady Shooter, Tireless Scorer, Volume Shooter, Ankle Breaker, Handles for Days, Quick First Step, Space Creator, Tight Handles. Hope you will perform better by using the last top 5 best NBA 2K20 builds in any positions.

What are some of the best shooting builds you guys have seen or built yourself. Today, we’ll let you know who is the best shooting guard in the NBA 2k20. Klay Thompson has had the fortune and burden of playing right alongside the NBA’s best point guard, Steph Curry. ( Log Out /  Ive been trying to recreate my build in 2k19 (6'8" pure shot creator, 97 overall) Whose based around TMAC So I've been trying to find the right badge combos and have been having a lot of fun.

Post not showing up? Suggestions? Whether he’s able to add a championship and maybe an NBA Finals MVP to his resume could shoot him up the list when it comes to ranking the NBA greats. NBA 2K20 Best Builds - Top 5 Overpowered Builds For All Positions In NBA 2K20 MyTeam, Nba 2K20 Best Builds Top 5 Overpowered Builds For All Positions In Nba 2K20 Myteam. Every year each NBA game player expects for making the best MyCareer build. Top 5 Best NBA 2K20 Builds Guide & Tips . Top 5 / Top 10. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Can guard 2-5 adequately and is a threat from deep. NBA 2K20 New Features, Gameplay, MyCareer, WNBA, etc. Its what build fits your play style and if you have the skill to get the most out of the build. You can get to 83 driving dunk 80 3 ball 80 mid range decent handles and enough defensive badges to go gold in clamps and intimidator. Finishing: Close Shot - 70, Driving Layup - 50, Driving Dunk - 25, Standing Dunk - 26, Post Hook - 30, Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 93, Three-Point Shot - 93, Free Throw - 92, Post Fade - 95, Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 81, Ball Handle - 67, Post Moves - 75, Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 58, Perimeter Defense - 68, Lateral Quickness - 67, Steal - 69, Block - 71, Offensive Rebound - 30, Defensive Rebound - 71, Most Overpowered Builds In NBA 2K20 - Small Forward Build. Finishing: Close Shot - 81, Driving Layup - 76, Driving Dunk - 72, Standing Dunk - 26, Post Hook - 30, Shooting: Mid-Range Shot - 80, Three-Point Shot - 73, Free Throw - 80, Post Fade - 35, Playmaking: Pass Accuracy - 74, Ball Handle - 74, Post Moves - 63, Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 62, Perimeter Defense - 65, Lateral Quickness - 63, Steal - 62, Block - 69, Offensive Rebound - 70, Defensive Rebound - 81, Takeover: Shot Creator, Slasher, Glass Cleaner, Playmaker. We are the biggest community for anything and everything related to the NBA 2K series.

This build gets a ton of badge upgrades, 60 to be exact, allowing your player to be dominate on the offensive end. Shooting GLock is hands down the best center build for spacing the floor, as it can get stops on any center build and is a constant 3pt threat.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Skill Breakdown: Choose the chart that is predominantly yellow and green will focus on shooting and playmaking.


You should pick the most balanced pie chart. Rebounding wing is the ultimate small-ball floor spacing 3 for the park. Best all around build. Everything you could want from a PG build, That’s what i should have made. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Forces a decision by the opposing C if you have a good primary ball handler on your team. PF: Have a 2nd center run PF or have a shooting glass lock.

Skill Breakdown: Choose the mostly blue and red Skill Breakdown. Physical Profile: Choose the pie chart that has an overall even flow for the Physical Profile. Most Overpowered Builds In NBA 2K20 - Point Guard Build. YouTube popularity perhaps? The above content introduces you to the NBA 2K20 best shooting guard building guide, which is tailor-made for the shooting guard’s role and will give you a variety of tips and tricks, so please read it carefully. Rebounding is very important in 2k and this build is the best at it. He’s still very young too, 29 and what a resume’ he already has.

The defense on my offensive threat has cost me a few games, I have played with so many bad players using this build. Suggestions? Suggestions?

Try again later. Anyways, I think this is the build I would use if it started today. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I made mine slightly different and wondering how they compare. Build Creation:Skill Breakdown - Shooting/Defending and Rebounding, Physical Profile - #1, Agility Player Creation: Height - 6'6", Weight - 200 Pounds, Wingspan - 79.0 inches Takeover:Spot Up Shooter Your high strength will make it easier for you to get past guards and dunk.


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