best rod and reel for wahoo
Some of the pros to Braided line is that it is thin, and strong and you can fit a lot of high pound test line on your reel. And it’s not just filled with top-line tech—it’s a work of art, with a full metal body and orange detailing. But it’s important that you remember that there are some cardinal rules for safety too. We use 50s spooled with 80 pound mono for hst in the Bahamas. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. That is exactly what happens. Why?

Of course you will, but your odds will be better during a moving tide.

while trolling for dolphin on a weedline out of Ft. Pierce. Amazon isn’t exactly the tidiest ecommerce platform so there’s probably not too much to worry about there, but it does raise an eyebrow. Like any certain species of fish there are specific ways to go about catching them. PRO TIP: The gravitational pull of the full moon creates stronger tide changes. 2 year warranty against defects definitely stands out, and the combination of composite and aircraft grade alloys should give a nice balance between strength and sensitivity. 1 Our Top 5 Rated Trolling Rods Review. This usually results in difficult control and maneuverability of the bait and lure. The Triumph is their top selling graphite rod, and comes in a variety of sizes. It has the pointy part on it. Got him on a tld 25. As you can see above the biggest Wahoo ever landed was 202.6 pounds! Monofilament is a good all round line choice. For the low low price of 104.95 American dollars Jeff Bezos will have this 7’ bent butt Fiblink rod sent right to your door. Another thing worth mentioning is the Ugly Stik clear dip design that makes the pole that much easier to use. Most have some kind of reflective flashing incorporated to draw attention to them. no! The Penn International, Shimano Tiagra, and the Okuma Makaira!

In fact, the only critical reviews seem to be folks with some trouble around “reel alignment”. Most Wahoo lures will be bullet shaped to race through the water easily. One of the most common methods is High Speed Trolling. Sounds obvious. Many anglers will swear by the rig that has always worked for them and that's great! Monofilament is also more forgiving than Braid or wire line. Safety pro tip: when retrieving your jig, stop 15’ from the boat and pause. The best Wahoo Lure colors will be the darker colors. Some have a conical nose while others are blunt nosed. There is a range you will want to stay in. The middle rod is a a straight butt rod to help it sit out further behind the boat. When you’re looking for the best wahoo trolling rods, it can hard to find options that are even long than 6’, so the fact that you can buy this rod with the 7’ length is a major bonus. you would be better off targeting another species at that point. It’s among the best-selling trolling poles on the market. The Japanese love bass fishing, and Shimano has made a damn fine rod for many years. It features polished stainless steel roller guides that protect the line from wear and tear. For each side rod you will be using the same amount of weight and you want it heavier than the middle long bait rod. those would work, but may take some time to bring in. Wahoo killer. i have broken my 4/0 and newell reels in the past. One, is that it is just down right stronger and more reliable. Reviewers are surprised by the quality, but they also mention you might want to lubricate the rollers on arrival. AND free returns and Prime shipping, as well as being Amazon’s choice. You will want to stagger each rod in how far out you let the line. Many anglers believe that lures with eyes trigger more strikes than lures without eyes. However, it’s the most expensive option. The pole features a durable glass fiber blank construction. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. I use these to target mahi, kings and sails. If you are going to be casting a jig while drifting, a 7 foot rod is probably a good Choice. Trolling rods are marked with their IGFA line class - 12lb, 20lb, 30lb, 50lb, 80lb, 100lb or 130lb - for use with a matched line class multiplying reel. You will often hear Wahoo called Wahoo ono, or just plain Ono. They also protect against saltwater and corrosion. Sportfishing is a team sport. The rougher the water you are obviously going to want to slow it down a bit.

11702 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32246 Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 PM And we’ll let you know the best wahoo fishing rods you should be using in the rest of the article. With its E-glass blank construction, the rod sports supreme durability and ease of use. Using multiple down riggers you have the option to drop at different depths to see which works better. For this reason it is crucial to have the right line and rig set up!

It wouldn’t be suprising to see the 7’ option sell out fast. We'll talk about the spread in another section which will also help eliminate tangled lines when turning while you are trolling. If it is a slack tide you won't have as much luck. The most common methods for catching Wahoo are high speed trolling with artificial lures or slow trolling with rigged live bait on down riggers 40-60 feet down. Most Trolling reels are built with plates with holes in them for this exact purpose. Your rod choice will always depend of your style of fishing. Speedos, Goggle Eyes, Bonita, juvenile Mahi Mahi, Rainbow Runners, Flying fish, juvenile Blackfin Tuna, and even Squid. Stainless Steel and Titanium are popular options. Due to the Wahoos razor sharp teeth it is essential to use something they will not be able to bite through. Nobody wants that!

This allows an easier time controlling the line in different water. From a standing point, you should reel in the bait or lure at a certain speed. Their Aetos is an affordable fly rod option that outperforms its competition, with a fast-action blank that’s great for learning casting. For targeting Wahoo specifically, it's "high speed" trolling. Remember most fish are lost on either tackle failure, or angler failure. There’s more letters to that, but it turns 6.2:1 gears at around 42 inches per turn. A variety of high-speed lures will work. The 10 Best Humidifiers for Every Guy's Budget, The 10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags to Buy Now, The 8 Best Air Purifiers for Every Guy’s Budget, The 8 Best Tablets for Every Guy’s Budget, The 9 Best Beanies for Every Guy's Budget. Five exciting alternatives to fishing for wahoo at high speeds. Sometimes you will find them holding under a pallet or a weed line out in the open ocean, but always near structure. On a budget? Off the coast of the Carolinas is also a great area for Wahoo. Also, it comes with stainless steel hooded reel seat and graphite cushion inserts. Back and forth in that 100-400 feet of depth range. The Hawaiian Islands also have large numbers of Wahoo ranging in size! Wahoo are awesome preditors. Off the Florida Coast the depth you will find these fish is between 100-200 feet deep. I would pull it at around 8/9 knots. Best Spinning Rod for Tuna: Shimano Trevala Spinning Best Tuna Casting Rod: Shimano Terez Saltwater Casting Rod Best Tuna Popping Rod: Jigging World Ghost Hunter Popping Rod; Best Trolling/Heavy-Duty Rod: Blue Marlin Tournament Edition Trolling Rod; Best Rod and Reel Combo: PENN Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Reel & Rod Combo It creates a smooth bend in the curve and helps you catch bigger fish. It can handle different rough conditions and heavy fish with ease. A complete wahoo planer rod kit is something many anglers need, but may not necessarily know where to start. In fishing, the details can be exhausting. Affordable for sure! If you’ve been searching for a trolling rod, you may have heard people recommend this one. One of the most consistent places to catch them is Bermuda! Contrary to its name, the rod is quite modern and popular for its efficiency and overall durability. Will you still catch Wahoo when it is not a full moon? Wahoo are not a schooling fish but it is not uncommon to find several Wahoo on the same structure. A great lure to have on hand, but make sure you adjust the trolling weight to a heavier weight so the lure remains below the surface. The best water depth to target Wahoo Depends a little bit where you are fishing as well. As with trolling for any fish, The speed will greatly depend on the conditions you are fishing in. Individual Wahoo spawn multiple times throughout the spawning season. Trolling is when a fisher drags the bait through the water. Especially if they are bringing a gaffed fish over the rail. Today rods are made of space-age materials that mean they can last a lifetime, handle a wider variety of fish, and take a beating. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You will always find Wahoo near ship wrecks, Coral reefs, and other structure that holds bait fish. Best Rod Spread For High Speed Trolling For Wahoo The best Spread set up for High Speed Trolling is a 3 rod spread with a bent butt rod on each side of the boat and a straight butt rod … This doesn't mean you cant catch them during the summer months in this area but your efforts will probably be better spent fishing for Tuna during that time of year. Why? When that outgoing tide starts to push all that bait back out to sea Wahoo are there to take full advantage. I think something like 300 yards of 80 lb braid and 100 yards of 50 lb mono. But, have you been able to cross Wahoo off that bucket list yet? For High speed trolling for Wahoo i would go with 80 pound test monofilament on your reel. . Plus, the rod comes with a 7-year warranty deal from the manufacturer.

This may sound like common sense. During the incoming tide all the gets pushed into the shallows. Alternately, if this is a “because I can” set up, the best trolling rod for wahoo might be something that’s not too pricey but can get the job done.


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