best powder coat for bullets

The gun blows negatively charged powder onto positively charged bullets. +9. (ft. Savage model 64). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Reloaders Network focuses on firearms, shooting sports, reloading, bullet casting, and the related gear and accessories. Eastwood Powders: Full Gloss Clear: Mirror Black: Orange: Bright Yellow: Single Stage Reflective Chrome: Mirror Red: Lime Green: Ford Light Blue: Ford Dark Blue: Atomic Pink: Gloss White: Rally Wheel Silver: Copper Penny: The paint also increased the diameter of the bullet’s nose, making a tight fit in the chambers. Powder coating provides a hard surface on bullets. An inexpensive oven comes in handy.

They wiped out with a few brush strokes followed by two patches. I’ve had success coating the bullets listed below, some of which are traditional-style semi-wadcutters with a large grease groove and a smaller crimp groove and others are tumble-lube or round-nose styles: Best Concealed Carry Insurance [2020 + Comparison Chart], Here is a list of what you need to get started in powder coating…. Diameter increased to .311 inch with one coat of powder.

A Lyman borescope showed a smear of red at the beginning of the rifling and a few streaks in the bore. Some guys will put small plastic Airsoft balls in the shaker container with the bullets to add to the static electricity, or even use some type of spray gun to spray the powder onto the bullets…I’ve never found these processes necessary.

A 15 BNH hardness alloy for example would be 90% lead, 5% Tin, and 5% Antimony.

Powder coating does not strengthen a bullet’s lead alloy.

Shake, rattle & roll the container in a circular motion for a minute or two to coat the bullets evenly. Some of the NOE 453-210-RF bullets were shot from a .45 Auto into a stack of dry newspapers, and most of the coating remained on the shanks of the recovered bullets.

Comparison Test Of Four Eastwood Powder Coats For Cast Bullets

Of course, the amount of powder you’ll actually use is dependent upon the number of bullets you’re coating. The Hamilton Beach shown here was obtained at Walmart for $25.

It was finally determined that the melted bullets had been directly over the heating element. A borescope showed no streaks of lead in the bore. After 15 minutes the powder had melted and a shiny coat of paint appeared on the bullets, but some of the bullets looked weird – as in they had started to melt and flatten.

Elmer Keith blew up a few guns developing his heavy .44 Special loads which evolved into the .44 Magnum. To put that worry to rest, I applied two coats of Harbor Freight Red Powder to bullets cast from an LBT 358-200-FN mould and crimped the bullets in .357 Magnum cases over 14.0 grains of Accurate No.

The finish on the bullets was slippery, and the bullets easily pushed in and out of a .309-inch sizer die. After firing 20-some coated bullets through the .45, its bore was only slightly fouled, probably with primer residue. Leading is an aggravation better avoided than addressed. Some thin spots appeared here and there on some bullets coated once.

A quick explanation…all lead bullets are not necessarily cast bullets. Sniper Country is reader-supported.

From there the bullets were slowly rolled into a pan lined with nonstick aluminum foil. I have good results when coating between 50-100 bullets, depending on bullet size.

Powder can be applied to bullets by several methods, from complicated to quick. Gently turning a container end over end from a few to five minutes evenly coated bullets. 02-01-2014, 06:38 PM First attempt today using the HF gun and HF,Yellow and Red and a OD Green powder from a local PC business. I can’t remember the number of deer I’ve taken over the years (not to mention squirrels, with the right load) with my .44 and .45 cast bullets. Wearing latex gloves and picking out bullets is slightly faster, but touching the bullets in any way removes some powder. They are The bullets at right have two coats.

The bullets had a velocity of 1,163 fps fired from the 6-inch barrel of a Smith & Wesson Model 686 .357 Magnum revolver.

Pet Loads and Handloader are registered trademarks of Wolfe Publishing Company. First, start with non-lubed cast bullets…, Next, put the bullets into a tumbling container and shake until all are evenly coated, about a minute…, Pour bullets and paint into a strainer/sieve, then shake the excess paint onto the cardboard…, Place bullets in tray, then into the oven…. Don’t try to do too many-a moderate number of bullets is best. One last advantage (at least the way I see it) – you’ll have “real purty” cartridges in your magazine or in your belt loops. Suggestions for oven temperature settings and baking time vary. Whether the bullets are standing up or laying on their side does not affect how evenly the powder cures.

If you are using a plastic tumbling container, the type that seems work best and creates the most static electricity (which helps the paint adhere to the bullet) has a recycle triangle on the bottom with the number five. If the work of preparing cast bullets is pleasant and pleasurable for you, then the powder-coating process is a good investment of time and small expense of about $30. I use a couple of inexpensive snap-lid food storage containers, one for each color, but any suitable plastic container should work. Powder coating cast bullets can be expensive or economical. Some folks use tweezers to pick up each bullet and set it in a pan, which is time consuming. Bullets must be clean for the powder to stick.

It is a place to teach, to learn, and to collaborate and interact. I’ll spend that time powder coating rifle bullets for hunting and target shooting so I don’t have to peer through a screen of smoke. They do catch other shooters’ eyes. You may then dump them onto that hard surface to cool, or leave them in the tray once all have been loosened.

References: I left one cartridge unfired in the cylinder while firing ten rounds. The increased thickness made me leery of the coating; it might have filled crimp grooves enough to prevent applying a sufficient case mouth crimp on bullets to keep them in place during hard recoil. Heat is applied to melt the powder that cools as a hard film, enclosing the bullets.

You will put the cast bullets in this and add about a tablespoon of powdered paint.

Contact Form 7 or GravityForms plugin is required! Hog hunt with Ozark Spirit.

The driving band diameter was .310 inch of as-cast RCBS 30-150-CM bullets. It is economical, as well…the whole set-up to get started cost me about $40, and ongoing costs are minimal.

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, he is often found at his reloading bench concocting yet another load. An air compressor that provides 10 to 30 psi of air pressure is also required.

One DIY treatment is popular and usually effective – a piece of a Chore Boy kitchen scrubber wrapped around a brass bore brush dipped in Hoppe’s (Best Gun Oils & Greases) and worked back and forth in the barrel. That’s it. I set the oven at 350 degrees and kept an eye on the powder as it began to melt on a batch of .30-30 bullets. These are not cast, but literally squeezed into a bullet shape. They are harder than swaged bullets and can be driven to higher velocities, resulting in a much better bullet for most applications.


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