best blues albums of the 21st century

Aynsley Dunbar. Though most of the album is self-written, Mo’s musical roots are referenced by the inclusion of two Robert Johnson songs. Born in the Delta and recorded at Stovall’s Plantation by Alan Lomax, Muddy Waters was a revelation when he got to Chicago and plugged himself in. Listen to the album. 461 Ocean boulevard is my favourite blues album, its disappointing not seeing that on this list. Consider the West African griots or that itinerant bluesman that W.C. “Boy in Da Corner” was the debut album of teenaged Dizzee Rascal of East London.

No wonder that 'beautiful friendship' lasted over 30 years. Eric Clapton & the Powerhouse (on Electra as I recall)

He plays guitar, keyboard, and harmonica on the album which is considered part of a set with his albums “Time Out of Mind” and “Love and Theft.”, You may also like: The strange and beautiful worlds of Tim Burton movies, - Metascore: 89 - User score: 8.5 - Release date: Aug. 9, 2019. Every single LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS ALBUM is better than MOST of the albums listed. Deafheaven “Sunbather” is filled with black metal's trademark screaming vocals and crashing percussion. Listen to the album. A clear contender among the 100 greatest blues albums ever, Muddy Waters At Newport captured the man born McKinley Morganfield at Rhode Island’s famous annual jazz festival. Come Back Baby

He recorded it in his London apartment using a home computer and standard hi-fi system. Black and white photographs. No disposable vocalist or featured artist, the charismatic, club-savvy south Londoner gave dubstep its first real star. I'll be running them down here, in that order.

“Elephant” won two Grammys—Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Song for its “Seven Nation Army.” The White Stripes were a Detroit duo of Jack White and Meg White, who were former husband and wife although they pretended publicly to be brother and sister. Taj Mahal the real thing “Is This It,” the debut album by the rock band The Strokes, was recorded in six weeks in a basement in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood. To build momentum ahead of the album release, the band staged a treasure hunt, laying clues for fans to follow in their hometown of Southampton.

Personally my top 6 guitarists of all time are: Freddie King, Duane Allman, Hendrix, SRV, Derek Trucks and Albert King.

I would add Tripping Thru a Midnight Blues by Cuby and The Blizzards myself Bert I do love Desolation and Groeten uit Grolloo by Cuby & Blizzards

Especially leadbelly. Before the release of “Live at Reading,” recordings of Nirvana’s famous Aug. 30, 1992, British concert were one of rock and roll’s most popular bootlegs. Lyrically, this is possibly Burnside’s bleakest album, with many songs haunted by death and betrayal, carrying with them an ambiance as dark as the Delta soil. Although his craggy voice is mostly framed by slick, contemporary production values (courtesy of looped beats and DJ scratches), the music still resonates with an authentic, Mississippi delta-steeped blues feel. Live on the Queen Mary – Professor Longhair (1978) Early on in his career, White recorded under the pseudonyms Pinewood Tom, The Singing Christian, and Tippy Barton before using his real name. Best culture of the 21st century ... measured out in eighths by Meg White, would tip over into cathartic squalls of blues rock.

Very difficult to narrow it down to 100.

Aptly named tracks include “Angry,” “Insane,” and “Too Much Pain.”, You may also like: Most famous musician born the same year as you, - Metascore: 90 - User score: 6.7 - Release date: April 3, 2007. Lead Belly was the quintessential old-time travelling songster, with an enormous and varied repertoire of folk, blues, ballads, work songs, prison songs, political songs and children's ditties. I’m with you, Slim. No less potent than the works of Robert Johnson, Charley Patton or Muddy Waters, King's Freedom Creek is a significant collection of contemporary blues that are steeped in tradition even while looking towards the future.

Rev. The album features background vocals by June’s friend Norah Jones. Although it includes super-charged versions of Howlin’ Wolf and Buddy Guy songs, the most impressive cuts are the original “Pride & Joy” and the rhythm and blues-rocker, “Love Struck Baby.” Those who had written off the blues as deader than a Dodo were made to eat their words by Texas Flood, a dynamic musical tour de force that bristled with life and energy.

A charismatic singer and harmonica player from West Memphis, Arkansas, born Amos Wells Blakemore Jr, Wells released his debut album, Hoodoo Man Blues, for Chicago indie label, Delmark. This week's traditional Wednesday Question saw the people of the UG community discussing the matter of the best live albums of the 21st century. They took up the language of the Blues and used it to spark a worldwide youth revolution, with music as its main communication. The blithe stoicism of his flow, seemingly resigned to a violent death at any moment, fills the record with poignancy, and transmutes his words into wisdom.

European or African? Here are a list of albums that I like. No doubt about it, this is the kind of stuff that B.B. Jack White’s much-lampooned fetish for analogue production is legitimate – you can almost feel the breeze from the amps on your face as the riffs strut out – and he squeezed more tone out of the electric guitar than almost anyone else that decade.

Listen to the album.


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