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All papers are for research and reference purposes only! King Hrothgar was not always a gentle lord. Beowulf displays his superhuman, brave abilities in the legendary battle between Beowulf and Grendel, a monster who is quite powerful and malicious in his own way. Since all of their literature was written by Christian monks, the stories and sagas have Christian spins on them. Whatever the reason, every night Grendel slaughters more Danes and feeds on their corpses after tearing them limb from limb. a topic which artists will always be eager to analyze. Also with, in their works. Through much of the poem Beowulf embodies the virtues of self-reliance and individualism. His subsequent encounter with Grendel’s mother evokes the importance of vengeance. Beowulf and Heroic Virtues Although the main character in Beowulf is Beowulf himself, I believe that the single section which most concisely illustrates the heroic values in this poem occurs on pages 61 through 64 of the text, and is illustrated not by Beowulf's actions, but by Wiglaf's. Beowulf"s honor is apparent again when he describes the contest between himself and his boyhood friend Breca. Who will be given to deaths cold grip.” (lines 259-270). After his battle with Grendel, he returned back to his homeland with riches and treasure and became the king.

In the epic poem Beowulf, the Christian allegory is woven with a pagan fable in order to truly represent the characters. After all, the real problem with Grendel is not that he kills people.

As Beowulf immerses from the battle with Grendel’s mother, he credits Christ again saying, “I’d have been dead at once,/And the fight finished, the she-devil victorious,/ If our Father in Heaven had not helped me” (310-312). (430). Beowulf was the greatest warrior in the entire world. Treat your response seriously, and make sure that your response highlights your analytical skills as well as a critical understanding of the poem. Beowulf Essay 546 Words | 3 Pages.

Beowulf’s father once started a feud, which Hrothgar helped to end. Because, Beowulf Society The earliest known manuscript of Beowulf is thought to have been written in the tenth century, however, the poem had most likely been told as an oral tradition for centuries before that. Virtue and Beowulf Essay Beowulf is an epic poem that tells the saga of a brave hero, Beowulf .

Beowulf displays and greatly achieves one of the Anglo-Saxon values heroism through strength and greatness, though Christianity has been around for quite some time, not all Christians really act uniformly. Against the monster. “From the rafters where... ...Grendel is a man-eating demon that lives in the land of the Spear-Danes and attacks King Hrothgar's mead-hall, Heorot, every evening. Virtue and Beowulf. Christian ideals permeated the beliefs and perspectives of the scops, who perpetuated Pagan heroism stories; it resulted in the fusion of pagan and Christian elements, which significantly altered the oral narrative. The epic poem, Beowulf, uses the characterization of Beowulf and his spiritual, literary work of Beowulf is believed, by many, to contain numerous attributes of Christian propaganda.

4. In fact, the poem's events date back to the sixth century. leading to the great man's fine reputation. Continue reading this essay Alternatively, one might make a division of the text into two parts, examining youth and old age as the two distinctive phases of Beowulf’s life. Their views on life are completely new to Gulliver, within the epic poem Beowulf is the continuous, underlying theme of good versus evil – the shift from paganism to Christianity. Filed Under: Essays. However, because there is only one manuscript of Beowulf still in tact very little is known about the poem or its author.

Cannibalism, curses, and Cain, oh my! In fact, the poem’s events date back to the sixth century. Loyalty to his father remained throughout the epic. He was a, "a wrecker of mead-benches." Although he can't be harmed by the blade of any edged weapon, Grendel finally meets his match when the Geatish warrior Beowulf takes him on in a wrestling match. One can argue that this structure relates to the theme of the epic in that each monster presents a specific moral challenge against which the Anglo-Saxon heroic code can be measured and tested. Throughout the story of Beowulf, there are several circumstances and coincidences that distinctly relate to the Christian belief system. His reputation grew as an honest and loyal man.

The few similarities they share are a small derivative from the religious aspect of their childhood to adulthood. One can only imagine that these ideas of Christian propaganda; which include the use of Christian themes and beliefs in works of literary art, were strategically placed throughout the story of Beowulf to help the conversion from the old world pagan religious belief, Swift was a neoclassical writer who wrote to enlighten people. He is a warrior who embodies the Anglo-Saxon culture of masculinity, warfare, transience of life, reverence for the past, loyalty, respect for authority, gift giving, faith in God, belief in fate, and glory. Beowulf’s final encounter with the dragon evokes a heroic approach to wyrd, or fate. Beowulf is courageous and famous for his performance in battle but … Summary: The ideal king in the Anglo-Saxon culture first gains power and wealth through successful wars, and then gains loyalty through friendships and generous gift giving. Go where my feet were afraid to, if i hid

Because, when in danger, helping those in need, and being the first one to step up and help, In the read Beowulf, he does just that.

An essay or paper on Beowulf's Virtues. Behind some broad linden shield; my hands Beowulf"s morality came also in the form of loyalty to people and his word. Although this epic consists of the battle between the hero, Beowulf, and the monster, Grendel (and Grendel’s mother, as well), the main overture of the story is that of the new Christian belief triumphing over evil and the old pagan beliefs. God must decide It’s hard to imagine what a perfect individual is like, and how he or she reflects all of the morals and values of his or her society, but every now and then one special person comes quite close. Directions: Create a thoughtful, organized, and well-developed essay response to one of the following prompts.

As he discusses Beowulf's later years, the poet lists the virtues (2177 ff.) Heroism is displayed in many ways, It is showed all throughout the articles as well. And so it goes with Christianity with the early Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon peoples. Preparing for battle, Beowulf accepted the possibility of victory but also made arrangements in the event of his death. Christian and Pagan Virtues Displayed in Beowulf Essay.

Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none Breca couldn"t keep up with Beowulf, but being the honorable warrior, he refused to leave his side. Then, as he aged, he became a "treasure giver" (4.607), giving "gifts to others" (6.950). .

...The Anglo-Saxon Culture like most cultures had their own set of virtues, beliefs, and ideas of what is proper vs. what is not.

Morality, a standard of right behavior, was one of the most important characteristics during the Anglo-Saxon era.

Lastly, Beowulf and Wiglaf both show outstanding loyalty throughout the piece. Time and time again, Beowulf is shown to carry these characteristics and ideals, and can easily be seen as the perfect Anglo Saxon. The battle with the fire-breathing dragon was Beowulf’s last battle in which he came out with a victory, in that he defeated evil. The epic hero embodies superior physical strength and ethical standards which is the highest ideals of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Because of the Anglo-Saxon culture, he fears that without the proper death of the enemy, he will not receive enough glory to be remembered in his short life. Beowulf has many characteristics of a hero in an epic poem. Just as Beowulf exacts revenge upon Grendel for killing Hrothgar’s men, so too must Grendel’s mother seek to purge her grief by slaying her son’s murderer.

In the achievement of battle, which normally ends in death, Beowulf is able to obtain glory and fame. In Anglo-Saxon culture, they believed that warriors should follow the Heroic code; an ancient germanic code that stressed the modern idea of chivalry through the individuals of the time. Beowulf holds his morals and virtues above all else, from the way he fought in battle until the day he died. Beowulf is loosely divided into three parts, each of which centers around Beowulf’s fight with a particular monster: first Grendel, then Grendel’s mother, then the dragon. The submission into the murky pond distils Beowulf as he overcomes the evil of Grendel’s mother. Explain how each creature Beowulf battles represents an extreme and dangerous form of warrior values and behavior. After Beowulf"s promise to slay mother Grendel, Hrothgard "gave thanks to God/ for the heartening words the hero had spoken."

century writings of Dylan Thomas. Might think less of me if i let my sword He also developed loyalty through friendships, especially felt at the teary... ... Along these lines, the gap of fifty years between the first two conflicts and the... StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes.

However, at other points in the poem, Grendel seems less like a Biblical figure and more like a ghost, a demon, or something else that belongs in a Halloween-themed horror movie.

Beowulf and Sir Gawain are extremely different despite the almost similar societies in which each grew up in. This value is but one of many that contrast the pagan and Christian principles in Anglo-Saxon and in Beowulf. The story Beowulf depicted many virtues of the times. The story Beowulf depicted many virtues of the times. “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” This quote is perfect in relation to Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon beliefs. Beowulf exemplifies the honor of a warrior more than once. Beowulf and Breca were in the midst of a swimming competition on the open sea. Beowulf Essay Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly. On numerous occasions he boasted of his father, Ecgtheow, who "was famous in many a folk-land," (195) thus immortalizing his name. In Beowulf, the poet’s depiction of the importance of Anglo-Saxon culture of glory, warfare, and masculinity is able to reflect the abundance of death and shortness of life. Beowulf is personified as a perfect hero who fought for his people and defeated evil with his immortal powers that he used to bring peace and justice.

Beowulf’s fight with Grendel evokes the importance of reputation as a means of expanding one’s existence beyond death.


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