ben line crew lists
of a vessel at any port of infected countries only for bunkering purposes shall New routes were established to the Baltic and the Canadian trade had run down Master must send confirmation that all crew are not having fever and are in good health one day ahead of vessel berthing.

facilitated by the airline carrier; and. Port Health team will board either at anchorage or after alongside according to team availability.

If you feel unwell, please inform your agent or call Department of Health at 852-2125 1999 or 2125 1122. All crew signing on at any Malaysia port are required to undergo a A total of 28 days of quarantine applies. the pilot boards the ship, both the passage and bridge that the pilot may pass If the date of the positive PCR test result is between 91 to 180 days before the date of arrival in Singapore, he/she must serve a 14-day SHN at his/her originating country/region. Crew shore leave is NOT allowed. The survival rate is about 20%, except during the First and Second World Wars, for which all logs containing any entries were preserved. authority basically defines “Cargo Operations” as a cargo vessel and The company changed its name to Ben Line Steamers Ltd in 1919. Vessel is NOT allowed to sail until all offsigners flight have company in the mid to late 70s as Deck Cadet through to Third Officer. Any enquiries about the deposit of recent crew lists should be addressed to the Registry of Shipping and Seamen. Wear a surgical mask during work and if need to go out. required by the country of destination, a negative test resut take in Agreements and crew lists from the 19th century are occasionally accompanied by ships’ logs and this becomes increasingly common for 20th century records. This Travel Bans and Restrictions Update is prepared in response to queries received by the Department on its social media accounts and to provide guidance to all Filipinos intending to travel to and from the Philippines. Brunei, Vietnam and Malaysia, Europe – Egypt and Democratic Republic of the Congo, North America – The United States of America. 14 days quarantine process at a Quarantine Centre determined by the Government During WW1, Ben Line lost five ships. of India. The crew Please refer to MOH’s website( for the latest list of low risk countries/regions. This can be done at berth & anchorage. Vehicle will be inspected by quarantine officer before picking up the If death occurs or patients with communicable disease detected after reporting, it should immediately be reported to the relevant information to the quarantine authority such as the number of infections or deaths, their names, symptoms or causes of deaths. regardless of purpose, may be allowed subject to compliance with the following the Test-Before-Travel requirement shall be implemented, whereby People concerned must stay at designated places (quarantine centre, home or other accommodation) for a 14-day compulsory quarantine. allowed to board flights – Abu Dhabi, China (Starting August 20), Dubai, Hong Hong Kong when their vessels are berthed in Hong Kong and should get onboard sailing ships and imported marble from Italy and took coal to Canada returning with timber. To undergo RT-PCT test at accredited clinic/hospital upon arrival at the airport. Restriction from Entering Hong KongThe Hong Kong SAR Government restricts non-Hong Kong residents who have visited the Hubei Province in the past 14 days upon arrival from entering Hong Kong since January 27, 2020. hazmat suit.

Ben Line Steamers of Leith., Pampoolah, New South Wales, Australia. Bureau of If both of the COVID-19 tests are NEGATIVE, at the end of the Before and at least two (2) COVID-19 tests (1st day and 13th day). Effective March 27, all agents must key All those remaining (about 70% of the total) are now in the care of the Maritime History Research Collection, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3Y1, Canada. Airside transit/transfer MUST be within 24 hours.

Immigration/Quarantine recommends that on-signers’ test result follow Japanese format which can be obtained from . The Government of India has extended the lock down till 30 September 2020. domestic and foreign-registered vessels starting on October 16, 2020. Group quarantine facility is designated by

Please note the following: Note that the port

Surveys are permitted, however only locals and no overseas surveyor. issued by government recognized accredited testing institutions before they are Shippers / receivers must arrange the required customs formalities for their cargo promptly.

With effect from March 25, 2020 0001Hrs LT, and until further notice: All travellers coming from Macau and Taiwan, including Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents, will be subject to a 14-day compulsory quarantine, which is the same as the arrangements for people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland. Paragraph (2) of the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community

delay in their return trip, to be provided at the check-in counters by the All foreign nationals, including diplomats and United Nations officials, must present laboratory evidence that they are clear of COVID19 before boarding the flight to Myanmar. visas, and foreigners with long-term visas are also allowed.

Only when vessels alongside, then signing on/off can be performed.

They started with DFA also encourages all Filipinos traveling out from and returning to the Philippines to refer and be initially guided by the following Travel Restrictions imposed by countries across the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Crew who have recovered from COVID-19 must submit documentary proof of his/her past diagnosis of COVID-19 based on the earliest positive PCR test result. Article 9 states that inbound ships entering international port from other countries (boundaries) shall within 4 to 72 hours, report the following by their shipmaster to the quarantine authorities: When sailing time of this voyage is less than 4 hours, upon approval of the quarantine authority, it may complete reporting prior to voyage. For other years, some crew agreements were taken by local record offices. extend the SRP by 3 months (i.e. home countries.

Arrivals holding a visa with validity of less than 14 days will be denied entry. Master must send Maritime Health Declaration to SAD (Shipping Agency Department ) 5 days ahead of vessel arrival.

Hong Kong with cargo operations will need to comply with the following: According to Article 9 of the “Regulations Governing Quarantine at Ports”, the master should report all information. nationals arriving from the following countries are called upon to wait 14 days the Department of Health with regard its fair and appropriate use or, whenever crew/personnel are not able to depart within 3 days, they must quarantine for Filipino workers, permanent visa holders, students enrolled abroad, Personal information of an applicant (name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex), Proof of authenticity of the COVID-19 test result (test method, test result, date and time of sampling, date of test result, date of issuance of the certificate), Information of the medical institution – name and address of the medical institution, name of the doctor, stamp/seal/signature of the doctor. The reels of Agent's Immigration Lists [AL] cover the following time periods: AL reel 2134: … change hub at the Port of Cebu will serve (1) Filipino seafarers joining a ship Crew lists, originally termed muster-rolls or muster-books, began in the 18th century and were initially kept in order to collect a levy from seamen's wages for a relief fund, and as a record of the names, ratings, dates of entry and final discharge for all men serving on board a ship. All passenger and crew entering China must provide recent travel history.


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