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"They accept the districts apology, but there are a lot of unanswered questions that this statement does not address. Great company. Certificated teacher - who also happens to be SRVHS Head Football Coach - was teaching PE swim unit where student dies during his class period has not yet missed a day of work due to Administrative Leave.

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SRVUSD offered a man with a history of covering up child abuse a job a salary of $208,414.00. We heard all the rumors for months and not a peep from school. Read the full story here Web Link posted Monday, February 10, 2020, 5:16 PM .

Dozens of angry supporters of President Donald Trump converged on vote-counting centers in Detroit and Phoenix as the returns went against him Wednesday in the two key states, while thousands of anti-Trump protesters demanding a complete tally of the ballots in the still-undecided election took to the streets in cities across the U.S. “Stop the count!” the Trump supporters chanted in Detroit. "There may be cases of nondeliberate injury in which the knowledge of injury is so established, the degree so severe, and its likelihood so certain that punitive damages would be proper without repeated instances of prior injury, but this is not one of them," the judge said, adding: "To permit punitive damages on the evidence here would blur the line between the more typical case of mere negligence and the much rarer case of conscious disregard and despicable conduct, where punitive damages are permitted.". Home & Real Estate Mobile site. Terms of Use San Ramon Valley schools Superintendent Rick Schmitt publicly apologized last Friday for the on-campus death of San Ramon Valley High freshman Ben Curry, marking the first time district officials have issued a formal written apology district-wide … and that aint.

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Mobile site. Aaron Becker was and continues to be supported by Rogenski and it makes me sick. Is this the role model you want for your son or daughter? Absolutely everything the teachers wanted, they got! It's a privately held insurance broker - an insurance company.

In August, the district announced that it would now mandate every pool be staffed with at least three lifeguards when in use -- although swimming has been removed from the PE curriculum this semester.

Advertising Info This may not have helped in this case but pool “fire alarms” should be installed at every public/HOA pool. NO - it's a privately held insurance company. I guess SRVHS= football and sports. Every board member should step down.

Would never send my child to a school in that district if they cannot meet their primary obligation and when it's not met hold people accountable. Don't miss out on the discussion! Local news media outlet KPIX present and runs the news story. Since the tragedy, the District has suspended the use of pools for all district physical education classes.

In his statement Friday, Schmitt went on to address some rumors that circulated revolving the teen's death and attempted to refute them.

The parents of the deceased San Ramon Valley High School (SRVHS) student, Ben Curry, have settled their ongoing lawsuit against the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) for $8 million.


Curry would not be found submerged in the pool until the start of the next class, after the school's lunch period. The Curry’s are also outraged about the fact the school district did not correct reports that Ben committed suicide. trump 2020 and 2024. Postal Service failed to complete a court-ordered sweep for undelivered ballots in about a dozen states before a Tuesday afternoon deadline.

Get daily headlines sent straight to your inbox. So the Police Officer putting his life on the line and protecting our community is placed on leave pending the investigation while Becker continues to teach after a child died on his watch.? So two drownings occurred in the school district in the same school year. “ Davis added that the settlement will be paid using funds from the SRVUSD and a joint powers authority insurance pool that SRVUSD is a part of with other school districts.” Home

In his ruling to dismiss punitive damages against Becker, Judge Austin wrote on Jan. 30 that he found Becker did not act with an evil motive, as would need to be proven for punitive damages.

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There's a big difference. I don’t agree with Kathleen on everything but she cares, she’s active in our community, and if nothing else, is deserving of respect for her dedication to community. investigation within four weeks. Rick was the superintendent of my childrens' middle and high school district in North San Diego County (SDUHSD) before he was hired to fill the position at SRVUSD.

15-year-old freshman Ben Curry was discovered on May 8 in the pool at San Ramon Valley High School after PE class by another student.

If you read above, you will see I was trying to respond to someone else's comment and others helped to get the answer. What a world we live in.

"Despite pending litigation, the District wants to be responsive to the ongoing conversation and publicly apologize to the Curry family and all community members," Schmitt added. whats really creepy is knowing a child died and focusing on who paid out.

It is hard to imagine all of that was ignored. To the Curry family, as a parent I can't imagine losing a child, to say I am sorry for your loss seems woefully inadequate as there are no words to express the loss of a child. Aaron Becker walked away from his student while he was drowning.

Joint Powers Authority Insurance Pool

SRVUSD administration actions following the drowning of Ben Curry are and despicable and show a level of disregard for accountability that is reprehensible.

The true character of both of these individuals has been revealed, both will have to live with the decisions they made which resulted in Ben's death and the grief they have brought to the Curry family. I don't really get how you think these are connected. Schmitt and district officials have not confirmed whether Curry's PE teacher Aaron Becker, first-year principal Jason Krolikowski or any other employee at the Danville school was reprimanded by the district in connection with Curry's death on campus last school year. The District recognizes its responsibility to safeguard all students.

Hitting 'em in the pocketbook through legal actions has helped our entire country to enact better laws and better attitudes to protect our citizens. It has been almost 2 years and SRVUSD continues on with no accountability. PR MediaRelease

Editor: There was no intentional disrespect to the Curry family. I'd focus the blame of the SRVUSD's policies that created the dangerous situation. That’s beyond despicable to me. All rights reserved.

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Wow, Lots of people didn't vote for me. "This event was and will remain a tragedy in our hearts and minds forever. And my clients will still, despite this apology, never get their son back," said attorney Andy Schwartz, who represents the Curry family.In his statement Friday, Schmitt went on to address some rumors that circulated revolving the teen's death and attempted to refute them.Confirming previously released information by the Contra Costa County Coroner's Office and the Danville Police Department, Schmitt refuted previous rumors that Curry's death was the result of suicide.

I apologise to you for every day that we the community allows Aaron Becker to remain teaching. Hey look people if this is what you keep voting for,libs, this is what you get. A&E Are teachers not contracted to do nearly the same - protect and serve their students? Torrance, CA 90501".

( portion removed). That is just the fund that is written on the check.

Do you really think the school board advised a settlement using taxpayer dollars and no firing? I'm also not at all sure that 57 kids in the pool at the same time is ever a good idea. You are clueless.

Community Calendar The District sincerely apologizes to the Curry family and all community members," Schmitt said. Premarital and Couples: Oh, that (thought, feeling, behavior) again WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — A U.S. judge on Wednesday said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy must answer questions about why the U.S. News The entire school board needs to be recalled. Thyleybqere warned over a previous drowning. This guys is responsible for Ben's death. Ben Curry was a freshman at SRVHS when he drowned in the school’s pool two years ago during the swim unit in physical education.

The law firm is "Keenan & Associates . Local news media outlet KPIX present and runs the news story. There never seemed to be any compromise. says it all. Advertising Info

Previous PE teachers at SRV high took roll before dismissing the class after swimming.

San Ramon Valley residents call Ben Curry's death 'preventable' by Ryan J. Degan / Uploaded: Thu, Oct 25, 2018, 3:01 pm. So sad for the Curry family.

Sorry, but the world is not black and white (like the fantasy world you seem to live in).

I understand the cost/benefit decision on settling vs fighting (though I’d point out a history of settling invites more lawsuits....discussion for another day). Curry, 15, was pronounced dead at a local hospital after drowning during physical education class on May 8.

What exactly do you have to do to get fired at san ramon .let a kid die on your watch nope. Your choices are yours to make. this is from a man who is responsible to investigate complaints lodged by parents against teachers.

All rights reserved. All unnecessary and expensive to maintain. grateful4,

Please know the District has been and will continue to be in contact with the Curry family attorney to address their legal claim. It all tax dollars no private insurance is used.

As a community we owe it to the Curry family to keep fighting for the proper consequences for those that allowed Ben’s death on their watch.

SRVUSD has never been so upside down. But taxpayer dollars are paying for the policy whether someone is sued or not.

The settlement came from an insurance policy. Further, the District felt it was inappropriate to comment on the circumstances of this tragic accident during an open police investigation. Subscribe Uploaded: Mon, Feb 10, 2020, 5:15 pm Keenan and Associates

Innocent- no pay out, employed Contact Us

Drowning is classified into three types: drowning with death, drowning with ongoing health problems, and drowning with no ongoing health problems", The girl at Cal high was not a victim of (potential) drowning she was not breathing and had no pulse when rescued. I can also share with you that SRVUSD has not offered swimming as part of our P.E.

All one has to do is Google Aaron Becker SRV High School and page after page of this incident will appear. What I can address is concerns that have been expressed regarding SRVUSD correcting false narratives. "At least from our standpoint we are glad that the parties could reach an amicable settlement (before the) emotional distress and expense associated with trial.". "Risk pooling is an INSURANCE practice that groups large numbers of people together to minimize the cost of the highest risk individuals."

The report quotes the judge as having found that the teacher did not act with an evil motive. I'm also not at all sure that 57 kids in the pool at the same time is ever a good idea. This is one of the worst preventable tragedies in the school’s history. His name is Ron Martin, as of Sept. 2019. If it was truly sincere it should have ended with telling us that Aaron Becker has been removed from the SRVHS campus along with Rick Schmitt’s resignation.


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