athabascan deadfall trap
The couple, under the guidance of elders, are building traditional structures that were once used by their ancestors. How to Make a Figure 4 Deadfall Trap Enjoyed what you read here?, The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration You may need to lift the top support stick up slightly, which might cause the trap to collapse, so be patient and careful. Click play, then use Sections or Transcript to navigate the interview. This may take some time, so be patient, and be careful! All rights reserved. They were on the move and needed methods of catching game that moved with them and were quick to set up. The use of snares to trap animals is an ancient art and actually predates recorded history.

Check out my recommendation for the best hiking boots for plantar fasciitis. The environment was arid and it was a harsh subsistence for the Indians, but they used the land and their love of it to live in harmony. You’ll notice a lot of similarities between this trap and the others. 3) Skip the notching, entirely: Pin the round trigger stick between the support sticks, but with the support sticks largely offset so the slightest movement of the trigger stick will roll them instantly out of line. However, getting said meat isn't always easy. Whether you’re out camping or it’s a day at the beach, keep those brewskies and sodas cold with this wheeled cooler. To make this trap there are 3 pieces of wood that are straight, then a smaller piece. In this interview, Henry Titus talks about living a traditional subsistence lifestyle based upon hunting, trapping, and fishing. Nor was it engaged in for fun, or as a sport. Part 3 An engine or spring stick, which is connected somehow to the trigger. 5 years ago, 5 years ago I like to use and practice my survival skills so I know that if it ever came to when I needed to provide for my family, I could. )\ community -- customs\ wives -- number of\ hunting -- tools\ gun -- revolver\ spear\ fall -- season\ moose -- rut\ moose -- hunting story\ rope -- type of\ rabbit skin\ tools -- bow and arrow\ travel -- river\ moose -- calling\ moose -- story of\ lake -- location of\ Frog Lake\ canoe\ moose -- sighting\ moose -- bull\ cow\ cow -- shooting of\ bull -- charging\ bull -- spearing\ bull -- killing\ great uncle -- bravery|, Section 8: story\ grandfather -- paternal\ father\ wood -- cutting\ story -- origin\ grandfather\ (Athabascan)|, Section 9: story -- translation\ father -- birth date\ birth place\ story -- date of\ moose -- incident\ timeline\ location\ wood cutting -- story of\ river travel -- steam boat\ supplies -- delivery\ supplies -- types of\ flour\ crackers\ wood\ fur -- types of\ condiments\ fishing -- tools\ Kokrines\ (Mosnovi)\ King Salmon\ fishing -- methods\ dip net -- setting of\ fisherman -- age of\ fishing -- season\ wood cutting -- reasons for\ income\ steam boats -- fuel\ grandfather -- axeman\ wood cutting -- location\ canoe\ wood -- size of \ wood cutting -- tools\ axe\ cords -- quantity\ cords -- storage of\ willow -- placement of\ burning -- willow\ willow fire -- reasons for\ fire -- signal\ signal -- steam boat\ steam boat -- travel\ pilot\ daughter -- Cleaver, Lena\ steam boat -- captain\ loading -- cords\ grandma\ cords -- sale of\ payment -- condiments\ flour\ crackers -- box\ drinks\ tea\ snacks\ ammunition\ leaf tobacco\ quantity of -- rationing|, Section 10: story -- origin\ grandfather\ (Athabascan)| (Tape ends before story is complete.).


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