arcs after wano
Now you're probably thinking what the hell is he talking about?! When you think about it, starting from the Punk Hazard arc, there were two arcs mainly being foreshadowed (speaking of the main villain, country.

Meanwhile, “One Piece” Chapter 991 is set to arrive on September 27. As far as we know it's a sky island where Enel originate from.

Elbaf has potential given how it's called the strongest nation; that title is still waiting to be shown. Thus I strongly believe that Akainu will the next antagonist. Based on the creator’s statement, it is safe to say that he confirmed that “One Piece” is really going to end very soon. However, I can't help but think that in the upcoming war against the Marines when the Revolutionary army (Dragon) will finally make it's (his) move. It is also the 6th and last arc of the Summit War Saga as well as the final arc of the first half of One Piece. That would give the strawhats a valid reason to go to Mariejoise and probably get caught up in the war between the Marines and the Revolutionary army. Things are heating up in the Land of Wano arc in “One Piece,” Oda added. [. One Piece Return to Sabaody Arc (Episodes 517-522) We've been getting more talk about a country made of Ice and it's been brought up many times in the story: 1. A Yonko with a bounty of 2.2 billion berries, Blackbeard is an unstoppable force that … Now I'm not saying it's not impossible for him to do it, but why would Enel want to destroy it just for pleasure? One of “One Piece” editors previously said in an interview that the popular manga series would end within five years. I highly doubt that Oda made the Foxy arc for shits and giggles. I will draw the greatest battle in the history of “One Piece,” Oda assured fans. Because even though we are still in Whole cake Island we all know the story will shift back to Wano anytime soon and I decided to analyze the possible future arcs that will be played for future events, so with that being said let's jump right in!

He's telling fans about it because he wants everyone "to be mentally prepared to understand that even a story as long as this one is properly heading towards its end"#SBS97

The largest social network for all things One Piece related. Referring to the last point above, If Akainu is to do such a thing, we all know that one thing leads to a next. (

Well, it's a no brainer that it's either Akainu, or Black beard. Vegapunk is a key character because just like Nico Robin his motives pushes the story to greater depth; odds are his every actions changes the … Fans know that Luffy’s adventure would end soon but they also feel that it is going to be a long long way from now. The smile fruits were hinted at during the Punk Hazard arc where the chemical used to make them was produced by Caesar Clown. ).

The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance sets into motion their plan to recruit allies within Wano Country to liberate it from the control of the shogun Kurozumi Orochi and his allies, the Emperor Kaido and his crew the Beasts Pirates. Atom Sounds possible right?

The 5 arcs after Wano? Here is a thought/Theory maybe Raftel being at the end of the grand line could turn out to be like Skypiea or possibly one of the moons, Oda said that the last battle is gonna make paramount war look like a 11 year old playground fight. For now, fans are clueless about this war that Oda shared. First Wano is coming and after Wano, Elbaf and then after Elbaf, Raftel will be coming, which will be concluded by a bittersweet victory apart from Luffy such as disbanding the crew forever and 10 years will be passing.

He and Franky will also have a lot to talk about, and pluton will be an interesting discussion. Here me out.

etc), those were Doflamingo in Dressrosa and Kaido in Wano. The Post War arc (also called Post Marineford Arc) is the 23rd arc in the manga and anime One Piece. But hey that's my theory on possible future arcs in the story I hope you liked it. 18. However, Oda also confirmed the fan theory that there would be a great war after the Land of Wano arc.

The Big … 155. MisterSureShot 07/18/17 . This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. we already know the destruction that one yonkou is capable of, but when 2 fight together, that spells "invincible" to many. Some may find this exciting, while others worry about what they would do next after the pinnacle of anime has fallen.

It is said that One Piece is over 60% complete, the source was the official One Piece twitter page. “One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. So that's something to look out for! So the last point in deciding who the last villain will be is probably the most important of them all. Blackbeard is the name of the most infamous pirate captain in real life, and in the animated world, he is the only one with 2 devil fruit abilities, so it would make sense to actually put him as the final. Photo: Bandai Namco/YouTube Screenshots.

Interestingly, a new comment from Oda seemingly confirmed the manga’s ending. The meeting at Holy Land Mariejois was tense and participants were preparing for their respective agenda. Going by those logics, then it's clear that Luffy would have to go through Akainu (Mariejoise) in order to reach Blackbeard (Laughtale). After Zou, I was thinking maybe we should get more info dump arcs, now I know that people aren't fans of info dump arcs but after Zou why not?

“One Piece” Chapter 969 might show fans the fight between Oden and Kaido and might give a glimpse of what Roger and Whitebeard talked about more than a couple of decades ago. During Dressrosa, they were called artificial fruits that grant the power of animals to the eater.

Super pumped, Damn really, I just finished Marineford cant wait.

If luffy could sail from Wano safely, developments of global proportion would take place, the creator revealed. I think this is important because we know that they're pirates who've yet to return back into the story because Oda loves bringing back his characters: Kuro, Don Krieg, Foxy etc.

Then there is Sabo and the revolutionary Army planning to take down the Celestial Dragons. Oda later assured troubled fans that there is no definite end time for the manga yet. The manga can currently be broken down into 9 parts, following the feats of the Straw Hat Pirates: the East Blue Saga, the Alabasta Saga, the Sky Island Saga, the Water 7 Saga, the Thriller Bark Saga, the Summit War Saga, the Fish-Man Island Saga, the Dressrosa Saga, and the Yonko Saga.

Before we can arrive at a conclusion, we must first look at where the anime is currently at, and which of the antagonist have been getting more highlights and/or foreshadow. I know many would refuse this logic by saying the marines have been having discussions like this from the beginning, but let me ask though, how many times did the marines get a full-on chapter mostly for themselves while discussing about making a move? Well I'm not the only who kind of questions this because the story can diverse into many possibilities but I got to ask; What are the next possible arcs after Wano country? Who will be the next antagonist? We got a few details about Doflamingo (and Dressrosa) throughout the Punk hazard arc and a bit less of Kaido (Wano). Only 10% of the eaters gain the power of SMILE fruits and 90% are classified as … The Wano Country Arc (ワノ国編, Wano Kuni Hen?) MisterSureShot here, What's Happening?!

is the thirty-first story arc in the series and the fourth in the Four Emperors Saga of One Piece, continuing from the Levely Arc.

But unfortunately for them, they're going up against Strawhat Luffy, whom they both defeated at least once in the series. [What fans are saying about Boruto: Sailing or Failing? Maybe a last voyage arc? Where they find One Piece and we get to see the best moments of their journey and the people that supported them? That can be good in some ways, but mostly bad, cause then to the viewers, the anime would be just a ', when you think about it, starting from Punk Hazard arc, there we're two arcs mainly being foreshadowed, Reverie meeting which calls for the abolition of the Shichibukai system, Sengoku talking about Rocs pirates and hinting that an alliance between Kaido and Big mom could be the biggest danger in Marine ford history since the start of the pirate era (. (BTW no order). In the latest volume of SBS a fan asked this same question again and Oda offered a rather interesting answer.

Could you imagine all the details pertaining to a specific arc all being pack within that arc itself? It would be a story that no one has ever read.

Now given how we see Elbaf in Big Mom's flashback people think the giants are weak, but we have characters like Loki running around now and Loki is known for being a trickster and who says you need strength to be strong, right?


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