archery elbow position
©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Keep your bow arm and hand relaxed but fully I’ve used a nocking loop on my hunting bows since 1980, and I would guess about 90 percent of bowhunters these days do the same. Instead, curl the second joint of the index finger around the trigger. Either way it bends the line of force and is

To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. the string downward. Spend the time needed to get these just right and you’ll lay a solid foundation for all that follows. Note that this is NOT an extrapolation of the arrow line, and will usually fall 3-6° higher than the arrow line as measured from the plunger. Next, be certain the draw-length setting of your bow is properly matched to your body’s holding position. The good news is, you don’t have to. If you can relax your hands enough in the draw, the tension in Practice, however, only helps if you practice proper technique, and at the top of that list is our practice with our release aids. What kind of person makes the best archer? This tightening, or contracting, can then match the corresponding contracting you should use in your back muscles to finish your release execution. the bow hand, and the string hand. Further, this position is determined by the proper positioning of the Scapulae and the drawing elbow. string, you can't twist your wrist, or flex the forearm muscles to draw.

Typically you will experience pain on the outside of the elbow after shooting, with pain worsening after you straighten your arm and flex the muscles. Besides, you can’t afford to have a “hair” trigger ruin your hunting trip. Simply put, a relaxed bow hand yields more consistent shooting. Proper holding position requires that the archer stand erect, shoulders level, with their bow arm extended and their holding forearm in line with the arrow. To add another important point, hold your wrist straight to keep tension out of your forearm when you reach your holding position. This tightening in the back muscles causes your release elbow to rotate about the shoulder joint — the elbow does not move directly away from the target, as many try to do. A friend can easily check this by standing behind you and looking at your holding elbow to check its alignment.

Regardless of the type of release aid you choose, a nocking loop is a great option that offers advantages such as dramatically reduced center serving wear and the ability to improve nock travel by placing the apex of the string angle directly behind your arrow nock. break a shot but it can help. style. If you raise the elbow you have to cock the wrist or twist What you and most bowhunters need to know is how to properly use your release hand. Believe me, as an archery coach, this is not a fun thing to watch, and it’s even worse to experience.

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